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Margaret Jewell Cv


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Margaret Jewell Cv

  1. 1. Dr MARGARET JEWELL PhD (Genetics); B. Agr. Sc. (Hons 1) 120 Ardoyne Road, Oxley, QLD 4075 M: 0432 395 170 An outgoing and enthusiastic genetic technologist  Highly experienced in advanced PCR, SGS/NGS, qPCR/SDS  Awarded UQ Deans Academic Achievement (2001to 2006)  Pursuingspecialist roles in Next Generation SequencingPROFILE A proven scientific researcher, technician, communicator, and support-person A sharp, practical,analyticaltroubleshooterable to think both laterally and logically A fast learner, highly adaptable, and enthusiastic member of the team Diplomatic, hardworking and loyal, with exemplary interpersonal skills Positive work ethic, reliable, confident and self–motivated Multi-tasker with demonstrated ability to satisfy personal ambition and employer successPROFESSIONAL ASSETS Natural ability to verbally communicate with fellow staff, clients, and collaborators Natural ability to communicate written information effectively Excellent organisation and time management skills Demonstrated ability to work under pressure and meet demanding deadlines Facilitation, collaboration, and training experience from scientific and consulting roles Experience and appreciation of field work, work-related travel, and customer relations Extremely high level technical scientific computer and analytical skills Natural Ability to analyse large environmental and molecular datasets inEDUCATIONPhD in Genetics awarded in May University of Queensland 2012Bachelor of Agricultural Science Honours Class 1 University of Queensland 2006High School Certificate (Year 12) OP 8 Brisbane State High School 1994KEY ACHIEVEMENTS Undergraduate GPA of 6.8, with Honours Class 1 Academic Awards : » EUCARPIA 29th Fodder Crop and Amenity Grasses Young Researcher Bursary 2011 » AW Howard Memorial Trust Research Fellowship recipient 2010 » Australian Postgraduate Award – Industry 2008-2011 » Eight Commendations for High Achievement (2001 to 2006) » The Robert Philip Scholarship 2006 » The Downing Brothers Bursary 2006 » The Bell Memorial Medal 2006 » The E R Butler Prize 2006 PhD thesisawarded in May, 2012. The title„Genetic, ploidy level, and species variation of CynodonL. C. Rich (Poaceae) in Australia’ Fivepublications in peer reviewed scientific literature
  2. 2. Margaret Jewell2CAREER SUMMARY (RECENT)University of Queensland (Sch of BiolSci) Postdoctoral Research Fellow Jul 2012 - CurrentDuties and Achievements: ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, and qPCR design, preparation, experimentation and analysis (sequence detection systems) Supervision of undergraduate students Development of strong understanding of next-generation sequencing technologies and platforms, particularly with regard to ChIP and RNA sequencing in plants. Liaising with sales representatives and ordering laboratory consumables, reagents, and equipment.University of Queensland (Sch of Agri& Food) Research Officer Nov 2011 –July 2012Duties and Achievements: TILLING (Targeting Induced Local Lesions in Genomes) design and analysis High throughput PCR, DNA pooling, and genotyping PCR optimisation across pooled DNA Student supervision in field and laboratory (incl. planting, maintenance, harvesting, DNA extractions, PCR, gel electrophoresis) for a genetic segregation experiment Research and identification ofmetabolic genes and proteins using bioinformatics software Planting, harvesting, and threshing of several large scale field plots of SorghumUniversity of Queensland (Sch of BiolSci) Research Officer Nov 2011 –July 2012Duties and Achievements: Assisted PhD and honours students carry out ecological field work, such as experimental set up, transplanting, measuring, and maintenance Planned and implemented a large-scale Senecio transplant experimentUniversity of Queensland (Sch of BiolSci) Tutor Mar 2009–July 2012Duties and Achievements: Taught and facilitated completion of practicals for 16 students per 3-hourly sessions in 1styear university courses (BIOL1020: Genes, Cells, and Evolution; and BIOL1040: Cells to Organisms) o PCR, digestion, cloning, transformation, pipetting, sterile technique, pedigree analysis, genetic inheritance, photosynthesis (C3, C4, CAM), plant vascular systems, Marked and provided feedback for exams, assignments, and practical worksheet-based assessmentThe University of Queensland (Sch of Agri&Foood) RHD-APAI Jul 2007 – May 2008Duties and Achievements: High throughput DNA extraction and maintenance of large databases Developed multiplex PCR reactions using EST-SSRs Flow cytometry and root tip squashes (incl. microscopy) for ploidy determination High throughput genotyping, fingerprinting, and sequencing analysis Creativey analysed relationships between climate, geography, ploidy and genetic variability Programming and Software: PYTHON, R, IMAGING, GENEMAPPER, FACSDIVA, MODFIT, GENEIOUS, EXCEL, DIVA-GIS, DARWIN, STRUCTURE, TESS, PAUP, MESQUITE, Mr BAYES, NTSYS, MEGA, DNASP, GARLI.Lloyd Consulting Environmental consultant Jul 2007 – May 2008Duties and Achievements: Participated in the development of the Cabbage Tree Creek Local Integrated Water Cycle Plan Assisted in development of the Brisbane Citywide Integrated Water Cycle Plan Assistend in development of an EIS for a large new development south of Townsville Developed technical documents including » Proposals in response to advertised tenders » Third party review reports for contaminated site assessments » Environmental Management Plans for mines and refineries » Quarterly monitoring reports for waste management facilities and transfer stations Gained experience in project management systems and business management systems; and Attended meetings with Council and other clients to discuss projects
  3. 3. Margaret Jewell 3CSIRO Plant Industry Research assistant (Placement) Jul 2005 – Aug 2005Duties and Achievements: DNA extraction, buffer preparation, leaf grinding using liquid nitrogen, centrifugation, PCR using a radioactive 33P label,agarose and acrylamide electrophoresis, PCR analysis, cDNA library development, field collectionsRESEARCH SKILLS Producing published documents and reports  Communication with academic staff and the for use in the scientific community wider research community Planning and performing experiments within  Developing tests to evaluate project research laboratory environment performance Independent learning and research  Extensive computer-based analytical skills Using genetic data analysis software  Project management Planning & conducting laboratory work  Presenting at international conferences Recording sample details  Radiation safety training Immediate laboratory workplace safety  Wider work environment OH&SLABORATORY SKILLS Next Generation Sequencing (ChIP-  Molecular diagnosis  Flow cytometry seq, RNA-seq)  DNA and RNA extraction  Transformation Second Generation Sequencing  Sterile techique  Cloning PCR (high throughput)  Restriction digestion  Virology Genotyping (high throughput)  Reverse transcription  Microscopy Sequencing (high throughput)  Radioactive labelling  Tissue culture Electrophoresis (agarose and SDS)  qPCR and SDS  Histology/stainingPUBLICATIONSPublishedM. C. Jewell, Y. Zhou, Duc The Ngo, D. Loch, I. D. Godwin, and C. J. Lambrides (2011). “Maximising genetic,morphological, and geographic diversity in a core collection of Australian bermudagrass”. Crop Science 52:879-889.M. C. Jewell, B. C. Campbell, I. D. Godwin (2010)” Transgenic plants for abiotic stress resistance.” In: KoleC, Abbott AG, Michler CH, Hall TC (eds) Transgenic Crop Plants: utilization and biosafety. Springer, Berlin, pp67-132.M. C. Jewell, C. H. Frere, P. J. Prentis, C. J. Lambrides, I. D. Godwin (2010) “Characterisation andmultiplexing of EST-SSR primers in Cynodon (Poaceae) species”. American Journal of Botany Primer Notesand Protocols 97:e99-e101R. Kearns, Y. Zhou, S. Fukai, C. Ye, D. S. Loch, I. D. Godwin, T. A. Holton, D. Innes, H. Stirling, N. Cao, M. C.Jewell, C. J. Lambrides (2009) “Eco-Turf: water use efficient turfgrasses from Australianbiodiversity”.ActaHorticulturae 829:113–118.M. C. Jewell, C. H. Frere, K. Harris-Shultz, W. F. Anderson, I. D. Godwin, C. L. Lambrides (2012).“Phylogenetic analysis reveals multiple origins of Cynodonspecies in Australia”. Molecular Phylogeneticsand Evolution. doi: 10.1016/j.ympev.2012.06.026Accepted for publicationChristopher J Lambrides, Yi Zhou, ShuFukai, Margaret Jewell, Don Loch, Ian Godwin, Tim Holton, David Innes,Celine Frère, Wayne Hanna, Changrong Ye, Thinh Van Tran, The Ngo, Thu Le, Ninh Cao, Haider Al Dabbagh,Chris O‟Brien, Matt Roche, Garry Fullelove, Emma Ballard, Ryan Kearns, Will Pearce, Andrew Hacker,MeenaPuachuay, Max Shelton, Scott Dalzel, Bill Anderson, Karen Harris-Shultz, Julia Cremer. “EcoTurf- a Casestudy: Genetic variation and agronomic potential of bermudagrass (Cynodon spp.) germplasm collectedfrom Australian biodiversity”In preparationM. C. Jewell, C. H. Frere, P. J. Prentis, D. S. Loch, W. W. Hanna, D. Innes, T. A. Holton, I. D. Godwin, C. J.Lambrides (2011). “Elucidating drivers of genetic variation and population structure within species acrossmanaged and wild environments”
  4. 4. Margaret Jewell 4CONFERENCESThe 4th Annual Life Technologies Sequencing Summit, 6-9th October, 2012, Bali, Indonesia.EUCARPIA 29th Fodder Crops and Amenity Grasses Section Meeting, 4-8th September, 2011, Dublin –presentation and poster.OzBio: The Molecules of Life – From Discovery to Biotechnology, 26th September to 1st October,2010, Melbourne – poster.PROFESSIONA DEVELOPMENTApplied Markets (AgBioMetagenomics) Workshop, 9 thOctober, 2012, Bali, IndonesiaThe University of Queensland‟s NCI-SF/Barrine cluster for bioinformaticians training session,31stAugust, 2012, University of Queensland2012 Winter School in Computational and Mathematical Biology from 2-6 July, 2012, QueenslandBiosciences Precinct University of QueenslandMEDIAScope, episode 2/033: More Scientists at Work – Agricultural Scientist ( INFORMATIONStatus : Australian citizenInterests : Cycling, gardening, art & craft (previously professional mosaicist), familyAffiliations : Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, International Wheat Genome Sequensing ConsortiumTravel : USA, Europe, Africa, AsiaCommunity : Redhill Paddington Community Centre, paid & volunteer work & fund raisingComputer : Microsoft (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook), Genetics analysis software, Statistical packagesREFEREESProfess or Ian Godwin Dr Milos Tanurdzic (Current supervisor,(Principle PhD Supervisor) conflict of interest if contacted)School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, (Employer/supervisor, Postdoc position)The University of Queensland School of Biological SciencesTel:(w) +61 7 3365 2141 (m) 0409 582 481 The University of QueenslandEmail: Tel: (w) +61 7 3365 2045 (m) 0427 537 819 Email: Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos Lois Eden(Employer, Research Assistant Position) (BIOL1020 and BIOL1040 Practical Co-ordinator)School of Biological Sciences, School of Biological Sciences,The University of Queensland The University of QueenslandTel: (w) +61 73365 1103 (m) 0403 501 826 Tel: (w) +61 73365 2992 (m) 0407 769 569Email: Email: Edward Gilding Dr Chris Lambrides(Supervisor, Research Officer position) (PhD Supervisor)School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences,The University of Queensland The University of QueenslandTel: (w) +61 73365 3447 (m)0430 107 696 Tel: (w) +61 73365 1103 (m) 0408247 721Email: Email: Honourable Patrick Keane Trevor LloydChief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia (Employer)Tel: (w) +61 73248 1100 Lloyd Consulting Pty LtdEmail: Tel: (w) +61 7 3352 7300 Email:
  5. 5. Margaret Jewell 120 Ardoyne Road Oxley, QLD, 4075 Tel: 0432 395 170 E: October 2012Kari Vaughan,Recruiter, HR DepartmentLife Technologies30-32 Compark CircuitMulgrave, Melbourne, VIC, 3170Tel: 03 9262 3754E: Kari.Vaughan@lifetech.comDear Ms Vaughan,When I was conducting my PhD in Genetics, I interacted with Field Application Specialists (FASs) whohelped me troubleshoot instrumentation, software, and other research obstacles. These interactions were vitalfor the success of my research and introduced me to an exciting career option – FAS. My PhD was awardedin May 2012 and I have continued working in plant genetics since submitting my thesis in November 2011. Iam currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in wheat epigenetics. My background has given me greatappreciation for the rapid advancement of second and next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies and,for many years now, my career goal has been to specialise in the NGS field. Therefore, I would like to applyfor the position of Field Application Support Specialist – NGS with Life Technologies (LifeTech).LifeTech has been my company of choice since the Ion PGMTM sequencing platform was first introduced. Iam in awe of, and believe in, this transformative technology that is based simply on reading the pH of ions intiny micro-wells. Furthermore, the introduction of the Ion ProtonTM, demonstrates how fast the NGStechnologies pioneered by your companies are advancing. I believe these, compared with competitorplatforms, have the potential to dramatically increase the output of all scientists; from staff of multi-nationalcompanies to university students. I understand the science behind competitor platforms (such as Illumina and454). However, in my opinion, the PGM, Proton, and 5500 (SOLIDTM), combined with the Ion-AmpliSeqTM,ChefTM, and AvalancheTM, and LifeTech kits and analysis solutions, offer the most comprehensive andstreamlined workflows. I would be extremely proud to champion these products for LifeTech. Lastly, havingmet many of your team through work, meetings, and at the Sequencing Summit in Bali, I know that yourteam is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and it would be my pleasure to work with them.My resume provides details of my advanced biological experience, communication skills, and high-levelcomputer skills. I would also bring the following attributes, skills, and experience to your team: My knowledge of competitor platforms and strong belief that LifeTech platforms are superior will enable me to help sell and demonstrate your products with honesty and integrity; My love of travel and engaging with people will enable me to conduct work wherever it is required; I have extensive plant genetics experience and, because your clients are predominantly biomedical and clinical scientists, my skills and fresh ideas regarding workflows could encourage other plant scientists to adopt your platforms, expanding your client base further in the plant sciences market; I gain great satisfaction through helping people and my experience with troubleshooting complex scientific problems (from pre-lab to analysis) will enable me to listen to scientist’s needs and help them achieve their goals efficiently using LifeTech platforms; and I am extremely friendly, trustworthy, and outgoing and would thrive in an environment that enabled me to interact with a broad scope of workers.In addition to the above, I am a very honest and reliable worker, I enjoy a busy work environment, I willcheerfully apply myself to any task, and I am a committed, motivated, and extremely loyal employee.Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to apply for this position. As you know from our emailcommunications, I am very excited about this role. I would gratefully accept the opportunity to meet withyou at your earliest convenience. If you would like to contact me, please phone me on 0432 395 170.Sincerely,Margaret Jewell