A Rstyle Guide V1


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A Rstyle Guide V1

  1. 1. Logo & Supporting Elements InternetMarketingSystem Logo Standard Logo with tagline Logo Visibility The clearspace is defined as the white space surrounding the logo. Its purpose is to give the logo unobstructed presence and hierarchy on the page. To avoid other elements, text or imagery, from crowding the logo’s space and ensure its visibility use the below recommended clearspace at all times. To calculate the clearspace use the following formula: • Use the cap height of the “A” in AttainResponse. • Measure a perimeter around the logo equal to the cap height of the “A” Logo - Clearspace Guidelines cap height of How to Type Set AttainResponse To ensure consistency of AttainResponse when it is typed out, it should look identitical to what it looks within this sentence, thus always set it with a capital “A” and “R” and the remaining letters lowercase. Additionally, care should be taken to not hyphenate AttainResponse. For styling, such as italic or bold, avoid unless the block of text AttainResponse is found within is also set in italic or bold.
  2. 2. Logo Color Primary Blue Rich Black C:84 M:60 Y:17 K:2 C:75 M:68 Y:67 K:90 Hex #:396699 Hex #:000000 Logo Options and Examples of Usage For most uses, the logo assigned with its primary colors would be used. However, in some instances this form of the logo may not be suitable, such as with a background that does not contrast well with the logo colors or you may be limited to the number of colors that can be used, such as for faxing or a print job that only budgets for the use of just one ink color. Primary blue logo suitable on light backgrounds. White Logo on dark background. White Logo on primary blue gradient background. White Logo on primary green gradient background.
  3. 3. Logos to Download for your Use Downloads NOTE: Since upscaling a graphic will always result in degrading of the graphic, it should NEVER be done. When you scale an image you are making it larger (upscaling/scaling it greater than 100%) or smaller (downscaling/scaling it less than 100%). To ensure that the AttainResponse mark is always of the highest quality, when in doubt, please refer to a professional in design or print and always refer them to this style guide. By using the AttainResponse logo(s) you agree to properly use them. Below are three versions of the AttainResponse logo for use. In addition to three formats of the logo, multiple color options are provided to help you make the best choice for good contrast or limitations to color in the layout. • Download EPS (scalable) • Download PNG (Transparent) • Download EPS (scalable) • Download PNG (Transparent) InternetMarketingSystem • Download EPS (scalable) • Download PNG (Transparent)
  4. 4. Brand Colors & Gradients Primary Colors Highlight Colors Primary Blue Highlight Blue C:84 M:60 Y:17 K:2 C:49 M:29 Y:1 K:0 Hex #:396699 Hex #:84a2d2 Primary Green Highlight Green C:65 M:23 Y:100 K:6 C:27 M:0 Y:94 K:0 Hex #:66920f Hex #:c7e82f Primary Gold Highlight Gold C:47 M:41 Y:73 K:14 C:23 M:18 Y:47 K:0 Hex #:847d55 Hex #:c9c195 Gradients (Primary + Highlight Colors) Creating the Gradients Gradient Blue The gradients are created from using both the + Primary + Highlight Blue primary and it’s corresponding highlight color. Gradient Red + Primary + Highlight Red Gradient Usage Gradient Red + Primary + Highlight Red Gradients are commonly used as a background fill or to create depth for web or email buttons, on horizontal stripes, and headline text. The AttainResponse website at vmdirect.com demonstrates the use of the colors and gradients in all of the above mentioned applications.`