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Real Business Postcards


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Real Business Postcards

Published in: Mobile
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Real Business Postcards

  1. 1. Real Business
  2. 2. Real Business is our philosophy. It’s how we work. It’s our promise to customers. Real Business is about practical solutions. It’s about being grounded in the reality of our customers’ businesses. Real Business is an approach that places more value in results than theory. It relies not just on great strategy but also on excellent engineering. It’s about understanding exactly what customers value and then building a tailored solution for them. Real Business is what Nokia Siemens Networks Consulting and Systems Integration stands for and what we strive to be known for. Nokia Siemens Networks Consulting and Systems Integration
  3. 3. Expertise + Insight + Delivery + Simplicity = Real Business
  4. 4. Real Business is borne of our combination of expertise, insight, delivery and simplicity. Our telecoms, IT and IP specialism means we intimately understand operators’ businesses and the engineering expertise that’s required to win. Our insight into end-users allows us to build great user experiences and applications based on a thorough understanding of what they value. The combination of insightful advice is backed-up with an organization designed to deliver great solutions that drive business results. We underpin all this with an ability to simplify complicated technology and business models. Nokia Siemens Networks Consulting and Systems Integration
  5. 5. Others promise. We deliver. Real Business Success
  6. 6. Real Business Success All too often customers are promised the world but get let down. We take a different approach. We know that delivering results is more important than promising them. That’s why all our teams are structured around driving real business performance. Nokia Siemens Networks Consulting and Systems Integration
  7. 7. Real Business Understanding We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We take a bespoke approach that starts with understanding what our customers really need. Keeping an open mind makes for Real Business results. Nokia Siemens Networks Consulting and Systems Integration
  8. 8. Real Business Insight Real Business success means keeping end-users happy, not overwhelming them with technology. It’s a well known lesson, but one that we never forget. We start every assignment by getting a deep understanding of what users really value, then delivering a top-notch end-to-end experience. Nokia Siemens Networks Consulting and Systems Integration
  9. 9. Problem? Solved. Real Business Solutions
  10. 10. Real Business Solutions Real Business means understanding the kind of pressures our customers are under and then bringing our experience and approach to relieve the pain. We don’t create more grief for them with new technology or complex methodologies. Instead we create simple, practical and common sense solutions that actually deliver their business results. Nokia Siemens Networks Consulting and Systems Integration
  11. 11. 650% annual growth on 3G network... Can’t drop a call... or the ball. This is Real Business
  12. 12. O2, UK O2’s biggest challenge was the rapid growth of the 3G network. During the time of the project the network expanded by 221%, which is equivalent to an annual growth rate of over 650%. It was against this background that Nokia Siemens Networks managed to help O2 actually reduce the number of trouble tickets generated by the network. Network availability also rose to 98.4% from 94% over the same period. “Nokia Siemens Networks is indeed a solution provider, coming in and helping us through different situations and helping us to save our resources. They have been listening to us, not telling us how to run our network.” – Gary Wade, Systems and Capability Manager, O2 UK Nokia Siemens Networks Consulting and Systems Integration
  13. 13. 1001 things to do… No time to do it… Hard to keep pace with the market. This is Real Business
  14. 14. Smart, Philippines Nokia Siemens Networks consultants worked closely with Smart personnel to leverage our NetAct Optimizer tool to tune frequencies throughout the GSM network to deliver the required optimization on time. More formal training sessions completed the process of competence transfer. Benefits derived included improved KPIs across the Manila Metro network, including a 22% improvement in dropped call rates and 15% reduction in handover failures. Effective competence transfer has enabled Smart personnel to carry out similar optimization projects in other areas of its GSM network. Improved service quality is helping Smart secure its position as the number one operator in the Philippines. Nokia Siemens Networks Consulting and Systems Integration
  15. 15. Explosive growth in voice and sms. Consumers more demanding than ever before. This is Real Business
  16. 16. DTAC, Thailand DTAC needed to expand their GSM network to capture market share whilst maintaining the quality and service to existing customers. Mobile Switching Center (MSC) equipment that normally takes eight weeks to arrive, was delivered within three weeks. 10,000 Transceiver Units (TRX) were deployed in 1,000 sites across Thailand within six months, which helped DTAC keep pace with the rapidly expanding Thai mobile market. “Nokia Siemens Networks helped us meet the demands of the market by delivering core switching elements rapidly. Delivery time was outstanding and the team was quick and committed to supporting our GSM expansion.” – Khanungdej Triratuprathum, Unit Head of Network Planning, DTAC Nokia Siemens Networks Consulting and Systems Integration
  17. 17. Simultaneous launch of 2G and 3G for pre-pay and post-pay? Need to build service delivery machinery from the ground up? 9 months to do it? This is Real Business
  18. 18. Hutchison Telecom, Indonesia As any greenfield operator knows, launching against established competitors is a tough business. Indonesian start-up Hutchison Telecom decided to tackle the challenge through outsourcing and turned to Nokia Siemens Networks for a complete service delivery platform and intelligent networks, supported with managed services for daily operations. The results have exceeded expectations. “The key benefits to us have been the fast time to market, the high quality services and the reduced call on our internal management resources.” – Mr John Shen, Hutchison Telecom Indonesia Nokia Siemens Networks Consulting and Systems Integration
  19. 19. What’s your version of Real Business?
  20. 20. Do you have an example of Real Business? It could be a customer success story – large or small. You may want to mention a special project you’re working on or even just an idea you’ve had. Whatever you’re doing to deliver Real Business we’d like to hear about it. Please send your responses to: CSI Marketing, Sanna Eskelinen, Karaportti 3, FI-02610 Espoo, Finland Or email: Chris Holmes will personally review all replies and the best will be acted on and publicized.