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Product management


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Product management

  3. 3. Product DesignerKelley MBADesign ConsultingTogethervillePayPalLearning from other Product Managers It’s a club; There is no school for product managers.
  4. 4. Before we get into defining Product managementWHY IS NEW AGE PRODUCTMANAGEMENT DIFFERENT
  5. 5. Lean Product IDEALEARN Build DATA Product MEASURE 5
  6. 6. Cost of failure Investment ReturnTraditional Then timeLean Now time 6
  7. 7. The One ‘P’ Product People Process Price Problem Package Placement Prayer PowerPoint  PromotionP.S. Even competition takes a back seat to understanding the user problem we try to solve.
  9. 9. A Product managerDefines, develops, launches & optimizes products that bring value to consumers. (With the end goal to maintain competitive advantage & profitability.)
  10. 10. Great ExpectationsThink big, Paint a VisionDescribe large disruptive opportunities, and develop concrete plans for how to take advantage of themSimplify & Prioritize (Focus)The 80-20 ruleCommunicate, EvangelizeBe impossible to ignoreForecast and measureEvaluation necessary for long term successLead & ExecuteRecognize no specific bounds to the scope of your roleP.S. A Product manager is “Not” expected to do:Project Management, Product Marketing, Data Analysis, Product Design, Legal, Compliance, Risk, Privacy…Although a Product Manager will wear one or many of these hats (or turbans) on any given day.
  11. 11. The stuff that I am trying to learn & model SKILLS & BEHAVIORS
  12. 12. Own the OutcomeLead without authorityBecause u r responsible & accountable for the outcome of the expectationsManage the product not cross functional teamsBuild a culture where the other contributors feel ownership & accountabilityBe Assertive but NOT prescriptiveThis one does not need a footer Influence the end to end experienceBeyond the walls of internal organizational structureKeyword: Influence 13
  13. 13. BehaviorsNo ExcusesFor every excuse think through 2 recommendations Don’t fight aloneIf stuck- flag, identify the root cause, solve with your peers/managersMVPEvery feature built must have strong rigor, reason & articulation behind itStamp out the HPPO cultureAn execs opinion also needs to be substantiated & justified
  14. 14. Being Janus Faced in a good way RetrospectionForces one to pay attention to the current situationWhile, seeing the FutureTake stock, project into the future, connect the dots & see if you can imagine hitting the goal!
  15. 15. Know what you don’t know This is Something that I am trying out these days. Consciously try to:You know what you knowYou know what you don’t knowYou don’t know what you knowYou don’t know what you don’t know
  16. 16. One last thing Be authentic