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Book Your Brand!


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Book Your Brand!

  1. 1. Book Your Brand!A Special Report by Toni V. Martin “The Glamour Ghostwriter” How today’s top glamour and lifestyle industry pros use the Power of Publishing to • Secure national name recognition • Land Celebrity Clientele • Garner Major Media Mentions Copyright © Toni V. Martin LLC
  2. 2. Book Your Brand! Introduction Today’s female consumer wants to lead the glamorous life! If youre an expert who helps women look, love & live their best lives, then this special report will help you take your business to another level. Having your own book can help you: · Secure national name recognition · Get in front of Celebrity and exclusive clientele · Land major media appearances · Reach more people without overextending yourself What You’ll Learn Read on, if you’re tired of • Being stuck in a 1 client/1 payment mode • Working too hard to service your thriving client base • Seeing competitors with less skills hailed as experts • Not knowing how to take one opportunity and double, triple and quadruple it In this special report, well look at the Success Strategies the top Glamour Pros have used to gain more time, broader name recognition, new fans and followers pre-disposed to purchase and ways to profit from ancillary opportunities by lever- aging the power of the written word! Copyright © Toni V. Martin LLC 2
  3. 3. Book Your Brand!About Toni V. MartinI’m a veteran in the world of writing, with over adecade of experience writing for publications likeAllure and Spa Magazine.As the Glamour Ghostwriter, I work with hair andwardrobe stylists, image consultants, makeup art-ists, relationship coaches, event planners, lifestyleexperts and others who want to get in front ofcameras, in print and on stage by helping them be-come published authors.You may be the go-to girl or guy in your city, butwhen it comes to getting national spotlight, a book can be the quickest way tocatapult you into the big leagues. If you’re only known within a certain circle andto local editors and producers, having a new book that ties into topics of interestto a national audience trumps the argument that since you’re based locally yourreach isn’t nationally relevant. In addition, having a book delivers longevity thatensures you can continue to be relevant—long beyond any current promotions orflashes in the pan. Best yet, a book allows a greater ROI than a marketing or pub-lic relations campaign. You can tie one book into seasonal trends, holiday stories,major media news, celebrity stories, makeover shows—anything relevant to yourtopic.With my background in Public Relations, Publishing and my degree in EnglishLanguage and Literature from the University of Michigan, you can be assuredthat you’ll get a best-seller quality, professional book that’s tailor-made for mediapickup.I love helping entrepreneurs who are self-motivated, go-getters with a huge visionof who they want to help in this world—just like me!Read on to find out the 5 Secret Strategies other Glamour Pros use when theyadd a book to their marketing arsenal... Copyright © Toni V. Martin LLC 3
  4. 4. Book Your Brand! Success Strategy #1: Extend Those 15 Minutes of Fame Got an opportunity to be a contestant or a judge on one of today’s hottest new re- ality TV shows? Even if you’re only shooting a pilot, the savviest stars of today’s most popular form of TV and online entertainment are ensuring their name rec- ognition lasts more than just 15 minutes by producing books that tie in with their area of expertise. Shows that highlight your expertise, like Project Runway or The Fashion Show, Shear Genius, Design Star or Top Designer or feature you giving advice to reality show stars as judges or makeover professionals are prime Author: Bethenny Frankel Books: Naturally Thin, The Skinnygirl Dish Claim to Fame: This reality show star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was no shrinking violet—onscreen or when it came to using her celebreality notoriety to secure her book deal. An established nutritionist before the show aired, Frankel capitalized on the show’s popu- larity, her name recognition and image to launch her line of (New York Times best- selling) books. platforms to launch your publishing career! Copyright © Toni V. Martin LLC 4
  5. 5. Book Your Brand! Success Strategy #2: Offer the Missing Manual If you already have a product line or line of goods, consider doing a book which serves as a behind-the-brand look at your offerings. This book acts as a “companion guide” to your line of body products, makeup—even clothing line. If you’re considering launching or developing your own line, this type of book is a way to get buy-in and establish yourself as an expert in order to make your prod- ucts well received. Companies like Aveda, The Body Shop and Carol’s Daughter have used this strategy to get in front of readers, share the story behind favorite items and introduce them to new products they may have never tried before. A book is a great addition to an online or brick & mortar store, as well as a special stuffer in holiday gift baskets and gift bags for VIP/Celebrity customers. Author: Anita Roddick Books: Business as Unusual, Body and Soul, and many more Claim to Fame: As the founder of The Body Shop, Anita Roddick is strongly aligned with healthy living and sustainable beauty. Packaging her philosophy into book form dovetailed perfectly with the store, inviting customers to learn more about the principles behind the products they loved so well. In fact, Roddick was so successful with the store and book, she’s authored more than 5 books and has her own publishing company! Copyright © Toni V. Martin LLC 5
  6. 6. Book Your Brand! Success Strategy #3: Use (or Get!) the Celebrity Advantage If you’re the woman or man behind a celebrity’s great sense of style, hair, looks, home or happy relationship, why not bank on your star status with a book? More than likely, you’re exclusive to working with that celebrity or not available to carry a full roster of clients. That’s no reason for you not to get your expertise in front of thousands more than you could ever hope to service. If your client agrees to it, publishing a book based on the expert tips and info that make you coveted can present your work to millions without affecting your ability to serve your #1 client. Conversely, if you WANT to land a high-profile celebrity client, publish- ing a book instantly creates the aura of expertise. If it comes to a makeup artist who wrote a book versus one who hasn’t, who do you think is perceived as being more popular, knowledgeable and experienced? While many celebrities might not have a lot of time to read, you can use a book to get in front of celebrity’s manag- ers, assistants and friends—people to whom celebrities turn when they’re looking for recommendations on the top professionals who can help create or maintain their glam status. Author: Andre Walker Book: Andre Talks Hair Claim to Fame: When you’ve been styling Oprah’s hair for more than 20 years, you probably don’t have time to take on new clients! But Andre Walker stepped from behind that famous mane of hair to dish some insider secrets on his most famous—and only—client, as well as create a hair classification system that was adopted with fer- vor by legions of women. With a special introduc- tion by his number 1 client (Ms. Winfrey herself), Walker poised himself for success with his book and capitalized on his affiliation with a highly visi- ble customer. Copyright © Toni V. Martin LLC 6
  7. 7. Book Your Brand! Success Strategy #4: New Avenues You don’t “just” style hair or organize closets—you’re a master of many trades. But when it comes to rebranding or launching a new arm of your core business, it can be hard to differentiate yourself from the known go-to guys and girls in that field. With a book in hand, you can promote your new or revamped offerings with a splash. Having a book can act as a bridge from where you’ve been to where you want to go, attracting new clientele and tapping into new media opportuni- ties. Even if your new arena isn’t your strongest suit, by the end of writing your book you will have, well, written the book on the topic! So if you need a way to makeover your offerings and reinvent yourself in your industry—both among your peers and to potential clients—a book can deliver the double whammy. Author: Steve Harvey Books: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man; Straight Talk, No Chaser Claim to Fame: A thrice-married comedian giving relationship advice? It may sound like a joke, but Steve Harvey laughed to the top of the NY Times bestseller list with his first book. Despite having no “expert” creden- tials, Harvey capitalized on his audience from his hit radio show, life experience and reputation for telling it like it is to deliver a book that was controversial and entertain- ing. Harvey parlayed his first book into a regular column for Essence magazine, tons of media appearances, and a second book. Copyright © Toni V. Martin LLC 7
  8. 8. Book Your Brand! Success Strategy #5: Memorable Memoirs If your clients love to hear your story over and over, if you want to catapult your- self into a speaking career, or if you just feel your stories can help others, a book is one of the most succinct and intimate ways to share your story. Sometimes people want to go behind the brand and learn about the unique set of circumstances that were integral to the success they see in you today. If your story is about defying the odds, rags to riches, coming up on the wrong side of the track, the American Dream, overcoming major obstacles or just marching to the beat of a different drummer, you’ve got a book in you! Savvy pros use this strategy to differentiate themselves from the competition—sure, there may be a million hairstylists in New York, but how many had to overcome a repressive regime and start over in a new land with only $50? Author: Kimora Lee Simmons Book: Fabulosity Claim to Fame: By telling her ugly-duckling- makes-good tale in book form, Simmons packaged a style guide and memoir all in one. As another jewel in her empire of clothing, jewelry, perfume and reality shows, Simmons proved that you can (and should) have it all when it comes to offering your fans pieces of you. By writing her tell all/guide to the good life, Simmons made a deeper connection with her audience and strengthened their allegiance with her can- did revelations. Copyright © Toni V. Martin LLC 8
  9. 9. Book Your Brand!Special Offer for Glamour Pros! Are You Ready to Step From Behind the Spotlight, Establish Yourself as the Crème de la Crème of Your Industry, and Share Your Savvy With the World?Do you want to move beyond having to keep your client roster full to maintainyour income? Are you ready to be celebrated by the local and national media? Doyou want to hopscotch over your competition and become branded as THE ex-pert in your industry? I can create a custom-tailored plan to help youachieve your business and marketing goals in 2011!I have a limited number of slots available where you and I can discuss one-on-oneyour 2011 Media Vision, where we will establish your publishing goals and plan.ROI YOU CONTROL!CONTROL!If you are considering adding a Public Relations or Marketing component to yourbusiness this year, authoring a book provides one of the fastest ways to establishcredibility and anchor a promotions campaign around.If you already work with a PR or marketing firm, writing your own book canbreathe new life into your promotional efforts and give your team some-thing meaty they can offer to the media. Investment in your own book Investment in PR/Marketing One-time cost to have written Ongoing, monthly retainers Endless topics to mine for publicity from one Need constant new campaigns book Long “shelf-life,” information is timeless Needs to be timely current You are the credible expert, based on the info in Your PR persons claims you’re the expert the book An asset you own that can be spun-off into pro- No control over the placements or opportunities grams, products and services yielded from PR/Marketing efforts Only the top, elite glamour professionals have Many of your competitors are already working their own book with a PR/Marketing firm Copyright © Toni V. Martin LLC 9
  10. 10. Due to the one-on-one attention provided, my availability is extremely limited. I can only offer a few strat-egy session each month to select entrepreneurs who are serious and committed to achieving results. COMPLIMENTARY 25-MINUTE 2011 MEDIA VISION STRATEGY SESSION COMPLIMENTARY 25-MINUTE 2011 MEDIA VISION STRATEGY SESSIONAre you a Glamour Professional? • Hair Stylist • Interior Designer • Image Consultant • Fitness Expert • Fashion Stylist • Professional Organizer • Relationship Expert • Event Planner • Makeup Artist • Beauty Product InventorThe 2011 Media Vision Planning Session will give you Insider Informa-tion you can use to shape your visibility and business-building tactics thisyear and beyond.You’ll come away knowing • Whether a book should be a part of your 2011 Marketing Vision • Which route to take: Self Publishing or Traditional Publishing • Whether you should work with a Ghostwriter or DIY • A Roadmap and Timeline to Publication!You’ll leave our call with… • Strategies and key components of a marketing push to help you land higher-end clientele and national media attention and • Action steps to take NOW to help you achieve your dream of be- coming a published author • A clear picture of the next level in your career as a glamour profes- sional Copyright © Toni V. Martin LLC 10
  11. 11. READY TO BOOK YOUR 2011 MEDIA VISION STRATEGY SESSION?I’ve blocked out time to talk to you! Please secure your appointment at a timethat’s most convenient for us both by following this link ( Once you’ve secured your session, you’ll receive a confirmationand a questionnaire which will help me to determine the best recommendationsfor you and your business.I hope you’ve enjoyed my report and are readyto make 2011 the year you finally “Book Your Brand!” Thanks for reading and feel free toshare this report with any other Glamour Pros you think could benefit from these insider se- crets! Don’t forget, you can always connect with me Online at Via email at On Facebook at authorcoachconsultant On Twitter at tonivallentine Cheers to your success! Copyright © Toni V. Martin LLC 11