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Project south east


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Project south east

  1. 1. PrototypeProjectSouth-EastLearning throughBondingURAIDEMarch 18, 2013
  2. 2. Project South-East Collective Learning Eastern thinking and Southern spheres Local, regional and international perspectives
  3. 3. Context Momentum of development and productivity shifted from North-West to South-East Differentiations between East and West (Communism vs Capitalism) and between North and South (Developed vs Developing) have not been very productive Current relations between East and South are characterised by mutualism between ruling parties Quality relations at the local level are an important determinant of global power dynamics
  4. 4. Dutch Share of TradingSource:
  5. 5. Vision Project South-East Quality connections between East and South contribute to improved welfare distribution in local and global society and good stewardship of the earth Oost Zuid
  6. 6. At the Local Level:Eastern Ede and Food Valley Connections between former industrial area (Enka) and the Food Valley (World Food Experience Centre) Oost Zuid
  7. 7. Policy, knowledge and local economy at the cross-roadsSource: Stichting World Food Center
  8. 8. In Europe: Agrarian KnowledgeHub for Germany and Belgium
  9. 9. Europe and social cohesion The European Social cohesian agenda encourages sub-regional integration Oost Zuid
  10. 10. South-East Europe  Shared Culture  Knowledge exchange  Joint Economy  Better IntegrationExample:
  11. 11. In the World: Africa and Asia COMESA, a joint agricultural policy (famis) EU-ASEAN summit (March 8&9, 2013) Oost Zuid
  12. 12. Asia and Africa and WFC Sustainablechain development improves Dutch connections to South and East The World Food Centre as a connector Oost Zuid
  13. 13. PrototypeProject South-EastLearning through