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                                                                        Luis Vuitton extends
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Social media mistakes...
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 Text: Carl Johan Malmsten
 Photo: dnigh

One and a half years in one of the world’s most

            Making the Most of Your
           micro-blogging Experiences
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I discover a new way to simplify m...

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Text: Lia Dutra
Photo: JairoBD

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Aside from the phenomenal numbers, we sho...
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The FWA – shows some great brande...
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News Getting
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Awareness Of Mobile...

Text: Tomas Nihlén
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                      The Internet isn’t all about tech...
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     YouTube: [Founded in F...
Urban Lifestyle Report - New Media (Aug 08)
Urban Lifestyle Report - New Media (Aug 08)
Urban Lifestyle Report - New Media (Aug 08)
Urban Lifestyle Report - New Media (Aug 08)
Urban Lifestyle Report - New Media (Aug 08)
Urban Lifestyle Report - New Media (Aug 08)
Urban Lifestyle Report - New Media (Aug 08)
Urban Lifestyle Report - New Media (Aug 08)
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Urban Lifestyle Report - New Media (Aug 08)


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An older issue of our trend report about the new media landscape. To get more information sign up at

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Urban Lifestyle Report - New Media (Aug 08)

  1. 1. BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Internet Buzz; what are people PROFILE: watching, sharing & discussing? MARTIN CEDERGREN THE INTERNET Extending Your Brand CLIMATE IN Reach through Widgets BRAZIL DIGITAL BRANDING IN FOCUS: TV-SERIES
  2. 2. CONTRIBUTORS TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN´ Tomas Nihlén, Editor in Linda Pierre, Editor and Lisa Sculati, Writer. San Chief and writer. Co-founder responsible for layout & Francisco based freelance of Urban Lifestyle. Holds a design. Co-founder and co- writer and radio journalist. We at Urban Lifestyle like change. And given the very strong interest in new owner of Urban Lifestyle. She Enjoys exploring the latest fact that you are holding an issue of ”Urban Lifestyle media and how Internet is is also marketing director for trends in new media, blogging Report – New Media” in your hand (or reading it on changing the fundaments of an e-commerce site in the about Sweden, learning the screen) you probably do too. Because if you didn’t the whole marketing arena. travel accessories category. Swedish and spending time like (or at least accepted) change, then you would’nt He parttcularly keeps an eye Linda enjoys actually using outside. Has worked with on the evolving Internet video social media in her daily work so called ”old media” or want to read about how the Internet is changing the scene. Also loves podcasting instead of just talking about ”traditional media” for more marketing arena. Now that we have established that, both as viewer and creator. it. than a decade. here comes the news – there are some changes to this report. Editor in Chief Tomas Nihlén First you will probably notice both the new design +46 8 501 64 and the structure of the contents. We hope you like it 377 Editor & Creative Director Linda Pierre and that it will improve your experience reading this +46 8 501 64 report. The second change is that we have decided 376 that (also when it comes to this report) quality is Research & writing Tomas Nihlén, Linda Pierre, Lisa Sculati, Lia Dutra & Carl more important than quantity. So we are changing the Johan Malmsten production schedule to 5 reports per year. This will Subscription not affect your subscription Lia Dutra, Strategic Planner Carl Johan Malmsten, 5 issues/year, contact us for prizes. To buy one single report, head over to in any other way than the at Africa Propaganda in reports from Perth, Australia Brazil, likes talking about where he is a student at Edith frequency of the issue. Next Images & illustrations planning and advertising, Cowan University, majoring in Images and illustrations are all if not issue will be out in October. and almost everything under Advertising and Marketing. taken by any of our writers, been the sun. She graduated When he has spare time from approved by the copy holder, free of use That’s it, I hope you will enjoy with a degree in Marketing studies and writing about new for commercial purpose or are licenced it as much as we do! and Advertising, and before media entering the Australian under Flickr Creative Commons. Africa, she contributed to environment, he yaps about Webpage & blog several projects at JWT and music to his tired fellow on brands such as Unilever. students.
  3. 3. IN THIS ISSUE 6. 2008.08 17. 36. miscellaneous Martin Cedergren from 180 Amsterdam gets profiled, we give you our best tips on tools and inspirational sites at the moment. And finally Tomas Nihlén takes off the gloves and goes on a rant against old school thinking from the likes of H&M. 40. 4. BRANDS 28. PEOPLE In this issue we are taking a closer look at the Are people really putting up with pre-rolls on video TV industry to see what some of the brands clips? The news is getting more social and the people in that category are doing right now in new are buzzing about ”Barack Rolls”, manga faces and media. We will also cover some mobile Paris Hilton running for president. marketing news and take a look at some social media mistakes by big brands. 12. MEDIA Music in your phone, widgets as marketing strategy, micro-blogs as a business tool and much much more. And don’t miss Lia Rodriguez 38. Dutra’s captivating article on the Internet scene in Brazil. 35. COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY: JairoBD
  4. 4. 4 Luis Vuitton extends brand through mobile Text: Tomas Nihlén L ocation-based mobile services is perhaps the hottest thing around in the mobile sphere since SMS started gaining traction back in the day. Often these services are competing on a level BRANDS of technical complexity, but sometimes the most complex service isn’t the best one. It’s a matter of using the platform in a way that suits the audience. Just in the same way as all parts of social media aren’t right for every company; just adding a YouTube-channel and blog isn’t guaranteed success for a company. In the mobile scene, Luis Vuitton seems to have In each issue we explore what brands are doing to prosper in the hit the jackpot with their campaign “Louis Vuitton Soundwalk”. Using what mobile experts would even call simple technology. digital age and how the area of branding is evolving thanks to new media. In the section ”Digital Branding in Focus” we take a The Louis Vuitton Soundwalk lets users pick a city in which they want to take one of the three different “soundwalks” in, Beijing, Hong Kong closer look at a specific brand category. or Shanghai. Each walk follows in the footsteps of a local female cinema icon, Gong Li (Beijing), Shu Qi (Hong Kong) and Joan Chen (Shanghai). Luis Vuitton extends brand through mobile 4 If you decide to follow a soundwalk it will take you on a tour for an hour Successful mobile marketing campaigns 5 and the narrator will guide you along the street in the selected city in real Digital branding in focus: TV-series 6 time accompanied by the typical sounds of that city. Social media mistakes... 10 The experience is said to mimic that of a cinema, which is not surprising since the original soundtrack and the script is written by cinema professionals.
  5. 5. 5 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE SUCESSFUL MOBILE MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Text: Tomas Nihlén Photo: <Kirill A recent newsletter from Mobile Marketing Association presented 14 successful and inspiring mobile campaigns. Below you’ll find three such examples that utilize mobile phones as channels in different ways. MACANUDO by the Argentinean cartoonist Liniers. Every week, visitors would receive a new cartoon to their cell phone via Bluetooth and/or WiFi. The campaign had two goals: to increase loyalty among In McDonald’s campaign, “SMS Lounge,” a mobile voucher campaign, customers send an SMS to existing customers and generate new customers for register with their favourite McDonald’s restaurant. Every two weeks, they receive a voucher in L´illa. For Liniers, the campaign was all about generating QR format which is scanned at the restaurant. QR means “quick response” and basically is a two buzz ahead of a new launch. dimensional barcode that can contain far more information than a regular barcode. QR codes are extremely popular in Japan. The goal for McDonald’s campaign: to build loyalty and drive The third interesting example presented by MMA was more people to the restaurants. Vouchers were chosen because everyone loves a freebie. The a mobile campaign for BMW’s 1 series. This campaign vouchers do not offer freebies but they do offer deep discounts. used mobile phones as a tool to segment and target the right group of consumers. The purpose of the The second interesting campaign is a proximity marketing campaign situated in the Spanish campaign was a classical challenge for car brands: shopping mall L´illa Diagonal in Barcelona. L´illa has worked with proximity marketing for several to create leads and sign-ups for information and for years. The backbone in its system is a permanent bluetooth circuit inside the shopping mall. In test-driving the new cars. MMA says it was a great a recent campaign to drive people to the mall, the company gave away free digital comics called success.
  6. 6. 6 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Digital branding in focus: TV-series Text: Tomas Nihlén In this issue, we will take a closer look at the TV industry to find out how it’s using new digital opportunities to build brands and reach out to consumers.
  7. 7. 7 ao BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Digital Blood Lately we’ve seen lots of buzz surrounding the new TV series on HBO,“True Blood,” in the blogosphere. The series is created by the same man who brought you Six Feet Under. This time, vampires are roaming the streets like regular folks and blood comes bottled with the fake label TruBlood. As you might have noticed, the “e” is missing from the brand name, and that is no coincidence. It’s well thought out since the blood is actually synthetic and comes in all the different blood types (A, B and so on). Some of the taglines for TruBlood read: t “All flavor. No bite.” j “Suck on this” o “Real blood is for suckers” p “Friends don’t let friends drink friends” Check it out for yourself at the product site some of these truth seekers with a language degree managed to solve the puzzle. here. When you enter this page, you are not The code then brought them to a fake website about vampires where they could video b asked for your year of birth, but rather your chat with an actress playing the role of a gatekeeping vampire. Visitors to this site century of birth... would try their best to convince the gatekeeper that they were actually vampires and that they deserved a spot on the site. A blog called Bloodcopy was set up to report HBO teamed up with Campfire on the on the stories from both the vampire site and the series itself with over 80 video clips campaign for this series, which includes a produced by Campfire to explain the back story. You will find links on the blog where number of different channels. The first step a the story continues on sites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter. was to send out 1,000 letters back in May to vampire bloggers and sci-fi enthusiasts. In Throughout the campaign, users have been invited to submit all kinds of content to this letter, there was a mysterious code for help the story move forward. All content has been reviewed from several perspectives, them to break. Online discussions about this like what they contribute to the story and also the legal perspective before being code started to build up and after a while, published, according to an AdAge video that you find here (video).
  8. 8. 8 Fox abandons their own MySpace for Facebook? Back in 2005, News Corp (the owner of Fox) bought MySpace for 580 million U.S. dollars. In the first couple of years after the sale, the digital social networking scene was dominated by MySpace. But something happened along the way and Facebook stole the crown as king of the (European and North American) social networking services. Now this trend is affecting Fox’s marketing strategy. When it comes to choice of media channels, Fox executives are favoring Facebook over MySpace, writes The New York Times. This is what Joel Cheatwood, Senior Vice President for Development at Fox News said about this choice in the article: “Facebook is currently the leading social network,” and he goes on to say, “They also have a user that’s a little older and a little more sophisticated, (with) discussion boards, a wall for users’ comments, reviews, polls and Even 1960s advertising professionals use Twitter now photo submissions.” The TV series Mad Men is set in the 1960s in New York. A time of naivety in many ways, They have also designed a videoplayer, allowing but also a time when consumers started to understand that products like cigarettes just users to watch their videos and share clips on social might be harmful to their health. The advertising industry was just starting to enter networking sites. I guess it’s good that they chose their a more complex era where they couldn’t sell any product just by creating creative and platform based on user profiles rather than what they expensive advertising. The creators of this show decided to bring the characters into own themselves. the 21th century by using Twitter to let the viewers follow their characters between shows. Don Draper, for instance, can be found here (via Adrants). Some of the rest of the characters have popped up here, here, here and here. Great way to use social media for a product that is interesting enough to get people engaged in it.
  9. 9. 9 Social media Olympics The biggest media spectacle during the recent weeks is of course the Olympic Games in Beijing. We have deliberately chosen not to write about this since it has been over exposed in other media outlets. But there is one angle that is still interesting for us to cover, and that is what happened to the sponsoring brands in the social media sphere? A social media analytics company called Collective Intelligence tracked eight of these sponsors to see what kind of footprints they left in social media according to an article on AdRants. They tracked blogs, social networking services, forums and other places where online discussions take place. Three of the brands saw a significant increase in exposure. Visa for instance increased by 141 per cent, McDonalds Seinfeld trying to reach college students by 51 per cent and Coca-Cola by 17 per cent. The wildly popular TV series Seinfeld ran between 1989 and 1998 and thereby missed some of the Much of the attention was generated due to their new kids on the block. An audience that some refer to as the millennium generation, brought up in Bluetooth campaign which happens to be the first front of a computer. Sony Pictures thinks this series is still relevant today, ten years later (and I would of its kind in marketing history of the Olympic have to agree on that point). So to reach this new audience, they packed a huge biodiesel-fueled bus Games. That certainly helped increasing the interest and hit the road, travelling through 26 cities in the U.S. (where else?) On this road trip, they let college surrounding these brands. According to the study students try some of the characteristic Seinfeld food like black and white cookies and Snapple. To there was also some negative attention related to bring this trip into the 21th century, they also brought 3 laptops, inviting visitors to explore Seinfeld on these brands concerning civil right issues and the their MySpace, Facebook and of course their page on Sony, according to MediaPost. The Sony page fact that they are playing by Chinese rules. But they contains extra material, including some short video clips, wallpapers and a Google Map of the series. didn’t see any indications of a single brand being Interestingly enough, the MySpace page seems to have been removed for some reason, and at the specifically targeted with this critique. moment, is not accessible.
  10. 10. 10 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Social media mistakes... Text: Tomas Nihlén For instance Sprint Mobile ran a campaign with the message that things were changing and that they had a new AdAge filmed a speech by marketing blogger Joseph Jaffe from the blog Jaffe Juice. CEO and even ended the spot by giving the viewers the In the 8 minute long clip Jaffe talks about different types of mistakes brands can make email address for the CEO. They encouraged consumers in the social media scene and also gives actual examples of companies that have failed. to get engaged, but those who chose to send an email to the new CEO only received an automated reply by another employee at Sprint, thanking them for feedback on the new campaign. He also mentioned Sony’s fake blog “All I want for Xmas is a PSP” which we have written about before. But a mistake is of course a relative and subjective term. One thing might be considered as a success to one person and a missed opportunity to another. It depends if you focus on what you have achieved with a campaign or what you didn’t achieve and what opportunities you missed. For instance a recent campaign by Ben & Jerry’s called “Imagine Whirled Peace” to which the brand of course also introduces a new flavour with the same name. The campaign site lets visitors register and upload a “message of peace” for an event called Peace Day on September 21st. See for yourself here. Some might say it’s a step in the right direction or even a success. But according to this blogger they could have done more. Her critique is mainly about the lack of actual social aspects. B&J could have taken this opportunity to create an actual community around the brand and the site by letting people interact with each other more. So is this a success or a symbol of lost opportunities? Well that lies in the eyes of the beholder.
  11. 11. 1 1 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Samsung Tests Your Instinct In Interactive Video Campaign In an earlier issue this year, we wrote about a new YouTube function called “annotation.” This function lets video creators allow for some interactivity in the videos by inserting decision points where the viewers can choose between parallel story lines. Depending on their choice, they are led to different clips and the user experience shifts depending on these selections. Right now there is an interesting example of a big brand using this functionality in a campaign. The brand is Samsung and the product in focus is a mobile phone called “INSTINCT” (a typical iPhone competitor). The story begins (video) in a messy (probably bachelor) apartment and the main character has overslept after a night with a (presumable) one-night stand. He is late for work and must hurry to a meeting at the office. All the videos are shot from a first person perspective and the viewer constantly gets to choose between one selection or the option to “Follow Your INSTINCT.” Depending on the choices, this will lead the story in somewhat different directions. No matter what choices you make, the INSTINCT is always with you, and by INSTINCT I mean the mobile phone. The general feeling in this campaign is that it is somewhat funny and perhaps somewhat sexist and reminds you of games like Leisure Suit Larry from the 1980s. Nevertheless interesting to see a big brand like Samsung try something innovating in the new media arena. Photo: brownpau Barack Obama embraces SMS to try to go viral with VP announcement US presidential candidate Barack Obama has tried and succeeded to create buzz around his pick of a vice president candidate. People who wanted to be first to know about the pick could sign up for a SMS alert and thereby get a kick from the feeling of being first. The Twitter crowd were waiting impatiently for the notification so they could tweet about this until their fingers would start to hurt, or so it would seem anyway. Lots of people using Twitter are very pro Obama, so it was no surprise to see the news dominating Twitter for while after the announcement. Unfortunately the news leaked to mainstream media before the SMS announcement was send out ,which sort of created an anticlimax for many people anticipating the news via SMS.
  12. 12. 12 FIRST THE iPHONE.... Text: Tomas Nihlén media There is no way you can write about mobile marketing right In this section we explore how the new media landscape is evol- now without mentioning the iPhone, even though many of ving and what it means to marketers. Focus lies on the new tools you might be getting a bit tired of iPhone news. The biggest and channels that can be used to understand and reach the iPhone news of late is certainly the arrival of the iPhone 3G and the global launch of the device. Country after country consumers. is now getting its hands on legitimate iPhone versions and the gadget happiness should be complete. But there seem to Extending your brand reach through widgets 14 be some problems in paradise. A woman in Arizona filed a Australia goes online - Part 1 17 lawsuit against Apple for overstating the speed of the new Making the most of your micro-blogging experience 19 iPhone 3G, according MacWorld. Not great timing for Apple, struggling with iPhone 3G connectivity problems, despite Brazil. A country with a lot of potential 23 updated software for the phone. Will this damage the Apple brand or not? That remains to be seen.
  13. 13. 13 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE mobile music Text: Tomas Nihlén Illustration: Blog.spoon graphics news Both Vodaphone and O2 have recently launched mobile music stores according to Vodaphone Music is an application based service that only works on Windows mobiles and lets users buy individual songs without a subscription. O2’s competing service is called “My Play” and was recently added to the “O2 Active” portal. This service is “artist led,” meaning all artists have a micro-site to build loyalty with fans and to lead them to make purchases in the store. The only music label onboard this service though is Sony BMG. Another mobile music service called MusicStation seems to have struck gold with 500 000 downloads during their first 10 days after launching. This service is a subscription based service with an “all-you-can- eat” model. There is a big difference between MusicStation and the two operator-driven music stores, the difference is called “off portal” or “on portal”. An “on portal” mobile site or store is connected to a certain mobile operator and an “off portal” dito is available to all mobile users no matter what operator the users are tied to. An “off portal” music store like MusicStation can build a competitive store and a strong brand as a well implemented mobile store. They can focus on being the best mobile music store on the market, and only that. While the operators are running a complex business, the music store is only one small area and not considered to be their core business. What kind of service will be the mobile version of iTunes Store? We just might have to wait and see...
  14. 14. 14 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE EXTENDING YOUR BRAND REACH THROUGH WIDGETS Text: Lisa Sculati Illustration: Lisa Sculati Sometimes they’re funny. Sometimes they’re cute. Sometimes they’re evocative. They can spark interest or curiosity. We’re talking about web widgets, portable chunks of interactive code inside a module, sometimes referred to as gadgets. N ike. National Geographic. YouTube. Epicurious. iTunes. building a relationship with an audience of more than 57 million Twitter. Last FM. MySpace. Facebook. All of these big Internet users. names are expanding their online audience and their brand reach through the use of widgets. They are “widgetizing” their Critics say widgets can zap a marketing budget and hurt more messages on their websites or blogs or through social networks. than help if the cost does not translate into a larger customer/ client base, or if consumers don’t connect with or retain the Global market research firm comScore reports that close to 148 message from a widget. But widgetizing your message, just like million Internet users in the U.S. view widgets in a month’s time, any other method to drive more traffic to a website and generate according to the latest statistics. That would indicate 81 percent more interest in a product or service, requires the right marketing of the American Internet audience is reachable through widgets. effort. On that end, Peter Yared, Founder and CEO of i-Widgets, MySpace widgets recorded the widest audience in the latest stats, says his company makes it very easy for existing websites to
  15. 15. 15 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Lawrence Coburn of Sexy Widget, providing reviews and analysis of widgets, toolbars, and distributed businesses, says YouTube is probably the best example of a website that blew up (with traffic) due to the proliferation of its widgets. “By enabling MySpace users to distribute their flash video player via their MySpace profiles, YouTube was quickly able to achieve a spectacular exit - a sale to Google for $1.6 B.” How are widgets helping smaller or not so well known companies, interactive marketers, PR professionals and entrepreneurs? “One of the biggest trends I’m seeing in widgets right now is the advent of very sophisticated widget publishing tools,” says Coburn. “These tools allow agencies and marketers to easily widgetize their own content, priming extend their user activity and content into Photo: mksilvey it for viral distribution. Widget publishing tools include social networks, with a strong focus on driving the offerings of companies such as iWidgets and KickApps.” He goes on to say that traffic back to the site. “Our job is to make it Clearspring, Gigya, and Widgetbox are the three largest players providing widget seamless so that a website owner does not infrastructure and analytics tools. “Right now very few companies have extended their have to go learn all of the ins-and-outs of each presence into social networks, which is something that I think is going to change very destination and hire a programming team for each one.” Yared is confident that widgets are the future of online ads, offering an audience a plethora of opportunities to engage with online marketing content. ADIDAS GIVES AWAY MUSIC VIA WIDGET In these times of “back-to-school” campaigns Adidas is betting its Attending an event called “Widgets Up the money on a widget campaign called “The New School of Thought”. Wazoo” in San Francisco in August, hosted The widget lets people play and download music by Ultraviolet Sound by SF New Tech, I got the chance to pick the for free and was created by trueAnthem, a social music label that gives brains of some of Silicon Valley’s top widget free music to consumers and let brands tap into the popularity and distributors and marketers, including Yared. possible viral effecst of the music. Adidas is hoping fans of Ultraviolet A packed house of more than 200 widget Sound will put the widget on their blogs or social network pages to enthusiasts, and skeptics, turned out to see spread both the music and the Adidas brand amongst their friends. what’s going on in the world of widgets and Using the widget also gives you a 30% discount on any Adidas Original widget marketing. item and by it kills two birds with one stone.
  16. 16. 16 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE quickly,” says Yared. Social networks are users of the website and new users consuming the site’s showing increasing traffic and user stickiness, content in the widget.” and most websites have flat user growth. Eyeballs will soon start to follow the content #3 New Users: (from their widgets).” “Widgets expose websites to new groups of users all over the web. These can be bloggers looking for new content, Widgetbox Co-founder and CTO Giles Goodwin social network users finding widgets on friends profiles, or says he sees three solid examples of widgets users searching the galleries like Widgetbox.” helping to bump up website traffic: At Widgets Up the Wazoo, Goodwin helped me create my #1 SEO (Search Engine Optimization): own “Blidget,” a Widgetbox term for a widget for blogs. “Widgets can help drive traffic through SEO It took about 2 minutes and spread the content from my by linking to websites. The widgets also do personal blog virally. Bloggers use blidgets to drive more well at SEO alone. For example this Olympics web traffic to their site from targeted and unexpected widget received strong traffic from organic sources. search within 15 minutes.” “Widgets are valuable marketing tools not only because #2 Campaigns: they have the potential to go viral and reach a wide “We at Widgetbox offer widget promotion audience,” says Goodwin, “but also because they can be campaigns for companies that want to kick targeted to very specific demographics. Widgets can take start their widget traffic. We have seen massive advantage of specific distribution levers within the web uptake of subscribers and unique viewers to bring a specific message and interactive content to the directly due to these campaigns, meaning new right audience. “
  17. 17. 17 Australia goes The idea is to drive consumers to the campaign-site and let them have their say to how they prefer their Vegemite, whether it is Nudist, Redback, Tiger Toaster, Scrambler or online - part 1 PhillyMite. Online consumers can follow how the different states of Australia have voted. Even if the campaign is good as an idea, the Text: Carl Johan Malmsten bigger story regarding the campaign is the Photo: robsmith-qld fact that JWT and MindShare are going online in addition to TV. Australia is lagging behind in Internet standards and this effects the use of online marketing, however, there’s certainly use of digital media in Australia, but not to the extent that we are used to in Europe and the U.S. According to Carlo Bertozzi, founder of one-year-old digital agency Longtail and already regarded as Perth’s best, Australia has reached a plateau, due to the slow implementation of broadband in the market. O ne of the most debated campaigns of Australia during the last few weeks has been the new JWT and MindShare created campaign for Vegemite (concentrated yeast extract, much like Marmite, which you usually spread on toast). Being one of the With the growth of the Internet “down under,” there’s also a growth in digital advertising, which is expected to increase 35% during 2008 (Price Waterhouse Coopers). With this most beloved brands of Australia, it has an effect on everyone living on the great island. come the growth of campaigns going online Understanding this, JWT and MindShare launched the “How do you like your Vegemite?” and hopefully the growth of agencies/clients campaign, aiming to engage consumers with a brand they have loved since childhood with having the courage to increase engagement TV, outdoor, print, POS (point of sale) and digital ads. with consumers online.
  18. 18. 18 ISOLATION CITY Text: Carl Johan Malmsten Photo: dnigh One and a half years in one of the world’s most isolated cities, with one more year to go, may not sound appealing. Especially when I started through Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, which provides Bachelor of Communications exchange programs. But the fact is that Perth, on the west coast of Australia, feels more like a breeding ground than a place were you get hampered. Perth is a great place to ease into the field of advertising with the university working closely with the industry in Perth and having lecturers with lots of experience. These lecturers include Diane Slade, who recently was appointed Vice-President for International Advertising Association, and Martin Trevaskis, editor of Campaign Brief WA. A fellow student, also from Berghs School of Communication, Markus Kähr, has spent the last couple of months working on the graphic design layout for the inaugural IAA Dentsu Global Student Poster Challenge, supported by the United Nations. Carl J Malmsten
  19. 19. 19 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Making the Most of Your micro-blogging Experiences (and enjoying it in the process!) Text: Lisa Sculati Illustration: Geek&Poke New micro-blogging services appear to spring up every day, offering you a multitude of avenues to promote your business, make new professional contacts and more ways to connect with those in your field.
  20. 20. 20 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE I discover a new way to simplify my online life Lidne says micro-blogging works great as an every day through my contacts on Twitter and interactive event tool. “Before, during and Jaiku. You can do so much with 140 characters. after each of my conferences we use a Jaiku Make your friends and business contacts aware of channel for information, updates and chats. a new advertising campaign, a new blog post, a During the conference we have one person new service, a new social network tool, an event with the specific duty to blog the event not to be missed. Business relationships have the live. This makes it possible for the online potential to grow deeper through connections audience to ask questions and comment on made though micro-blogging. Much has already the speakers. The presenters also quickly Illustration: carrotcreative been written about Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, put up links to their uploaded slideshows etc. Friendfeed, Tumblr, Brightkite, Plurk,, We run the Jaiku channel on a separate big Kwippy, Socialmedian and Blippr. Some marketers screen projector at the side of the stage so and entrepreneurs sign up for all of these services everyone can see the conversation. This often and use, HelloTxt and numerous other results in some of the online audience wanting aggregator channels to submit their message to attend in person the next time around.” to all of their micro-blogging sites at once. I asked Annika if the numerous channels to But I still read messages on Twitter saying “I feed ever feels overwhelming. “No, I don’t just don’t get micro-blogging. What’s the point?” feel overwhelmed. If you do, turn it off for a Let’s take a look at how four professionals in the while. It should be fun and useful, not Nordic region are simplifying and improving a burden. I save time by using their business lives through micro-blogging. micro-blogging services, not ”Before, during the other way around. If I’m Annika Lidne of Stockholm’s Disruptive Media AB says she uses micro-blogging really busy I simply turn for several different purposes. “As a research tool, I use it to ask questions and after each of my them (the micro-blogging services) off. My email about what my customers would like to see in the future, for instance which speakers they would like to listen to at an upcoming event. I use it as an conferences we use a Jaiku load has decreased information tool. In addition to direct posts, my blog feeds are published to channel for informtion, up- dramatically by using my micro-blogging services so my followers are up to date with the information a combination of micro- I want them to have. This way I also build a reputation as an expert in my field. dates and chats...” blogging services. Keeping I also use micro-blogging as a direct sales tool. If I have a concrete offer, like an - Annika Lidne up is mostly a matter of upcoming event, I tip my contacts off - if they are in my target group (important - using the available technology don’t spam people!) It’s very important to be friendly, humble and not come across like a in a smart way and filtering out the marketer. The message should just be a short tip to a friend with a link for more information.” noise. Since I’ve started micro-blogging, I’ve
  21. 21. 21 gotten a completely new set of friends, both It keeps burning, creating more contacts, more founder of Finland’s Gylenne Skor, Antti personal and business wise, with whom I’m in people who will then read about your services Vilpponen says he really got into blogging at constant contact with. on blogs and websites. More people to blogs the end of 2006, when Jaiku started picking and websites leads to more people contacting up speed in Finland. “The biggest benefits We often meet for face to face business you about new business opportunities. from services like these are relatively close meetings, to exchange information or just Lidforss says it’s also great for advice. “I once to similar advantages from Facebook - they for fun. I’ve acquired a personal following of asked about SIM card service providers and enable virality and spread messages fast. I use about 150 people that I have access to for any got an excellent answer within 15 minutes.” it to market myself and thus “brand” myself questions I have. It’s a consumer panel, research as well for public relations. It’s a great test group and sounding board rolled into one.” “I don’t find it (all the services) overwhelming. of what flies and what I need to work on.” You only micro-blog as much and when you Stockholm entrepreneur Thomas Lidforss says feel like it. I think the big advantage of micro- Vilpponen says he mainly uses Jaiku for micro- he began micro-blogging half a year ago. “In blogging is that it is personal (at least it started blogging, due to the community that is built the beginning, I micro-blogged just to play as such). I think that is a highly untapped service there, but also because he got acquainted with with it. Then I put more thought into how to most companies have not understood yet.” it before testing out Twitter and other services. use the services. The biggest benefit: it’s like “I use Twitter passively. I have applications putting more firewood into the fireplace. Founder of Arctic and Co- pushing the content to Twitter from other
  22. 22. 22 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE places, such as Jaiku and my ArcticStartup. from them. It’s great to be able to connect and interact with some of the thought leaders of my Then I also use Facebook (which in a sense industry and it’s great to find the latest trends in the field. And the sharing of knowledge is the largest micro-blogging platform in the and generosity in the networks is just amazing.” world) with my friends and a larger social circle due to its widespread popularity.” I agree with Bryggare. I have to admit that none of my close friends have started micro- blogging yet. But my blogging and business experiences grow richer every day thanks to a Johan Bryggare, Web Manager at SEB in supportive, knowledgeable and entertaining network of contacts on Twitter and Jaiku. Stockholm, says that he uses micro-blogging as a conversational tool in which he interacts with his network and expands it by finding new, interesting people to connect with. “The micro-blogging services are also very useful to keep on top of what’s happening in my field. Most of my Jaiku contacts are Swedish and the conversation also takes place in Swedish. For Twitter I use English and I have other contacts there. Right now I’m having a look at and Plurk. I sign up for many new services and try them out.” Bryggare says he uses different aggregating services, searches and mashups to handle the information streams and tools that facilitate posting to several of the services. “I began to micro-blog around the end of 2007. Mainly because I was curious and wanted to see what it was all about and also to keep updated on new technologies. I’ve gained a lot
  23. 23. 23 BRAZIL. A COUNTRY WITH A LOT OF POTENTIAL STILL TO BE WORKED ON Text: Lia Dutra Photo: JairoBD B razil has definitely fallen into the web. National Internet access increases everyday. Nowadays, In Brazil, users spend more time online per month when compared with the rest of the world. Their 47% of the people in the country (over the age of 16) Internet usage accounts for more navigate through the web. That represents over than 22 monthly hours, against 20 59 million users. Six months ago, only 38% of the hours in France and 17.5 hours population had frequent access to the web. And in Germany. Brazilians by 2009, the prediction is that half of the entire are completely population – 90 million people – will be online. attached to That’s rapid growth. the social
  24. 24. 24 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE network Orkut and the virtual world Second Life. Over 27 million users have personal profiles on Orkut, a Google site, the most popular relationship website here. In 2007, Brazil reached the mark of 50 million domestic and corporate computers according to FGV. The total sales prediction for 2008: more than 13 million PC’s. The proportion of the population that own PC’s is 26 machines for every 100 people; the global average is 21 PCs for every 100 people. All of this together means we have a great environment and potential to work on the digital sphere. When TV first came to Brazil, it took 27 years to reach half of the population. With all the predictions, the internet will do the same in only 14 years considering its start in Brazil in 1995. Also talking about this comparison, it’s important to note that in 2007, more PC’s than TV’s were sold, the so-called According to research made by the Datafolha Institute, 29% of access consumption dream for the low income social level. When it comes to the web in Brazil is made in LAN houses, 21% at home, 21% at to the audience, the web is the second placed medium in Brazil, with friends or relatives’ houses and 10% in schools and universities. 9% double the percentage of pay-TV users, the medium that comes in of all that is done from free access local spots. third. A great “experiment” we have going are “digital cities,” where the You probably think this is all good news, right? It could be, actually mayors contribute to open the wi-fi network for everyone. And this it should be. Our major inhibition issue to access the web is the has brought some amazing and unexpected results. In São Paulo connection cost. In Brazil, the connection is 395 times more expensive State, a little town called Sud Mennucci had its analphabetism than in Japan. And all over the world, the lack of access to the web reduced by half. Carnápolis, in Paraná and Quissamã, in Rio, are also also seems to be related to income. According to recent research, that implementing some other experiments with the free open bandwidth. this is not entirely true anymore. In Brazil, the inexistence of any kind It has become such a relevant fact in our reality that last July free of relation between a person’s income and their access to the web wireless Internet was installed in one of the most famous avenues in is pretty clear. While there have been some comparisons made with Rio and its surrounding areas. The idea is to reach over 100 thousand other countries such as the U.S. and France, Brazil is living out it’s users. Besides the “digital cities,” another notable initiative in Brazil own unqiue phenomenon in terms of the popularization of the digital is the Digital Porto in Recife, a ten year old technology project that mediums. It is expensive to have Internet access at home, but cheap has put us among the greatest software and digital programmers for and free public access makes it possible for people to use it more. the web in the world.
  25. 25. 25 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Aside from the phenomenal numbers, we should also look at Obviously, as a natural reflex of what happens all over the world, this from the qualitative and behavioral point of view. Much we live a strong audiovisual consumption through Internet and like the U.S. And Europe, we see a mobilization via the web. there is a large number of music, film and video downloads The tendency is to use the web as a leisure option in all social everyday. But that has become small compared to the growth of levels – just as the TV was long ago. the collaborative content. Over half of the users post some kind of material of their own online. Social networks, relationship The biggest share of our users navigate the web everyday and communities and mediums where people are able to upload another large amount do it from four to six times a week. That their work [such as Slideshare and others], besides the blogs makes up almost 50% of our users, heavy users of the internet. and photologs, have become a must with the 2.0 web. This medium allows us to connect to people [consumers, as well] in their work hours and its prime time lasts almost 12 For our [advertising and communication] industry, this all shows hours. A few weeks ago, Petrobras showed recognition of us amazing opportunities for the usage of digital mediums and the importance of the web with the launch of a contest with online media to develop marketing strategies. It just needs to 7 websites focused on electronic and digital art. Some people be encouraged. talk about the end of broadcast and the birth of socialcast – in the web, everyone’s got a voice, everyone can be ‘journalist’. After the internet began – especially as a medium for publicity Traditional newspapers are losing their share day by day. We - Brazil became famous for its banners and websites. Web da talk a lot about its end. gente (The People’s Web, in English) – a “Brazilian version” of Google and Orkut heads for Brazil Google has chosen to place their Latin This news comes not long after social American headquarters in Brazil since it is networking service Orkut did the same their fastest growing market in this region thing. In Orkut’s case all development and according to TechCrunch. Google’s growth management was just moved here. Not so in Brazil is impressive and there is an surprising maybe that they took the same estimated revenue here of 500 million US route since Google owns Orkut and the dollars. Not bad from a staff of 200 people social network is huge in Brazil. and when you realize that this office has only existed for three years.
  26. 26. 26 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE The FWA – shows some great branded and also personal work. But Brazil is still too small in digital marketing. The major issue Brazil still faces is the lack of investment. The web here is still viewed as a secondary non-important medium. The good and hopeful perspective we have about the new media expansion is that the investments will follow the growth of the web. But imuch still has to be worked on. Brands in Brazil still try to play it “safe”, they follow this kind of thought by only directing shots to the mass mediums. The lowest social levels are always left out. Despite young low income people being connected to the web, their parents aren’t, so brands do not invest because they want to do huge massive strong shots that will reach everybody. So marketers do not show us the true importance of the projects , which do not move on. Brazil still needs to break some paradigms and myths concerning this digital world. relevant information about tons of issues related to life in general and where they are able to connect with each other and talk about We’ve been present in Cannes and won some awards with astonishing all kinds of things. It’s an example of a basic branded social network websites in the Cyber category. But there are some other things for us with some additional benefits. Too bad it is so rare. to try to improve, such as mobile, social networks and so on. Internet is the most effective medium to develop relationship platforms with Some other good efforts recently include the Renault Sandero people through the open answer channels and the consumer content website, which tried to make it a little bit more interactive than other areas – especially since we are living in the dialogue phase between common websites in Brazil. They created a search tool for anything brands and consumers, which can’t be left behind. you needed. Another example is the L`Oreal “What’s going on with Grazi?” website for its new hair colorant product. The viral consists We are getting there. At least we have been timidly trying to. One on you putting your number in the website and then the Brazilian good example of a project that has worked out here is Unilever DIVA. celebrity (Grazi) calls you to talk about the news of the product – It was a first born as a reference from Unilever in Europe to entirely pretty similar to the Opel Astra TT viral in France with the ‘Prepare modify its relationship program with the consumers. It used to be your hair” theme. I should also mention the Fiat mobile campaign called “Home Basics”, but has changed the name to “Making Life for iPhone made by Hands, where you type in your Better.” This is totally aligned to the concept and idea of a social phone browser and then you have to find the car in the middle of the community website directed towards women The sites provide forest – following the ATL adventure concept of the car.
  27. 27. 27 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE VIDEO ADS Propitious and promising environment with great potential we already have. We also IN FACEBOOK have great interactive agencies, such as Click Facebook keeps working hard on these ads and the comments will appear (from Isobar Group), Hello Interactive – which becoming a more attractive marketing tool in their friends’ news feeds. One example grew twice its size in less than a year – and for brands. Recently they launched a new where these video ads were used was for others. Then, you ask, what is missing? And design for the site to make it more user the movie Tropic Thunder according to I’d have to tell you what our market needs is friendly. One of the reasons for the redesign Social Media Today. This blog author raises to value this discipline (if I should call it that) was of course to make it easier to monatize an interesting question though, how will a little bit more. Brazil should stop facing the service. Their latest new feature to do you deal with nasty comments, the type of the Internet as a limited resource and work this is video ads on the right hand of the comments that seem to dominate site like its true latent possibilities. We should invest Facebook page. Users can comment on YouTube? more in this “tool of the future” – because that’s where marketing is heading. Sources: Carta Capital Magazine, Datafolha Institute and FGV. Buzz about Mobile Startup Event - Lia Dutra Buzz is being generated in the blogosphere about an upcoming Silicon Valley event called Under The Radar: Mobility. At this November event in Mountain View, California, mobile startups will get to showcase their products and services to an impressive collection of established companies in the industry, such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Comcast, Sprint, iFund, Nokia, Microsoft and Motorola. 32 startups that have shown some potential and that have managed to stay alive for about a year will get to pitch their business. Under the Radar has a great track record of many startups being bought up or having landed substantial amounts of VC. Some of the success stories include Blinkx, Flickr, Jumpcut, Writely and Zimbra. Getting to present at this event is a big deal.
  28. 28. 28 Pre-rolls starting to roll in the big dollars? Text: Tomas Nihlén In a recent study from the video watch “pre-rolls” on videos is Media consumers willingness to advertising network Tremor being investigated. Interestingly it turns out that 80 per cent of the respondents watch the pre-rolls without shutting down the player. It doesn´t even seem to matter if these pre-rolls are 15 or 30 seconds long. But as Lost Remote points out; there is a parameter missing and that is the frequency with which the respondents are exposed to PEOPLE these pre-rolls. Is it just on some of the clips or even several times in the same clip, are some of the questions that would have been good to consider in within the study. Another company active in the space of pre-rolls is BrightRoll which The Internet is no longer only a vast computer network, it’s beco- also is a video advertising network. BrightRoll has just completed the ming increasingly important as a tool for communication, research largets pre-roll run ever according to Mashable. During two months they have sold 1 million US dollars worth of pre-rolls spanning the and recreation for people all around the world. This makes it an work of 30 media producers according to TVWeek. Big brands are important mirror for cultures in the physical world and a structure mentioned as buyers of these pre-rolls like The History Channel, and enabler for creating new ones. Chili’s Grill & Bar, National Geographic, Blackberry, Supercuts and Land Rover. Pre-rolls starting to roll in the bigg dollars? 28 But one question remains; are people really watching the pre-rolls News getting more social 29 or just letting them play while doing something else? I shot out a question on Twitter and received this answer from acriley: Awarness of mobil marketing on the rise 30 Internet Buzz 31 ”@tomasnihlen Re: Pre-rolls: I just let them play and do other stuff. Interstitials I click the ’make this go away button’ as fast as I can.”
  29. 29. 29 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE News Getting More Personal Text: Tomas Nihlén Illustration: Brian Solis Ever since the blogosphere started to evolve into a huge filter for information from around the world, there has been a strong trend towards the perso- nalization of news. By personalization, I mean that in the constant overflow of information, we use different kinds of filters, including friends and people we trust.This means that your personal network of both friends and people that you only know digitally are filtering much of your news intake. Services like Digg, reddit and Newsvine were early to build news services filtered by their users. This trend became even stronger when we saw micro-blogging services like Twitter, Jaiku, Plurk, and so on surface and gain popularity. Recently social aggretagors like FriendFeed and Socialthing have started to gain traction and our social information flows are aggretated on one or several places on the internet. Now we are seing a hybrid of a social aggregator and social news site in a service called socialmedian. This is how they describe themselves: “socialmedian is a social news network that connects people with personalized news and information.” The service lets you join different news networks and get email notifications that tell you what is going on in your networks and “clip” news, which basically is like “digging” an article on Digg.
  30. 30. 30 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Awareness Of Mobile Marketing On The Rise Text: Tomas Nihlén Graphs: Marketing Charts A recent study in the U.S. shows that an increasing number of people recall having seen advertising through their mobile phone. The number has increased from 31 percent to 37 percent in the past year. There are some interesting international differences though. In the U.K., 51 percent of the respondents said that they have received advertising messages through their phone, while in India, the corresponding number is as high as 85 percent. The U.K. consumer seems to be the most responsive to mobile advertisng with 16 percent stating that they recall 16 percent of mobile advertising compared to 8 percent in the U.S. and 4 percent in India. According to these figures, it would appear that the Indian mobile marketing model resembles “spam,” since so many are exposed to it but so few find the advertising relevant enough to remember it. It could also be a question of bad targeting. According to the same study, it’s still mostly the young males who are taking the time to look at the mobile advertising. But mobile marketing is still a relatively new field and this will most likely change over time.
  31. 31. 31 Internet Buzz... Text: Tomas Nihlén Photo: Todd Huffman The Internet isn’t all about technology, it’s actually more about people. People share information, communicate, build one or several identities, get themselves educated and entertained all at the same time/same places. To capture some of what’s going on in Internet culture right now, we will now present some of the things that people are currently buzzing about around a few of the web’s water coolers, divided into 3 areas: video, the blogosphere and micro-blogs.
  32. 32. 32 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Digg: [Digg, about Digg: “a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest Video online destinations to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by our users. You won’t find editors at Digg — we’re here to provide a place where people can collectively determine the value of content and we’re changing the way people consume information online.”] So what is hot on Digg right now? Here are three selected videos from the top 10 list from the latest “Barack Roll” 30 days as of August 22nd, 2008. The web is filled with Obama related stories, videos, (click on the image to watch the images and more. The second story from Digg is a video) video called “Barack Roll” and features Obama dancing Paris Hilton for President in different situations while he is “singing” along with the lyrics. The creator of this video must have spent Number 1 on the list, with over 8000 diggs (votes), many hours in the editing room to get the clip together. is a video by Paris Hilton, a political video actually, or is This video has received more than 7000 diggs, which it just a comedy video? Confused? Let’s try to sort this translated to a third place on the Digg list, and has been out from the beginning. U.S. presidential candidate John shown over 1.7 million times on YouTube. McCain attacked his competitor Barack Obama for being “the biggest celebrity in the world,” and he did so in a video accompanied by images of Britney Spears and Paris Samsung unboxes magic Hilton. As a response to this, Paris Hilton and the video site Funny Or Die released this video, claiming Hilton was now actually a candidate for the election and she even The fourth position on the current Digg list is a so called gave her views on the most sustainable energy strategy. “unboxing video,” which is a video where a product is The result was a viral success: over 7 million of views unpacked for the first time and filmed to share with the on Funny Or Die. rest of the world. But this video takes a strange turn a few moments into the clip. You’ll have to see it with your own eyes. The product in the clip is a mobile phone called Omnia i900 by Samsung. It attracted over 6000 diggs and has been viewed almost 400,000 times on YouTube. Check out this video for more information about the campaign.
  33. 33. 33 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE YouTube: [Founded in February 2005, YouTube is the leader in online video, and the premier destination to watch and share original videos worldwide through a Web experience. YouTube allows people to easily upload and share video clips on and across the internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs and email.] So what is popular on YouTube at the moment? Here are three selected The dark spoof videos from the top 10 list from the last 30 days as of August 22nd, 2008. (click Batman and the Dark Night will go down in history as on the image to watch the video) a total box office success as well as a blog buzz dream for the film’s PR team. Spoofs have been flooding the 30 years later... internet, helping contribute to the film’s building buzz. This particular spoof (video) takes place in the beginning This video that landed in third place on the YouTube of the movie and has attracted over 2.6 million views list is a actually a 30 year old clip. In the 1970s, a lion on YouTube, which translates to a fourth place finish on was adopted by two British citizens who soon realised the YouTube list. It’s a must see. it would become more than they could handle. So they released the animal back into the wild in Africa. A year later they went back there to seek him out and to see if he was doing ok. This reunion with Christian the lion would Smosh does it again and again turn out to be somewhat historical and you really must see the clip to understand why. This shows that some Two guys calling themselves “Smosh” have been an themes just never become outdated. Watch the video Internet phenomena since they first started lip syncing here. You will probably understand why it has collected to the music from Pokemon and Power Rangers. Their over 3 million views. latest viral success is called “Food Battle 2008” (video) and has so far garnered more than 2.4 millon views on YouTube, which lands it in ninth place on the YouTube list. This has become a yearly video event and both the videos in 2006 (video) and 2007 (video) became wildly popular on YouTube. Seems like everything they touch turns into digital gold. Besides these videos seen by millions of people we also recommend you to see: 2 videos from Microsoft: “Inspiration, Anyone?”& “Mojave experiment” and the animated “Emily”.