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TTThe concept of "Localization" was created by Harland Henry of SunBiz Showcase Alliance in Orlando, Florida. Localization is the ability to utilize the skills and talents of community personnel and small businesses to build their community before inviting outside big business.

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  1. 1. SunBiz Showcase Alliance Our Focus is Building Strong Communities Through Economic and Community Development We Shape Local and Regional Approaches to Marketing 6 min s
  2. 2. Our Clients • Community organizations • Businesses attempting to change strategies and build capacity • Chambers of Commerce • State and Federal Departments • Small Businesses • Entrepreneurs
  3. 3. What Can SunBiz Showcase Alliance Do? Build Relationships
  4. 4. Our Commitment SunBiz Showcase Alliance is committed to outreach through economic development and community outreach initiatives. We adopt marketing strategies that work for your business. We will work with faith-based communities, non-profits, chambers of commerce and community organizations in order build the infrastructure to create a public private partnership. The partnership will provide technical assistance, training, mentorship and equipment in limited cases. SunBiz Showcase Alliance will prepare and make the necessary arrangements by planning a series of events to support (a) youth interested in entrepreneurship and (b) small business owners. We will host events in communities that are currently need support. We are also committed to selecting sponsors that will support these initiatives. We believe large corporations can benefit from working with small businesses. We already have initiatives with Banco Popular, Black Enterprise Magazine and Microsoft.
  5. 5. Immediate Support •Review current marketing plans •Create new ideas from within •Set up training programs •Create small working clusters •Review failing practices •Provide opportunities for interchange of business •Create youth entrepreneurial programs •Collaborate with Chambers and Community organizations
  6. 6. Localization Localization is a concept created by SunBiz Showcase Alliance to encourage the development of small businesses through public/private and faith based partnerships in a community. Through Localization, these businesses are nurtured and supported over a period of time. The result is a thriving community of flourishing enterprises through a consistent interchange of goods and services. The Principles of Localization Smart Growth Collaborative initiatives Micro lending packages to area businesses Create recognition programs to highlight current businesses Create competitive programs to explore creativity Reward top producers Encourage a circle of trade Promote entrepreneurship
  7. 7. Localization Diagram Localization at Work Build Support for your business and your community
  8. 8. Marketing with a purpose Invest in your Brand: •Build client relationships •Sponsor Events, Programs, Lunches •Continuously Build New Clients •Facility presence – invite guests •Develop Marketing in your name •Create Promotional opportunities •Design Presentation opportunities •Help you to build Consumer confidence •Creative use of Billboards
  9. 9. About Harland Henry Building Many Bridges of Strong Relationships A result of 10 years of field work to prove this theory. Advisor to the Secretary of the State of Connecticut on small business initiatives as well as assisting more than 7,000 business owners to build their business. Awards •2003 awarded the SBA’s Business Advocate of the Year, and the West Indian Foundation’s Special Bonus award for Entrepreneurship •2004, received the African American Affairs Commission’s Economic Development award •2007, awarded Ambassador For Peace for developing successful community and economic programs in the region •April 2008, named Micro Business Advocate of the Year by the Micro Business Enterprise Group •September 2008, named Connecticut Minority Supplier Development Council’s Shining Star SunBiz Showcase Alliance, Pllc P: 239.243.9701