Ltfe business card short research


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Ltfe business card short research

  1. 1. Laboratoryfortelecommunications<br />
  2. 2. University of Ljubljana<br />University of Ljubljana <br />founded in 1919<br />consists of 22 Faculties,3 Academies and 1 University College<br />students approx. 56.000<br />employees approx. 6.000 <br />Faculty of Electrical Engineering<br />students approx. 3.000<br />employees approx. 300<br />Department of Telecommunications<br />Laboratory for Telecommunications (LTFE)<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Laboratory for Telecommunications<br />University of LjubljanaFaculty of Electrical EngineeringLaboratory for Telecommunications<br />Trzaska c. 25, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU<br />Established in 1946, the oldest laboratory in the field of telecommunications in Slovenia<br />50+ employees: scientists, researchers, students, technicians, administrative staff<br />Extensive experience in international cooperation on scientific, R&D and interdisciplinary projects<br />Strong strategic partnership with industry, research, educational and governmental environments<br />
  4. 4. LTFE R&D Business<br />International R&D, scientific and interdisciplinary project activities<br />International industrial partnership Cisco, 4G Neuron, Aviatnet, Juniper, Mobitel, Telekom Slovenije, Siol, IskratelRTV, Telsima, Planet9, Emsiso, IskraMIS<br />Participation in the European Commission programs EU 5FW, 6FW, 7FW<br />Participation in international and national R&D programs PHARE, COST, IFIP, ITU, IEEE, IEICE, RIPETechnology Network ICT, Center of excellence ICT<br />Cooperation with governmental institutions Ministry of Higher Education, Science and TechnologyMinistry of the Economy, Ministry of DefencePost and Electronic Communications Agency of the Republic of Slovenia<br />
  5. 5. LTFE R&D Skills<br />NextGentelecommunicationstechnologies, solutionsandservices<br />Networking technologies – IPv4, IPv6, MPLS, MetroEthernet, VPNCommunicationstechnologiesandprotocols – VoIP, SIP, Radius/Diameter, SIGTRANWireless & Mobile technologies – 3G/4G, WiFi, WiMAX, LTE, Pico/Femto, Bluetooth, ZigBee, RFID/NFCDeep PacketInspection (DPI)SmartGridandenergeticscommunicationtechnologiesandsolutionsFuture InternetInternetofthings<br />Communicationssystems – SSW, NGN/IMS, MultiPlay, IPTVQualityofService/Experience (QoS/QoE) andadmissioncontrolNGN/IMS environmentsandservices – SDP, SOA, WEB 2.0, IMS, RACS/NASS, EPC/SAESmart-home environment and assistive technologiesSatellite road e-toll systemsSmart home and e-healthsolutionsAssistivetechnologiesE-learningsystemsMultimediasystems, servicesandcontent<br />
  6. 6. LTFE Educationactivities<br />Academic and commercial education<br />Undergraduate and postgraduate study programsElectrical engineering, Multimedia Communications (Bologna scheme, levels 1, 2 and 3)<br />Cooperation with partner universities University College Dublin, Graz University of Technology, Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, University of Sarajevo, Technical University of Munich, University of Zagreb, Telecom Lille Villeneuve d’AscqCedex, Université de Rouen, Huazhong University of Science and Technology<br />Commercial academies and workshopsTelecommunications and ICT scientific academyCisco Networking AcademyApple Academy LTFE Multimedia e-learning environment<br />
  7. 7. LTFE skillsportfolio 1/2<br />Networking technologiesBest practices in design and deployment of IPv6 routing solutions (OSPFv3 and BGP)IPv6 in operator environmentsMulticast in IPv6IP network infrastructure testingBGP routingIP routing (I and II)Advanced Ethernet mechanismsTelecommunications systems managementAssuring QoS and QoESNMPTCP/IP and Ethernet basicsMPLS (I and II)Transpot networksVirtual private networksQoS in IP/MPLSIPv6 (I and II)Security in IPv6Multicast in IPAnd-hoc and mesh networksPeer-to-peer systemsATM (I and II)<br />Communication architectures and signaling<br />SmartGrid telecommunicationsTelecommunications protocol designDeep Packet InspectionCSTA application developmentNGN signalingLegacy signallngSIGTRANNGNIMSVoIP3PlayIMS/NGN/IPTV servicesService development in IMS/NGN/IPTVSIPVoIP/IMS securityDiameter<br />
  8. 8. LTFE skillsportfolio2/2<br />WirelesstechnologiesLTE/SAELocationandnavigationSatellitecommunicationandlocationRFID and NFCBluetoothandZigBeeWi-FiWi-MAXMobile terminal equipmentDataservices in 3G/4G networks<br />MultimediatechnologiesPhotoshop CS5 forbeginnersIPTVBasicsof video productionVideo recordingandproductionVideo contentcompressionprinciplesTV productionanddeliverysystemsDigitalradiodiffusionandmobile TVFlash CS5 forbeginners<br />EmbeddedandhardwaresystemsReal-time processorsystemsx86 hardware platform<br />InformationtechnologiesPatienthealthmonitoringwith ICTJava (I and II)Java forserversystemsMobile applicationdevelopment in Java – J2ME and AndroidiPhoneandiPadapplicationdevelopmentFacebookapplicationdevelopmentPHPWEB 2.0Linux basicsdesignfor all and e-accessibility<br />
  9. 9. LTFE Expertise<br />Commercial R&D test center for telecommunications systems and services<br />Networking infrastructure(IP, IPv6, MPLS, MetroEthernet, VPN)Mobility & Wirelessinfrastructure (UMTS, WiFi, WiMAX, UMA)NGN/IMS and WEB 2.0 infrastructure and services development HW platforms and protocol implementations (SS7, SIGTRAN, SIP, Diameter)Systemtools (QoS/QoE measurments, VPN security, BB networkplanning) Satellite road e-toll systems<br />Scientific R&D<br />Telecommunication systems and next generation servicesTelecommunication engineeringInnovation and research co-operations<br />Multimedia-based learning environments<br />E-cho e-learning environmentCoome multimedia content development environmentGame Based Mobile Learning (GBML) Platform<br />
  10. 10. Co-founderof SINTESIO<br />10<br />     <br />1st ETSI-endorsedNGN Interoperability test site in Slovenia<br /><br />
  11. 11. LTFE TestCenter<br />Activities<br />Verification, ConformancetestsPerformance, BenchmarkingtestsFunctional, Interoperabilitytests<br />Professional equipment<br />Spirent STCAgilent DNAEndance DAG<br />Excellent connectivity<br />Variusfix, mobile systems: IPv4, IPv6ASN = 28933<br />IPv4 PI ( and PA ( PA (2a00:1368::/32)Full BGP<br />11<br />
  12. 12. LTFE TestCenter – infrastructure<br />12<br />
  13. 13. LTFE TestCenter – testbedsandpilots<br />Beta testers for IPv6 Juniper firewall<br />WiMAX test-bed<br />Implementing QoS on WiMAX BS/SS (Telsima)Beta testersfor WiMAX<br />NGN/IMS test-bed<br /> Diameter, ParlayX GW, presence servicesIMS – Fraunhofer FOKUSAsterix VoIP system<br />IPTV test-bed<br /> First commercial IPTV solution in Europe (collaborationwithSIOL)Video equipment<br />6 x professional cameras2 x video/audio matrix, linear/nonlinear mixing4 x IPTV system<br />13<br />
  14. 14. Selectedresearchreferences 1/2<br />Original scientificarticles<br />HUMAR, Iztok, GOLJA, Mitja, BEŠTER, Janez, TOMAŽIČ, Sašo. Performance optimizationofvoicetrafficagainstbackgroundtrafficoverasymmetricdigitalsubscriberlines. Elektroteh. vestn., 2008, letn. 75, št. 5, str. 264-270, ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 6918740] <br /> STEGEL, Tine, STERLE, Janez, BEŠTER, Janez, KOS, Andrej. SCTP associationbetweenmulti-homedendpointsover NAT using NSLP. Elektroteh. vestn., 2008, letn. 75, št. 5, str. 277-284, ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 7027284] <br /> VOLK, Mojca, GUNA, Jože, KOS, Andrej, BEŠTER, Janez. Quality-assuredprovisioningof IPTV serviceswithinthe NGN environment. IEEE commun. mag. (Print). [Printed.], May 2008, vol. 46, no. 5, str. 118-126, ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 6532436] <br /> KRENKER, Andrej, VOLK, Mojca, SEDLAR, Urban, BEŠTER, Janez, KOS, Andrej. Bidirectionalartificialneuralnetworksformobile-phonefrauddetection. ETRI J., Feb. 2009, vol. 31, no. 1, str. 92-94, ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 6951764] <br /> PETERNEL, Blaž, KOS, Andrej. Broadbandaccessnetworkplanningoptimizationconsidering real coppercablelengths. IEICE trans. commun., Aug. 2008, vol. E91-B, no. 8, str. 2525-2532, ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 6866772] <br /> VOLK, Mojca, STERLE, Janez, SEDLAR, Urban, KOS, Andrej. An approach to modelingandcontrolof QoE in nextgenerationnetworks. IEEE commun. mag. (Print). [Printed.], Aug. 2010, vol. 48, no. 8, str. 126-135, ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 7862612] <br />Patent applications<br />LIKAR, Bojan, POSEL, Robert, KALAGASIDIS, Andreas, JAVORNIK, Tomaž, KANDUS, Gorazd, MOHORČIČ, Mihael, ŠVIGELJ, Aleš, BEŠTER, Janez, KOS, Andrej, SMOLNIKAR, Miha. Iterativelocalizationtechniques : patentna prijava 12/825.048. [S. l.]: US Patent Office, 28. jun. 2010. [COBISS.SI-ID 23790631] <br /> LIKAR, Bojan, POSEL, Robert, KALAGASIDIS, Andreas, JAVORNIK, Tomaž, KANDUS, Gorazd, STERLE, Janez, SEDLAR, Urban, BEŠTER, Janez, KOS, Andrej, MALI, Luka. A methodforselforganizingnetworkoperation : patentna prijava 12/827,965. [S. l.]: US Patent Office, 30. jun. 2010. [COBISS.SI-ID 23790887] <br />14<br />
  15. 15. Selectedresearchreferences 2/2<br />Publishedscientificconferencecontributions<br /> ŠTERN, Andrej, VOLK, Mojca, KANDUS, Gorazd, JAVORNIK, Tomaž, HROVAT, Andrej, BEŠTER, Janez. WAP over TETRA trialservices. V: LEITGEB, Erich (ur.), KOGLER, Wolfgang (ur.), GHASSEMLOOY, Zabih (ur.). ProceedingsoftheSixthInternationalSymposium on CommunicationSystems, NetworksandDigital Signal Processing (CSNDSP) : 23-25 July 2008, GrazUniversityofTechnology, GrazAustria. Graz: GrazUniversityofTechnology, 2008, str. 63-67, ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 21878823] <br /> PUSTIŠEK, Matevž, HUMAR, Iztok, BEŠTER, Janez. Empiricalanalysisandmodelingofpeer-to-peertrafficflows. V: 14th IEEE MediterraneanElectrotechnicalConference, Ajaccio, France, May 5-7, 2008. Proceedings. [Piscataway]: IEEE, cop. 2008, str. 169-175, ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 6503252] <br />Independentscientificcomponent part or a chapter in a monograph<br />KOS, Andrej, VOLK, Mojca, BEŠTER, Janez. Qualityassurance in the IMS-based NGN environment. V: CRANLEY, Nicola (ur.), MURPHY, Liam (ur.). Handbookofresearch on wirelessmultimedia : qualityofserviceandsolutions. Hershey; New York: InformationScience Reference, cop. 2009, str. 240-257, ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 6606932] <br />Researchprogramsandprojects<br />Algorithmsandoptimizationprocedures in telecommunications (Slovenianresearchagency)<br /> Technologies ofthe internet offuture: concepts, architectures, servicesandsocio-economicviewpoints(Slovenianresearchagency)<br />Admissioncontrolandschedulingmechanisms in WiMAX meshnetworks<br />Developmentoftacticalself-organizingwirelessnetworkforSlovenianDepartmentofDefence<br />Designanddevelopmentofdigitalmobile TETRA systemforSlovenianDepartmentofDefence<br />DevelopmentofcommunicationssystemforcommunicationandtrackingofvehiclesforSlovenianDepartmentofDefence<br />15<br />