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2012 Radio Show Produced by RAB and NAB


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Panel Discussion from 2012 Radio Show entitled: Should I Stay or Should I Go? Creating a Winning Culture!

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2012 Radio Show Produced by RAB and NAB

  1. 1. Are Great Sales People Born or Made?
  2. 2. 1 Nature vs. Nurture Retaining Talent2 Through Powerful Relationships
  3. 3. Nature vs. Nurture3
  4. 4. NATURE then NURTURENature: NaturalTalents. Make surethat both the talentand fit are right.
  5. 5. NATURE then NURTURENurture: Driven byRelationships. Here,invest in team,environment andyour most talentedindividuals.
  6. 6. NURTUREFour Key Areas of Nurture1. Relationship2. Expectation3. Feedback4. Compensation
  7. 7. Retaining Talent2 Through Powerful Relationships3
  8. 8. The Best ManagersPlay Chess, not Checkers!
  9. 9. A third of a persons life is spent in the workplace, sometimes more.
  10. 10. Exit Surveys show, the number one reason for quitting a job was not money, but employees felt Management didn’t care.
  11. 11. NURTURERelationships are the Key!Retaining Talent:Defining Powerful Relationships!
  12. 12. Defining Powerful Relationships!• Manager shows proper intent and genuine caring• Employees trusts the manager, knowing the manager will always act in his/her best interest
  13. 13. Defining Powerful Relationships! Many sales managershesitate to get too close to employees for fear that they may need todiscipline them one day.
  14. 14. Defining Powerful Relationships!Ask the Question:I would not be whoI am today without __________.
  15. 15. As a manager,how do you express caring?
  16. 16. My Team at Texas Ranger Suite
  17. 17. Do you know each of youremployee’s Talents, Interest, Expectations and Goals? It’s Okay to ask.
  18. 18. Wouldnt it be great if allemployees came equipped with User Manuals?
  19. 19. Defining Relationships! It’s Okay to Ask!• What would be the best challenge the company could give you?• If you were managing you: What would be your top three priorities helping you be at your best?
  20. 20. Defining Relationships! It’s Okay to Ask!• Will you tell me how you feel…or should I ask?• As your manager, what I should Keep doing?• How important is it for you and I to be good friends at work?
  21. 21. “Coaches who outline plays ona black board are dime/dozen. The ones who win, get inside each player and motivate.” –Vince Lombardi
  22. 22. “What makes a Happy Staff is a Happy Hour.” –Tami Honesty
  23. 23. Sharing is