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Top 10 Reasons You Must Embrace the Mobile Web

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Top 10 Reasons You Must Embrace the Mobile Web


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Top 10 Reasons You Must Embrace the Mobile Web

  1. 1. your mobile strategy Top 10 Reasons You Must Embrace the Mobile Web 1 6 The mobile web is the fastest growing communication More control: because it’s a web application, you can do what you channel in history. According to Eric Schmidt, CEO Google, the want when you want…no need to wait for Apple or anyone else to Mobile Web is growing 8 times faster than the rst wave of approve, post to an app store, etc.…Subsequent, feature and function online Internet adoption. changes are in your control too! 2 7 That’s where people expect you to be! In the near future Mobile commerce is exploding. Give your customers the chance to people will view the web most from their hand held device. purchase whenever and wherever they want from your mobile website. Mobile Web viewing will surpass traditional desktop and laptop web viewing. More than just shopping. By melding inspiration with action via the 8 Mobile Web you will see results. If you want people to buy, promote, 3 The rst place people look to learn about you is the web… soon give, respond, volunteer, share or help, help them help you by allowing it will be the Mobile Web; and bad things happen if you’re not them to take action from their mobile device. relevant in the Mobile Web. If your mobile web site is hard to read, 61% of your audience leaves, 40% goes to a competitor that You can extend your businesses processes. A cost effective way to 9 has a good mobile web presence, about 20% won’t even view earn a return from your Mobile Web investment is to extend your your online site. No one can afford to lose 61% of their audience. business processes. Connect with your audience where they are. Give them the chance to register, enroll, apply, and share your story in their 4 Need advocates and evangelists? Mobile users are 67% more words or simply enable them to do their thing from your mobile web likely to promote you, your message and brand from their site. Improve your operating process efficiencies as well (order remotely mobile web device than their desktop. and bypass a call center)! 5 10 The mobile web is the most cost effective way to launch your Number 10? That’s up to you. Think on it a bit and share your thoughts regarding why and how to mobile presence. By building a mobile web application, you can leverage the Mobile Web to offer information, inspire action and improve your processes. build once and deploy across all the major operating platforms: iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc. Go to and share your thoughts! An optimized Mobile Website is a must for any organization with a mission, message or brand and ur mobile is powering the world’s mobile web presence. With our platforms and tools you can conveniently and cost effectively design, build, launch and manage your mobile web site!