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Sex sells


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Sex sells. I will present you AIDA advertising concept and maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how it works together in advertising.
After that some testimony for you to believe and chosen examples to understand it better.

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Sex sells

  1. 1. Sex sells
  2. 2. Look at this picture. You can see this passionate gesture, his palm is touching softly her cheek, her ear between his fingers. Open lips as natural signal of openness for the seduction. It is human nature to be curious about sex. You know this and so do advertisers.
  3. 3. Sex sells Advertising concept Why it works Maslow hierarch of needs in advertising Axe effect – testimony From pants to milk – short journey through examples Your choice
  4. 4. AIDA AIDA is simple and powerful tool of advertising. It shows all functions of advertising step by step leading to purchase. Attention Interest Desire and Action. This is how your ad should be created. Attention to find it, Interest to keep you with the message, Desire to create needs and Action to pull you for a shopping. OK but Where is sex in it? All scientists agreed that the answer is “attention”, sex caches much more your attention. But from this concept we know that attention is not enough to sell. Still next steps should be done. My answer you can find in Maslow hierarch of needs.
  5. 5. Maslow hierarch of needs How it works? Human beings first must fulfill lower levels of needs to feel higher levels. Desire for physiological needs is always on as a desire for air to breathe. Sex is the easiest need for humans as food or sleep. Desire is always on.
  6. 6. AIDA Coming back to AIDA. It means that sex takes you from attention level directly to desire level. It’s kind of shortcut for your minds.
  7. 7. Axe effect Launch in the US market in 2002 Market leader in 2004 $100 million revenue 80% market share in men's deodorant market Target young males from the 18 to 34 year olds Let me prove it. Unilever introduced AXE body deodorant in the US market in 2002. The launch signaled the birth of a new male grooming product, body deodorant with odor controlling properties. In 2004 two years from the launch, AXE became the leading brand in US men’s deodorant market with an 80% market share, and a 13% share in total deodorant market. By 2005, AXE was the fastest growing deodorant brand and had achieved sales of over $100 million. Unilever used TV advertising, interactive consumer events linked to the product website and online video games to promote the product among the young males from the 18 to 34-year olds. All communication based purely on sex.
  8. 8. Does sex sell everything? • Life, Cosmopolitan, Mademoiselle, McCall's, Glamour, Time and People magazines between 1963 and 1983. Galup and Robinson research company tested hundreds of ads in different magazines through many years. The research showed that all related with sex attracted readership well above average, interestingly, these both Calvin Klein and Jockey scored higher with women than men.
  9. 9. Romantic or sexy Brand: DeBeers, Magazine: Glamour Date: February 1972 Brand: DeBeers, Magazine: Time Date: March 16, 1981 But don’t mistake romantic with sexy. You can see The same brand DeBeers different approach.
  10. 10. Romantic or sexy Brand: Sand & Sable Fragrance, Magazine: Mademoiselle Date: June 1991 Brand: Calvin Klein Escape Perfume Magazine: Mademoiselle Date: October 1991 Here, Both perfumes, both on the beach. Calvin Klein Escape attracted almost 50% more readers than the previous left one.
  11. 11. Next door girl or pure nudity? Brand: Cheryl Tiegs Clothing Magazine: Glamour Date: September 1980 Brand: Studio 54 Jeans Magazine: Cosmopolitan Date: October 1979 Next examples. Lovely next door girl pictures in comparison sexy whatever it is. Studio 54 janes ad was on recall 4 times more than product norm. G&R tested these ads in Cosmopolitan, Playboy and Glamour.
  12. 12. Avoid bad taste tested ad in Mademoiselle magazine, May 1987 But it’s not so easy tool. You mast avoid bad taste. G&R tests showed that Charlie (on the right side) attracted 2 and half times more readers than Illegale.
  13. 13. Does sex sell everything? Brand: Napier Jewelry Magazine: Glamour Date: March 1982 Brand: Arpeggios Shoes Magazine: Cosmopolitan Date: September 1984
  14. 14. Does sex sell everything? Brand: Budweiser Beer Magazine: Playboy Date: May 1989 Brand: Spicer's Wheat Snacks Magazine: Cosmopolitan Date: April 1989
  15. 15. Does sex sell everything? When this ad ran in Mademoiselle Magazine, one woman's reaction was “Use Obsession for a great sex life. I used it and nothing happened. I'm not having a great sex life.” There were almost 3 times as many negative comments about the ad (57%) as positive (20%). Some negatives were mild, such as, “It's a silly picture.” Some were stronger, “Maybe a naked woman and a naked man prefer Obsession. It was obscene; there's nothing about love, purely physical pornography. Absolutely useless for selling perfume.” G&R tested ad in Mademoiselle, February, 1991. Brand: Calvin Klein Obsession Perfume Magazine: Mademoiselle Date: June 1991
  16. 16. Does sex sell everything? Brand: American Dairy Farmers Association Magazine: Self Date: October 2001 Brand: Miu Miu Shoes Magazine: Allure Date: March 2002
  17. 17. Your choice It is pseudoscientific lecture about reason why sex sells. You know AIDA advertising model and how sex busts attention, gives transition directly form first step to desire. Today, tomorrow or whenever you will see sex in advertising you can chose between two ways of your behavior. One is to analyze how it impact you, what this add does with your mind or event you can protect yourself against this impact or you can chose other way, you can enjoy deep excitement of your unconscious mind which is more than happy to imagine sexual engagement.
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