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Start up camp_sponsorship_kit_2011


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Start Up Camp Sponsorship Kit 2011

Published in: Technology
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Start up camp_sponsorship_kit_2011

  1. 1. Sponsorship Package 2011
  2. 2. About GBI Global Business Incubation, Inc. (GBI), a US non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that promotes a unique "zero-time" business accelerator culture for start-up companies, entrepreneurs and small businesses in software technology (game development), multimedia, entertainment and other peripheral industries. GBI was founded in 1991 in partnership with Loyola Marymount University, College of Business Administration, as a spin-off of the CSBD Foundation. GBI, a non-profit organization consisting of colleges, universities, government, industry and community organizations, was originally established as a virtual network "partnership" dedicated to linking California businesses to emerging technology and effectively channeling it toward marketing and manufacturing opportunities.
  3. 3. About Semantic Seed Program• The Semantic Seed program was established in 2008 by the founders of Urban Technology Ventures, and Break through Ventures after the company’s founder’s observations of first time entrepreneurs struggling to find funding from angel investors and venture capitalist to hatch ideas. Semantic Seed is a special kind of co working space and idea accelerator that cares more about funding “Good People” than your resume credentials and your business plan.• The Labs mission is to become a catalyst for early stage companies to graduate into venture capital ready companies. Start-ups and entrepreneurs can capitalize on the experience, skills and networks that Semantic Seed can provide to streamline development and accelerate commercialization of ideas• We help entrepreneurs go from the idea stage to a real company with a product or service generating revenue. To attract these young entrepreneurs, the team set up an advisory board “Think Tank” of mentor entrepreneurs with hands on operating experience. We will also partner with Universities, and enterprises to identify budding ideas.
  4. 4. Semantic Seed Attendee Profile Business UseSemantic Seed Users: 90% are business owners• - Spend up to $200 a month on clothing• - Spend up to $100 a month on communication services 60% Are Software Engineers• - Spend up to $90 a month on entertainment services 92% Post Job listings to hire• - Will only purchase a product or service from companies 85% Movie times or reviews• considered “cool”, or “hip” 70% Communication Services• - Plan on purchasing a vehicle in the coming year online 97% Planning a business trip 73% Buying a home or condo• Semantic Seed Accelerator Network users are digital 89% Renting a new home or apartment lifestyle users, they are more likely to search the internet for products and services to buy. Internet enabled Consumers of• Below is a survey result from a Semantic Seed Accelerator services frequently use the Internet Network poll of products or services users would purchase to make buying decisions, and the online: Semantic Seed Accelerator Network audience uses the Net even more.Personal Use• 60% Planning a Vacation• 42% Health Concerns or local medical resources Internet Radio• 67% Cars, trucks or vans 70% of Semantic Seed members listen to Internet• 80% Financial matters: banking, loans, stocks radio broadcasts at least once per month in the• 60% Tickets for a play or entertaining event office, at home, or increasingly on mobile.
  5. 5. Start Up Camps Start Up Camp focused on Application development, and product development. It is a 54 hour start up event that provides the networking, resources, and incentives for individuals and teams to go from idea to launch. Get connected with local developers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Build community, Collaborate, and Start Companies.
  6. 6. Event OverviewThe best and brightest developers in each local market will have 60 seconds (up to 90 for smaller events)to present ideas for new startup ventures, we then crowd source the favorites and form teams aroundthose ideas. Teams are between 4-10 people, and consist of about 50% technical people and 50% non-technical. You then spend the entire weekend getting advice from professional mentors, and building aproof of concept, demo, or sometimes even a finished product. 2011 Start Up Competition
  7. 7. Why do developers and entrepreneurs attend Start Up Camps?• Cash prize will be awarded to the top team on Sunday Night• Pitch your business idea and get to work building it!• Network and be a part of the local start up ecosystem• We provide 5 meals and drinks over the weekend• Meet your co-founder, or find the next rock star for your organization• Amazing Advisors, Mentors, and local speakers to motivate you• Free legal, investment, strategy, and start up advice• Get exposure to the local investment community
  8. 8. Event Branding and Marketing Packages 2011
  9. 9. “Semantic Seed Can help you connect and engage with developers” Engagement is the key Email , Video, Voice , Branded Events in Silicon Valley, Physical Hubs in San Jose, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Hollywood, Miami, Mumbai, Twitter & SMS Campaigns Mumbai, London, & 32 other cities Re-Occurring Emotional Brand Brand Impressions Impressions Virtual Hubs Social Networks, Blogs, SMS & PodcastExclusive Member Incentives drive Loyalty Data Center engagement Campaign Website and Applications For CRM, and list management
  12. 12. SponsorsWill be placed onour Blog, Website, and Event Site
  13. 13. Global SponsorsWill be placed on All City Sites
  14. 14. 100 Events, 40 countries, in 365 days
  15. 15. Start UP Camp 2011 (Mobile Edition) • 3 Day Event with 50 + participants • Cash Prize Contest format with winner announced on day 3 • 1-2 Speakers • 5 Meals Catered & Drinks • Hands On Technical Assistance from Sponsors • Mentoring For Sponsors: • Recognition as the events presenting sponsor on all marketing materials. • 20 min presentation to group • 2 Invitations • Cash Prizes Recognition during judging • Intimate interaction and feedback from developers
  16. 16. Event Sponsorship Packages 2011Cost for Gold Sponsorship: $5,500 Cost for Bronze Sponsorship: $1500Includes all marketing materials, 10 (Includes Logo on event Website,Min Presentation to the group, copy of Blog, and Meet Up)the contact list, and one judge forcontestCost for Silver Sponsorship: $2,500 Supporting Sponsor: $500 (Includes(includes copy of the contact, list Logo Logo on Meet Up Group Page)on event Website, Blog, Meet Uppages, and Tee Shirts (these sponsorship prices are per city, per event), more packages here:
  17. 17. Event Sponsorship Packages 2011Swag Bags: $250 to insert your Presenting Global Sponsor:marketing material, and $500 for $100,000 (all events worldwide)an insert and logo on the bag National Sponsor: $50,000 (25Tables/Booths: $500 events)Demo day booth/table to showcaseyour services to attendees Regional Sponsor: $25,000 (15 events) (these sponsorship prices are per city, per event), more packages here:
  18. 18. Key Take Aways• Consistent Developer Engagement is the key in successful outreach• Video research will be captured at every event and shared with our sponsors• High Value Prizes and Cash will drive emotional bonds with brand and viral activity• All Start Up contact info gathered from events will be shared with our sponsors• We are a US based NON PROFIT (501c3)
  19. 19. A variety of other opportunities are available, call your Semantic Seed/GBI account executive for more details. Semantic Seed Co Working Network 10 South 1st Street Suite 318 San Jose, Ca. 95113 Email: