Certification Tasks


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Certification Tasks

  1. 1. AttainResponse Certification RESELLER CERTIFICATION TASK LIST AttainResponse Reseller Certification v.1.2 090707 Page 1 of 9 Copyright 2009
  2. 2. Certification Tasks The AttainResponse product offering is built around these three fundamental components: SIMPLE.SMART.PERSONAL. CREATE.MANAGE.SHARE. ATTRACT.ENGAGE.SUCCEED. AttainResponse Reseller Certification v.1.2 090707 Page 2 of 9 Copyright 2009
  3. 3. In order to become a certified AttainResponse reseller a Fast Track or Chief Executive affiliate must complete all the assigned tasks listed on the next pages. Each task must be completed in your own affiliate account. Your account is virtually identical to what an AttainResponse customer will use. As you go through the task you will want to have this document open on your computer as a PDF so you can refer to it. After completing each task you will need to get “signed off” on the task. To do this each task will ask you to send certain information to VMdirect at: certification@vmdirect.com The above email address is only to be used once you finish the task. This is not to be used for questions or to request support. Please use the support system for these purposes. Once you have completed all tasks and submitted your required exams you will be notified by the VMdirect Certification Team as to whether you are “certified” or what you need to do to get certified. Be patient as it takes some time for our team to go through all the submitted information. Once certified you will be issued a certificate and some images that you can use on marketing materials, websites, and business cards. Reseller Certificate All VMdirect affiliates wishing to sell AttainResponse products must become certified as a Reseller. All resellers must remain in good standing by following the Reseller’s Code of Ethics. VMdirect reserves the right to de-certify resellers who do not live up to the minimum standards expected for resellers. AttainResponse Reseller Certification v.1.2 090707 Page 3 of 9 Copyright 2009
  4. 4. AttainResponse Reseller Certification Tasks AttainResponse Reseller Certification v.1.2 090707 Page 4 of 9 Copyright 2009
  5. 5. 1. Create a NEW email message 2. You will be sending this mail to certification@vmdirect.com 3. In the ‘Subject’ field, type “AttainResponse Reseller Certification – “and your Digital ID” 4. Add the AttainResponse template to the new email AttainResponse Reseller Certification v.1.2 090707 Page 5 of 9 Copyright 2009
  6. 6. 5. Add your name and your Digital ID in place of the text that reads “Insert Your Name or Digital ID Here” 6. Add a video and place it in the “Insert Your Video Here!” field 7. Add an audio clip in place of the text that reads “Add Your Content Here” 8. Click on the audio player image and center it within the template body 9. Send the email you have just created to the VMdirect Certification Team. Remember to have the “Subject” line as specified in step #3. Congratulations you completed the first task! AttainResponse Reseller Certification v.1.2 090707 Page 6 of 9 Copyright 2009
  7. 7. 1. Launch Media F5 and record a Video from within the MediaF5 stating your name and your Digital ID. 2. Record a Video in the MediaF5 and say: “Nice meeting you today. Please confirm your email address in the box, and I’ll send you the information you requested” (We will be using this video in an Autoresponder later in the certification process) Note: When you record video in MediaF5, it places the video file in the Video Messages Sent folder. 3. Upload a few graphic files (JPEG or GIF) into your MediaF5 4. Create an Image Gallery with the images you uploaded earlier 5. Click on "preview and publish" button , then on "Get publish details” and save the URL to your Image Gallery. 6. Create a LiveF5 Profile named “Reseller Cert” a. Upload a thumbnail, logo and banner images into MediaF5 b. Place the images in the LiveF5 profile you created c. Assign your helloWorld replicated site URL to the Logo image d. Assign your VMdirect replicated site URL to the Banner image 7. Do a LiveF5 broadcast and make sure you do the following: a. Send an invitation to two or more viewers to your broadcast. Include certification@vmdirect.com in that list so the VMdirect Certification Team can review your LiveF5. b. Have at least two viewers c. Have each viewer enter their names so they show up on the chat d. Display the image gallery, you created previously, during this broadcast e. Save the broadcast titled as “Reseller Certification” e. Make sure that you check the box “visible” for your certification broadcast under My Recorded Broadcasts in LiveF5. This will allow it to be displayed on your broadcast page. 8. Go to LiveF5 and click on “Presenter URL” button. Save the URL for your broadcast page for later use. Congratulations! You completed the second task!
  8. 8. 1. Launch TemplateF5 2. Choose any template from System Templates and click on Copy To My Templates 3. In the new pop-up window choose your folder and click Save 4. Click on Edit tab and find the template under My Templates 5. Click on “Edit HTML Source” button , remove the whole HTML code in the HTML editing window and click Update. Now you have a blank template to work with. 6. Add URL’s for your Image Gallery and your Live Archive in the template and click on Save Template. 7. Create a Video e-mail in MailF5 with the template you just created. There should be active links to your Image Gallery and you Live Archive. Then send the e-mail to certification@vmdirect.com. In the Subject field, type “Attain Response reseller Certification – and “your Digital ID” Congratulations! You completed the third task!
  9. 9. 1. Create two new lists o Name the first one “Leads” o Name the second one “Certification” and add a “First Name” and “Last Name” field to the Certification list when you create it. 2. Add these contacts to the Certification lists: o John Spencer – hwsupport1@aol.com o Pete Townsend – hwteam75@gmail.com o Kevin Better – hwteam75@yahoo.com o Thomas Sendoff – hwteam75@hotmail.com 3. Create a NEW Email Campaign 4. Use the Generic 4 (1 column) template 5. Change the Title to “AttainResponse Reseller Certification” 6. Insert a video into the body of the email 7. Insert the link to your Image Gallery and live archive 8. Save the campaign 9. Send the campaign to the Certification list 10. Create a subscription “Form” and make it “double opt-in”, do not allow the user to choose between HTML or TEXT and do not select a CAPTCHA 11. Select the ‘”Leads List” as the list to add to 12. Save the HTML that is provided 13. Create a New blank template in TemplateF5 following steps 1-5 from TemplateF5 instructions. 14. Click on “Edit HTML Source” button and paste HTML code of your Subscription form into the HTML editing window and click Update. 15. Insert the video you created that says “Nice meeting you today. Please confirm your email address in the box, and I’ll send you the information you requested” to the template. 16. Save the Template.
  10. 10. 17. You can preview the template under Preview tab in TemplateF5 to make sure it displays properly. 18. Create a NEW message, select this template and send it to certification@vmdirect.com. In the ‘Subject’ field, type “AttainResponse Reseller Certification – and “your Digital ID” 19. Create an Auto Responder that sends an email once a contact is added to the “Leads” list. 20. After creating the Auto Responder, be certain to activate the Auto Responder by clicking on the “X” in the Active column. Congratulations you just completed the AttainResponse Certification Task List!