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Wordpress Startup Plugins make its utility superfast. The speciality of these Wordpress Plugins from the site Startup makes the site secure, & real fast.

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  2. 2. GET PLUGINSPlugins help in getting different features to your siteUse max 10 plugins, as more than that will slow your site loading speedIn the initial days,when you search for plugins youd get a lot of them, so dont get tempted to install as many as possibleYour GOAL – do the basic work for your site & start earningIll help you with plugins with different features
  3. 3. INSTALL THESEJust login, to your wordpress blogGo to plugin section, watch itClick on the Add New sectionSearch & install the following pluginsMake them work for you
  4. 4. GET THESE PLUGINSThese are some important plugins required in WPWP super cache – deletes Cache, makes site fastAkismet – Removes spam commentsSocialize It – not required in the initial stages, use it once youve published at least 10 articles. Useful to maximise your reachWP Database Backup – Backup of your siteSI Captcha Anti Spam – Anti spamALO EasyMail Newsletter – similar to Aweber, Mailchimp to Personalise your mail to your Prospects
  5. 5. HOW TO TRY THESE PLUGINSThese are some important plugins required in WPWP super cache – Include your details, click on Delete Cache on the Right top portion in the Admin section, this makes the site fasterAkismet – Normal installation, it helps if you buy it, only $7, all incoming comments by default are sent to spamSocialize It – include your user name, password in the relevant sites(secure, no probs). Dont spend too much time on this till you publish at least 10 articles
  6. 6. HOW TO TRY THESE PLUGINS 2WP Database Backup – Post a few articles, go to Tools/Backup, & select the relevant section, include your mail ad to receive the backup. You can set it once a day, in the initial stagesSI Captcha Anti Spam – Install & do the relevant specificaiionsALO EasyMail Newsletter – Ill touch on this in the next mail
  7. 7. PUBLISH NOWIn the meantime, add these plugins to your wordpress sitePublish 10 articlesAll the best