Stay Lean & Healthy With These 9 Essential Exercise Tips


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We know that exercise is important for women’s health; but it can sometimes be tough to fit it into our busy lifestyles. Here are some tips to help you make exercise a regular part of your life!

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Stay Lean & Healthy With These 9 Essential Exercise Tips

  1. 1.    Stay Lean & Healthy With These 9 Essential Exercise TipsAuthor: Karen Burns | Article Source | “Like” UrbaneWomen On Facebook Exercise is so important to your physical health in general, but there are many other reasons why you should be taking part in physical activities. Did you know that women who regularly exercise are less likely to get breast cancer? Regular exercise also helps prevent obesity; obesity has been shown to reduce fertility and lessen the odds of becoming pregnant. Regular exercise also reduces stress, giving you a sense of calmness and boosting confidence.So yes – we know that exercise is important for womens health; but it can sometimes be tough tofit it into our busy lifestyles. Here are some tips to help you make exercise a regular part of yourlife!1. Get Your Priorities Straight!If you want to get more exercise into your schedule, you have to makeit a priority – that means setting goals.Find a time that will be easiest for you to schedule in your exercise: inthe morning? While the kids are at school? After work? Also, decidehow long you want to exercise each day - can you do an hour or will ahalf an hour work better in your schedule?
  2. 2.  2. Find Exercises You Enjoy There are so many different exercise routines you can take part in; find a few that you like so that youll be more likely to stick to them. Some people prefer walking or jogging outside, others prefer doing a treadmill or stair climbing machine. Even climbing the stairs in your home or doing aerobic exercises to a DVD are effective and can be fun. If you dont do well on your own, you may be moremotivated by joining a local fitness class like a Zumba dance class. These more structured types ofexercise can help you lose weight quickly and keep you motivated.3. Have Realistic Exercise GoalsDont overdo it when you exercise. Set weekly and monthlygoals that are realistic and reachable; otherwise youll getfrustrated with your progress and may give up.4. Exercise with a Partner! A partner is a great way to stay motivated. You can encourage each other on the days when you just dont feel up to it. It can also relieve the boredom during a long walk.
  3. 3.  5. Consistent Action Wins The RaceIts consistency that makes an exercise program work. Youhave to dedicate yourself to making that appointment everysingle time.There is no kind of exercise that will help you improve yourhealth if you arent doing it on a consistent basis.6. Do What Suits You If your exercise regimen doesnt fit your routine, you wont do it. Its that simple. If you can consistently hit the gym every day, thats awesome. But if you wont, then theres no problem with working out at home. When youre dealing with work, housecleaning, kids and more, its hard enough to find the motivation to exercise; even harder to get dressed to drive to the gym.Save money and save time by getting a home treadmill or exercise bike and you can do yourworkouts while watching the evening news.7. Exercise When Youre Feeling EnergeticYou should do your exercise at the time of day whenyouve got the most energy. If youre a morning person, getup an hour earlier and get it done.If you hate the mornings, do your exercise after work,before you cook dinner. Just dont do it too late at night; itcan cause trouble getting to sleep.
  4. 4.  8. Get Something To Motivate You Motivation is the thing that will keep you exercising even when you dont want to. Maybe its an upcoming vacation or high school reunion; maybe its something as simple as that sexy little dress you bought – but have your eyes on some sort of prize!9. Results Dont Happen Overnight...No matter how dedicated and consistent you are, the perfect body doesnt suddenly appearovernight. You need to be patient and stick with it. Setting short term goals is one way to havevisible achievements that keep you motivated.These tips will help you whether youre trying to lose weight or just looking for overall better health.Dont stress out if you fall off the wagon once in a while!Article Source: Want to have a body-to-die-for and fit into that figure hugging dress or sexy bikini? Get tips on how to tone your body at UrbaneWomen and get trim and fit... fast!