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  1. 1. Lenddo’s real-time marketing solution based on social data. For more information, please contact or visit HOW IT WORKS Lenddo Insights AVERAGE SCORE BY AGE INTERESTS 1 2 3 We embed our Insights solutions in your online or mobile application We collect Insights data with results available instantly through dashboard or via API Use the results to segment and target your ideal customers TANGIBLE BENEFITS REAL-TIME TARGETED MARKETING LEAD SCORING INCREASE SALES PERFORMANCE CHURN PREVENTION Lenddo’s real-time marketing solution automatically use big data and predictive analytics to gather relevant information (like behavior, demographics, geographics and psychographics) from your customers and react to that data in real-time. Grow your loan portfolio faster Better collection of market and customer intelligence Improves internal efficiency and operations Build big data into your product to improve your customer experience 876 140 INSIGHTS SOLUTION Why use Lenddo Insights? 876FACEBOOK DATA EMAIL DATA LENDDOSCORE LENDDO INSIGHTS ANDROID DATA Deliver the right message to the right customer, at the right time using the right channel.