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Uptu Watch Feb10

  1. 1. www.uptuwatch.com February 2010 | Contribution Rs. 10.00 the voice of UPTUians Ram Eesh | RKG | KIET | JSS | PCCS | IEC | NIET | GNIET | BBDIT | IILM | GLBCE | Galgotia | AKGEC | ABES | SIET | SEC | BSACET | IET | CSE | REMTECH | SD Croup | Saroj group | Sunderdeep | SGIT | Vivekananda | HRIT | IIMT | MIET | Vidya Group | MIT | IMS Can UPTUians become | Hindustan | BAMS | United | RBS | Invertis | SRMSCET | Ideal | MMMEC | Maharana Pratap | PSIT | Azad Institute | CERT | KN Modi | Apeejay | MGM | VIET | KNIT | IICT | IERT | ITM | Sachdeva | Bharat Institute | B.B.S | CET | Global | ITS | the Brand Ambassador of AIET | HIMT | Dronacharya | RDEC | G.L. A | Bhabha Institute | Alpine | Aryan | KCC | Ram Eesh | RKG | KIET | JSS | PCCS | IEC | NIET | GNIET | BBDIT | IILM | GLBCE | Galgotia | AKGEC | ABES Uttar Pradesh | SIET | SEC | BSACET | IET | CSE | REMTECH | SD Croup | Saroj group | Sunderdeep | SGIT | Vivekananda | HRIT | IIMT | MIET | Vidya Group | Hindustan | BAMS | United | RBS | Invertis | SRMSCET | Ideal the MIT | IITians| have for India ! | way IMS MMMEC | Maharana Pratap | PSIT | Azad Institute | CERT | KN Modi | Apeejay | MGM | VIET | KNIT | IICT | IERT | ITM | Sachdeva | Bharat Institute | B.B.S | CET | Global | ITS | AIET | HIMT | Dronacharya | RDEC | G.L. A | Cover Story Ÿ UPTUians become the Brand Can Ambassador of Uttar Pradesh Brand UP Ÿ Ÿ Promise of UPTU The Unabated Employment Watch GATE 2010 Ÿ UPites News from India Inc. Ÿ Ÿ - Tech NAC Celebrating the spirit of Uttar Pradesh Tech. Watch Celebrating the decadal anniversary of UPTU Nanotechnology Ÿ UNABATED UPTU Campaign Project Watch Importance of B-Tech projects for Ÿ Academic Session placements Planner Trend Watch Social Networking Portals caged by Ÿ college administrators Teaching the Facebook generation Ÿ Communicate in the Internet Era Ÿ
  2. 2. Unabated UPites Celebrating the spirit of Uttar Pradesh Celebrating the decadal anniversary of UPTU UNABATED UPTU campaign ... Starting: May 8th, 2010 K. P. Singh R. K. Pachauri Amitabh Bachchan Born August 15, 1931, Bulandshahar Born August 20, 1940, Nainital Born: October 11, 1942, Allahabad Chairman, DLF Chairman of the Intergovernmental Film Actor, Producer, Singer, Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Television Presenter Nobel Peace Prize 2007 Vinod Gupta Renu Khator If you know about some Born: 4 July 1946, Saharanpur Born: 19 June 1955, Farrukhabad UPTUian who has done big and Chairman InfoUSA President of the University of Houston, deserves the wider acclamation, Founder Vinod Gupta School of Texas, USA send in his/her details to Management IIT Kharagpur unabated@uptuwatch.com Can UPTUians continue this glorious tradition? In the Look Out for UNABATED UPTUians !!! If you know about some UPTUian who has done big and deserves the wider acclamation, send in his/her details to: unabated@uptuwatch.com
  3. 3. BOARD OF PATRONS Prof. Kripa Shanker, Vice-Chancellor UPTU Prof. Prem Vrat, Former Vice-Chancellor UPTU Michel Danino, Convener, IFIH, Coimbatore Renu Malhotra, Seed the World Inc, USA Vineet Narain, Senior Journalist, New Delhi Prof. Veena Bansal, IIT Kanpur Prof. V Desai, IIT Kharagpur Prof. Makrand Paranjape, JNU Madhav Sharan Agarwala, Sr. Advocate Pawan Gupta, SIDH, Mussorrie Prof. Arunabha Mitra, IIT Kharagpur BOARD OF ADVISORS Cmd. Veerendra K Jaitly, President AstroWix, Noida Dear friends, Som Gupta, Regional Manager, Network 18, New Delhi P. K. Goyal, Sr. Manager, HPCL, New Delhi It gives us immense pleasure to present the inaugural issue of UPTU WATCH in your hands. This Kishore Agrawal, Braj Chikitsa Sansthan, Mathura P. B. Gupta, BPN Enterprises, New Delhi monthly publication intends to be the voice of the 5 lakh plus UPTU fraternity which is growing Vipin Jain, Standing Counsel, Govt. of India, Bareilly phenomenally. The idea is to create a pre-eminent Social Networking Platform using multiple Abhishek Tripathi, LLB (NLSUI Bangalore) Prof. Charul Bhatnagar, Mathura media channels dedicated to UPTUians. Anant Mohan Sharma, Mathura Ranjan Singh, FMSME, New Delhi However, it bleeds to witness the current negative positioning of UP in general and UPTU in Prodyut Bora, PGP (IIM Ahmedabad) Brij Khandelwal, Journalist (IANS), Agra particular. The derogatory comments like “UPTU to be a Technical University Full of Flaws” and TEAM UPTU WATCH “engineering education in Uttar Pradesh nothing less than a gamble” made by a Mumbai based Editor & Managing Director Raghav Mittal, B.Tech + M.Tech (IIT Kharagpur) Publication is just an instance of this. In the current era of aberration every institution – be it Associate Editor & Director Finance politics, be it bureaucracy, be it media or be it judiciary - is fraught with challenges and Gaurav Mittal, B.Tech (IIT Roorkee) Publisher & Director Marketing shortcomings but they just cannot be ridiculed and reprimanded the way it has been done in Anuj Goyal, MBA (Amity University) Director Operations case of UP and its only technical university UPTU. Sachin Jain, B.Tech (UPTU), M.Tech (IIT Roorkee) Director Creative Visualization The simple reason which comes to my mind is the lack of a strong positive brand of Uttar Shruti Goyal, PG Visual Communication Design (MIT, Pune) Director Technology Pradesh. The state is predominantly known for its myriad mix of innumerable complexities and Ishvinder Singh, B.Tech (UPTU) Corporate Relationship Development contradictions, its potential and promise have got lost somewhere. The all round contribution Shivam Singh, B.Tech (UPTU), MBA (ICFAI Bangalore) Creative Visualization which this fabled land made to the Indian Nation seem to have been forgotten. UPites are Deep Yellow, Ghaziabad Dazzle Art, Mathura / The Pretentious, Agra considered and treated as if they are second grade citizens of this country. This is somewhat Production & Circulation Sandeep Sharma, Anand Khandelwal, Saket Soni, grossly insulting for a state which has produced not only 8 Prime Ministers but a galaxy of Gaurav Srivastava, Sachin Jaiswal, Hari Mohan Agarwal, Alok Chauhan, Vivek Bharagava, Ravi Shanker Garg luminaries in all walks of life. There is a great need of quashing the negative stereotypes against the India Heartland. EDITORIAL BOARD M. Pramod Kumar B.Tech (IIT Madras) A great responsibility and eventually a great opportunity lies in front of the UPTUians to come Assistant Professor, Amrita University, Coimbatore Srijan Bhatnagar, B.Tech (IIT Kharagpur) out and become the brand ambassador of Uttar Pradesh through their exemplary Sr. Associate, Cognizant, USA Ashutosh Gupta, MSc (IIT Kharagpur) performance and accomplishments on the techno-managerial landscape of the country. PhD University of Maryland, College Park, USA Hitashi Lomash, PhD (IIT Roorkee) If 1.25 lakh IITians could do it for India, can't the UPTUians who grow by the same number Assistant Professor, Thapar University, Patiala Nikhil Pant, B.E (MNIT Allahabad), annually do it for UP? Member Secretary, REACHA, Ghaziabad Amarendra Trivedi, B.Tech (UPTU) UPTU WATCH is a humble effort conceived & promoted by a group of IITians to accentuate and Anant Asthana LLB (AMU) Law Officer, HRLN, New Delhi catalyze the process of self-exploration and self-assertion amidst the UPTUians. They can be Meera Mittal (NIFT Delhi) Fashion Designer & Consultant, Mumbai the best and the most effective Brand Ambassadors of UP all over the world. Anshul Gupta PGP (IIM Bangalore), B.Tech (IIT Kharagpur) Consultant, Wipro Consulting Services, Gurgaon “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” goes the well known Anshul Agrawal, M.Sc Bio Technology, Gujrat University saying. Let's all dream big about our own selves, about our local environs – villages, towns and Anirban Ganguly, PhD (Jadavpur University) Priyanka Telang, B.Tech (UPTU) cities, about our own state, about our nation and about the entire world and let's evoke a firm Vipul Agrawal, B.Tech (UPTU), MBA (XIMB, ESC France) Amit Gupta, B.Tech (IIT Roorkee) belief and confidence in our capabilities and competencies. Sudhanshu Jain, B.Tech (IIT Roorkee) Printed & Published by Anuj Goyal on behalf of Extra Edge Info Media Pvt. Ltd inarIhao naaSnauto maht (The un-aspiring doesn't accomplish anything great) says the Published from 551 Kanungo Apartments, 71 IP Extension, Patparganj, New Delhi – 110092 Mahabharata. Let us raise our aspirations, confidence, energy and enthusiasm to make Printed at Nitin Printers, 219 Patparganj Industrial Area, New Delhi Editor: Raghav Mittal ourselves great. Editorial Office: A3/05 (Tower-7), Silver City, Greater Noida For editorial queries: editor@uptuwatch.com Design, Development & Circulation Office: UPTU WATCH would be with you in this giant leap as a friend, philosopher and guide. Extra Edge Info Media Pvt. Ltd. JSSATE-STEP, C-20/1, Sector-62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh Looking forward for a vibrant interaction in times to come and inviting you to the year long Tel: 0120-2401516, 9540847051, 9540847061 , 9540847071 For advertisement & other queries write to info@uptuwatch.com “Unabated UPTUians” campaign Distribution Offices: Ÿ House, Sri Krishna Janmasthan, Mathura. Tel: 0565-2420204 Paarth Ÿ Nagar, Guru Govind Singh Marg, Opp. Board of Technical 1 Ashok Education, Charbagh, Lucknow. Tel: 0522 - 2637772 ŸMaimaran, Beharipur, Bareilly. Tel: 0581 - 2575523 405, Sincerely Visit us at: www.uptuwatch.com Raghav Mittal
  4. 4. Cover Story Can UPTUians become the Brand Ambassador of Uttar Pradesh the way IITians have for India ! The general perception rules supreme that as a 'Republic', it would be the sixth The Rashtriya Lok Dal MP despite a rich history and its glorious role in largest nation in the world. Yet, given its Jayant Chaudhary who India's independent struggle, Uttar Pradesh, history and size, Uttar Pradesh cannot be made his political debut finds itself in a mess today. As far as indices separated from India and the futures of from Mathura seems to of human development - literacy, per capita the two are bound together.’ have his political income, infant mortality, female education - ambitions limited to the creation of a Harit are concerned the state stands almost at the Pradesh in the western part of UP. He would bottom vis-a-vis other states in India. It have to go beyond the political implications woefully lacks basic infrastructure and is of crafting out such a territory and would shorn of industrial dynamism. have to delve deeper into the grass root realities and issues of his political turf. He Rabble rousers like Raj Thackeray of the can at least leverage upon the strength of Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena easily carry the bulk of techno-managerial institutions out his tirades against the UPites of higher learning falling within his considering them to be a gullible majority. constituency of political influence. Innovative programmes linking the techno- Writers like Rashmi Bansal mock at the managerial education to that of the state of techno-managerial education of developmental process can naturally be Uttar Pradesh by rendering the UPTU as a expected from this London School of Technical University full of flaws and the Economics graduate. engineering education in UP as nothing less than a gamble. The vitriolic BJP MP from Pilibhit Varun Remarks like these can be attributed to the Gandhi transgresses the confines of fact that Uttar Pradesh has failed to develop regional issues altogether and graduates an identity and a positive self image of its directly on the national turf. On his recent own. Its public life has been marked by a lack American tour he preached the audience on of cohesiveness. The state's successive The Vision of the need of Skill based education and vociferously brought out the stark political leadership has failed to develop a regional agenda. The state's political life lacks a common focus and is deeply Young Politicos comparison between the statistics of skilled Indian workforce with that of Korea and Japan. However, he completely forgot the fragmented along affiliations of class, caste, religion, faction and region. Its Politicos like Rahul Gandhi have their own fact that his very constituency doesn’t have visions and dreams to restore the glory of a single techno-managerial institution representative and civic institutions are in the state. His public recognition that Uttar which could impart skills at least to the disarray. P ra d e s h h a s b e e n t h e c ra d l e o f citizens of his area. Nevertheless scholars like Gyanesh development and all good things that have His sweet affable personality blurred by Kudaisya still express their hope for Uttar happened to the country including the vitriolic political misdeme-anors can charm Pradesh. They are categorical that 'With a independence struggle gives a sigh of relief his voters if he at least works for the population of 166 million, if Uttar Pradesh that the state’s identity is at least being establishment of skill development were to secede from India and declare itself acknowledged in the political arena. institutions in his constituency. UPTU Watch | February 2010 4
  5. 5. Cover Story “Akhilesh would have to sincerely work hard Uttar Pradesh on the perception of his party mis-directing the youth for political reasons. The ideals he has always propounds would need a sincere approach been India's heartland. for practice.” adds Amarendra. The country's most The current Chief Minister of the state Ms. Mayawati created history by getting populous state and one a clear majority in the Uttar Pradesh that has produced assembly. most of its prime Her social engineering bore fruit and she could give a stable government to the state ministers. Its history ending the decade long confusion. “Her has been glorious The young scion of another major political political criticism of developing party of the state Samajwadi Party magnanimous memorials can be discounted by all counts and its Akhilesh Yadav takes pride in getting him considering the fact that these structures present has been all the referred to as a son of the soil. He preaches a have at least improved upon the landscape lofty 14 point agenda to the educated youth of State’s Capital significantly,” says Sunil more dismal and of the state as he acknowledges the fact that Singh an ex-student leader of Lucknow youth represents the idealistic part of a noticeable. The visions nation and it is their innate idealism that University. would lead them to feel they are members about its future are of one great fraternity. Representing the “Haven’t these memorials given the State Capital a fresh identity the way Akshardham myriad and complex. Kannauj constituency which was once the center of power and prestige, Akhilesh is Temple gave it to the National Capital? Good seen to be pitted against Rahul in battle for efforts need to be appreciated despite their Uttar Pradesh. Jawaharlal Nehru political colors” asserts Sunil. “His party which vogues by socialistic ideals, Lal Bahadur Shastri has the maximum number of corporate big- “The memorials are eventually dedicated to Indira Gandhi wigs and cine-stars with unimaginable those who have had dedicated their lives for wealth, something which stands in stark the emancipation of the most downtrodden Rajiv Gandhi contrast to socialist ideas. The party had segment of Indian society. These Choudhary Charan Singh tried to create a brand UP using its high profile Bollywood connections, but the same monuments are after all not furthering the Vishwanath Pratap Singh backfired for various reasons”, comments name of a particular political dynasty” Chandra Shekhar Amarendra, an alumnus of IET Lucknow and commented Yugantar Shukla, a student of an IAS aspirant. CMS Lucknow. Atal Behari Vajpayee UPTU Watch | February 2010 5
  6. 6. Cover Story A brand is a name or trademark connected with a product or producer. Brands have ng Branding become increasingly important goi Ef components of culture and the economy, On fo r e now being described as "cultural ts h “Uttar Pradesh :2020, "T accessories and personal Disha va Dasha” The current Uttar Pradesh government too has taken philosophies”. A strong and a clear The recently convened symposium by cognizance of the need and importance of a positive brand increases consumer confidence and Dainik Hindustan is a welcome move. It brand of Uttar Pradesh. The very day politicos and enhance the desirability of the offered converged a galaxy of people ranging intellectuals were deliberating over the future vision products and services. from the political turf to the creative & of Uttar Pradesh at Lucknow, a team of about 15 A strong positive UP brand would give the intellectual ones. The opinions expressed senior state officials led by Cabinet Secretary necessary confidence, courage and self- were diverse and wide, but at least re- Shashank Shekhar Singh were wooing the corporate respect to every UPite to make it big on the instilled a fresh hope that the intellectual worlds in Mumbai. The conclave titled ‘Invest UP’ national as well as international forefronts. and emotional under- current to re- was intended to showcase the ‘Brand UP’ before A typical UPite refrains from identifying with invigorate UP is still present. There galaxy of industry captains and top investors. his UP roots. He would rather dodge his is still hope. identity to be accepted in the coterie of the suave, sophisticated and shrewd. The terms Jamshedji Tata come up and take on “UPwallah” or “Bhaiya” are largely used with contempt and satire. the mission of empowering the industrial The members of the media to critically The way a nation's identity is important to review and objectively analyze & report the development of Uttar Pradesh? keep up the confidence and morale of its actions and results. The various civil society citizens dealing on international platforms, institutions and organizations to contribute Can an eminent Intellectual and Academic a region's positive self-image is imperative ideas & suggestions and to implement for its citizenry on the national canvas. smaller limited facets in their very own like Gyanesh Kudaisya take up the Building a pan-Indian UP brand can be a domains and jurisdictions. cause of Uttar Pradesh and keep on solution to the multifarious woes of Uttar The business world to come over cynicism advocating its identity on the national Pradesh. A regional identity based on a and contribute through their excellence in profound understanding of its innate forefront? production and services. Last but not the potential backed by performance would least the academia by training and shaping probably be the only solution to enable The success of a wide based participatory world class excellent intellect. Almost Uttar Pradesh to lead from the front. everyone and anyone would have a say and Branding Uttar Pradesh campaign contribution in this brand building exercise. An all-encompassing something in tune with the “Incredible branding exercise Can a politician from UP do what a Lee India” campaign would certainly depend on the answers to the aforementioned In order to build a strong Brand UP, a Kuan Yew did for Singapore? coherent, consistent and all pervasive questions. Can some official from the Government of branding exercise would be warranted for. Such a gigantic effort would require the Uttar Pradesh do what an Amitabh UPTU WATCH has taken up its call and positive participation of one and all. Kant did for India? has decided to roll out an The politicians and their parties by retorting Unabated UPTU campaign Can a Big-B be able to transcend political to competition in excellence and a confines and stand for the state of Uttar starting May 08, 2010 which also watchdog of the actions and policies of ruling party. The ruling government and its Pradesh and its 166 million population? happens to be the 10th anniversary of various institutions to faithfully carry out t h e U tt a r P ra d e s h Te c h n i c a l the campaign as per its political mandate. Can a missionary Industrialist like University. UPTU Watch | February 2010 6
  7. 7. Cover Story 7.6% in foreign exchange earnings over 2000. Hotels in India had gone down to 25-30% occupancy, international tour operators had removed India from their sales brochures and inbound Indian tour operators had, on account of lack of business, switched to outbound operations. The common refrain was that there was no consumer demand in the key source markets of India. The Remarkable Recovery In just 5 years Indian Tourism made a remarkable comeback. From the difficult days of 2002, to the International Tourismus Bourse (ITB) Berlin in March 2007, the world's largest travel and tourism “Launched in 2002 when travel to “How do you bring a show where India participated as a partner cou- magnificently diverse ntry, the transformation has been nothing less than India was down in the dumps - in country - with 28 that of a miracle. The campaign used the the wake of the destruction of the entire city as a canvas, decorating it with World Trade Center, the war on states, 7 union large billboards, vibrant graphic art and 3D territories, 18 official Afghanistan and the attack on installations, with even taxis and buses languages and 1.12 being covered with advertisements. Indian Parliament - the 'Incredible billion people Signaling a new level of sophistication in India's India' campaign triggered a take- branding strategy, the ITB campaign overwhelmed - under 1 brand?" the international media and trade. The Indian off of Indian tourism.” Pavilion did unprecedented business and the - Amitabh Kant Indian hotels were virtually sold out. In October The Magic Factor THE What had changed so radically between 2002 and 2007? The lack of consumer demand in 2002 had revealed that Indian tourism lacked a meaningful identity in the global market place, which meant that there EXPERIENCE was an imperative need to position and brand India as an attractive destination. A strong and clear image could increase consumer confidence and enhance the 2007, Indian tourism, in partnership with the desirability of its tourist products. In a recently released book “Branding India, Confederation of Indian Industry An Incredible Story” authored by the ( C I I ) , o r g a n i ze d I n c r e d i b l e India@60 in New York. The event celebrity IAS officer Amitabh Kant the need, coincided with the United Nations relevance and impact of such a branding General Assembly meeting and exercise are vividly described. Being the Brand India was unleashed in New Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, York with all its 'incredible' colors, Government of India, he single handedly while the world sat up to welcome catapulted the entire positioning of India. India in what was a dazzling display of its culture, tourism wealth and He rejuvenated the Indian Identity intellectual power. As Fortune globally through the famous magazine put it, “the bullishness of Incredible India campaign which was India's business Brahmans was in display in New York city… It initiated amidst a severe crisis of presented the picture of a global and national terrorism. confident nation ready to engage with the world.' The Dismal State As a consequence of several disastrous events, one after the other the attack on the World Trade Center in New York, the war in Afghanistan, the attack on Parliament House in Delhi, the troop mobilization at the Indian border and travel advisories leading to withdrawal of schedules by airlines from India, the year 2002 had seen a decline of 6% in tourist arrivals and 3% in foreign exchange earnings in US$ terms as compared to 2001, which itself had witnessed a fall of 4.2 % in arrivals and UPTU Watch | February 2010 7
  8. 8. Cover Story The The brand UP can be created by a similar set of silent but very powerful segment of UPites. The budding techno-managers of UPTU getting nurtured in over 600 colleges spread over 50 districts of the state have the potential to create a sustainable brand of UPTU needs a UP. Majority of these colleges are affiliated to the Uttar Pradesh Technical University ‘brand’ course, which administers techno-managerial says new V-C education to around 5 lakh students at any given point of time. on 1st office The incumbent Vice-Chancellor of the University has already called upon that the day university would identify one course, improve it and make it the ‘brand’ course of College UPTU. Management More than creating a ‘brand’ course of UPTU, Prof. Shanker would like to create the “The quality of students we get Brand UPTU the way Amitabh Kant went from UP Technical University ahead in creating the Brand India from a (UPTU) is very poor. Almost 85 tourism perspective. per cent of our students come through the university. Earlier, The Uttar Pradesh Technical University has the qualifying percentage was been there for almost a decade by now. The 40 per cent, which has now techno-managers graduated from this been reduced to 25 per cent. university have acquired respectable Students who have failed in positions all over. The need is to simply build Prof. Kripa Shanker (Vice-Chancellor UPTU) core subjects such as Maths on their accomplishments and create an all and Physics get passed. It is very round environment of excellence whereby difficult to train such students. Besides, the entire University reverberates with The Blue - Print there is a severe crunch of quality faculty in innovation. the state. The government should take A brand building exercise of such a immediate steps for the university-level A magnanimous infrastructure for techno- education.” managerial education has come up in the mammoth scale would require much more state with a majestic private investment. than administrative injunctions on the part The college management has the most vital The lucrative commercial side of techno- of UPTU officials. A pro-active involvement role to play in the entire exercise of brand managerial education has already reaped of all the stakeholders would be warranted building through the improvement of considerable dividends to the investors. The educational standards. They have to take for striking out this multi-level branding need and emphasis should now be to upon themselves the task of creating an exercise. enabling environment for educational augment the quality of techno-managerial education by enriching the intellectual excellence as this alone would ensure future capital and empowering the multi-faceted profitability in times to come. A stage has interface with industry, government, UPTU Administration already been reached when a large number of seats in engineering and management developmental agencies, other premiere The UPTU administration is already trying have remained vacant. The colleges have educational institutions, polytechnics etc. hard to impress upon the need for quality the economics and they have the requisite This emphasis on enhancing the quality autonomy and free will to accentuate all improvement through a number of of techno-managerial education in the this. The crores of rupees they spend every interventions like accreditations and year to woo the students to their respective state should become integrated to the innovations like the Excellence Award colleges can be strategically invested to larger vision of creating a strong UP created a unified UPTU brand which would Model which makes a paradigm shift from brand. The prevalent practice on the part of attract students not only from the Indian inspection-driven, compliance-centric premiere performing institutions to opt out heartland but from other parts as well. of the UPTU fraternity and establish their approach to that of excellence driven and independent identity is partly due to the holistic one with empowered and role rusted UP brand. Nevertheless, a collective Why pass the buck entirely on model faculty who will look at education as a brand building exercise if accentuated can process of nation building rather than just the University and the reap more dividends than individualized making profits. Government? efforts. UPTU Watch | February 2010 8
  9. 9. Cover Story Faculty Students Faculty is the most important stakeholder in the You need not be a rocket scientist to find the loop-holes in entire process of imparting education. The UPTU UPTU. All you need to be is an outsider, the course, the syllabi, regulators and the College Management are just the exams all structured to feed a mediocre mind now don't the enablers for the entire process of teaching. blame me if I face difficulties in coping this so-called “mediocre syllabi” Critical Observations like these cannot be done away with. They need their due redressal at appropriate platforms. However, it’s often quoted that IITs are IITs not just because of IITs alone. IITs are IITs because of IITians. The same applies to the UPTUians as well. It’s after all the UPTUians who would retain this affiliation all through their careers. A positive favorable UPTU brand would supplant their chances everywhere. The students would therefore have to develop a positive mind-set towards their respective colleges and the concerned faculty members. It would be all the more striking for them that in the year 1996 there were a mere 12 engineering colleges in the entire state, the figure which has now risen to more than 250. Engineering education has in a way got accessible to one and all. They say that it’s all in the mind. As soon as a positive Shishir Mittal constructive mind-set is dawned upon the students would be B.Tech, IIT Bombay Founder, Insight - IITJEE Kota. able to make the best use of the avenues available to them. The “Why is it that the parents always want poem authored by one extremely talented UPTUian Ms. their children to become a doctor, an Priyanka Telang exhibits similar sentiments. engineer or a high-profile officer. They never expect; in fact, they never even dream of their son or daughter becoming a teacher!” Good education is Impossible without good Teachers and Teachers can’t become better until or unless they start valuing Teaching. The challenge of poor faculty quality can be addressed by the faculty members themselves. With the attractive pay scales Priyanka Telang and service conditions, teaching should no B.Tech, Hindustan College of Science and Technology, longer remain a profession out of Mathura. compulsion but rather that of choice. tUfana sao nahIM Gabarato hOM saaqaI kI nahIM hmaoM AiBalaaYaa Teaching, although not regarded socially as a high mauiSkla maoM inaKr jaato hOM naa rKto duinayaa sao AaSaa profile job today in India, is not just one of the core hma tao vaao Aa^MQaI hOM jaao jaba calato hOM maMijala ko ilae but probably the core activity which decides the pva-t sao gait pato hOM tao saae hI saaqa inaBaato hOM fate of an individual, a society and a nation. In order to ensure growth and development of human ilaK doM Kud iksmat kI roKa naa jalato hOM AMgaaraoM sao mind, body and society; in order to ensure the kla ka saUrja iksanao doKa naa $kto hOM dIvaaraoM sao development of a healthy, powerful and a hma eosao AaitSa hOM jaao jaba Aa jaae^M ApnaI pr tao strong nation and in order to shape good, AMQaoraoM sao raoSanaI pato hOM gaid-Sa maoM jaIt ko Aato hOM competent, satisfied and evolution- oriented individuals, good education is a prerequisite. to "Now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility to restore and Regain the lost glory of Uttar Pradesh” UNABATED UPTUians... UPTU Watch | February 2010 9
  10. 10. News The VOICE of UPTU Fraternity News fresh and true! w w w. u p t u w a t c h . c o m Free Copy with UPTU WATCH I was given the responsibility of system design and system integration by integrating the team members. Also, I was responsible for aerodynamic and structural design of the project. The other five of my team took up the design of propulsion, control, guidance, avionics and instrumentation of the aircraft. My design teacher Prof. Srinivasan, the then Director of MIT, was our guide. He reviewed the project and declared my work to be gloomy and disappointing. He didn't lend an ear to my difficulties in bringing together data base from multiple designers. I asked for a month's time to complete the task, since I had to get the inputs from five of my colleagues without which I cannot complete the system design. Prof. Srinivasan told me "Look, young man, Excerpts from his speech on the 7th Convocation of UPTU delivered on 22nd December, 2009 today is Friday afternoon. I give you three “Technology is the foundation for the sustained days time. If by Monday morning I don't get the configuration design, your scholarship development of the nation”. will be stopped." I had a jolt in my life, as Te c h n o l o g y i s t h e n o n l i n e a r t o o l f o r accelerated economic growth scholarship was my lifeline, without which I A.P.J. Abdul Kalam cannot continue with my studies. There was no other way out but to finish the task. My “What I will be remembered for?” Research Teaching Research team felt the need for working together Dear youth, as you come out of the University Good teaching emanates from Research. The round the clock. We didn't sleep that night, with basic knowledge in whatever field you teachers' love for research and their working on the drawing board skipping our experience in research are vital for the dinner. On Saturday, I took just an hour's have taken, be it Engineering, Technology, break. On Sunday morning, I was near growth of the institution. Any University is Architecture, Town Planning, Pharmacy, judged by the level and extent of the research completion, when I felt someone's presence Management or whatever be your stage of work it accomplishes. This sets in a in my laboratory. It was Prof. Srinivasan your education – graduate, post-graduate or regenerative cycle of excellence. Experience studying my progress. After looking at my doctoral – let me assure you the country has of research leads to quality teaching and work, he patted and hugged me plenty of opportunities. quality teaching imparted to the young in affectionately. He had words of appreciation: turn enriches the research. "I knew I was putting you under stress and asking you to meet a difficult Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Technology is the non-linear tool deadline. You have done great job in Areas available to humanity, which can affect system design”. The first is transforming India into a fundamental changes in the ground economically developed and societally rules of economic competitiveness. Through this review mechanism Prof inclusive nation. For that every one of you will Science is linked to technology through Srinivasan, really injected the necessity of applications. Technology is linked to understanding the value of time by each get involve 7000 PURA (Providing Urban team member and brought out engineering economy and environment through Amenities in Rural Areas) connecting 600,000 manufacture of knowledge products. education has to lead system design, village where 700 million people live. Economy and environment are linked to system integration and system technology, which promotes prosperity to management. Energy Independence the society. We have to use innovation to Another opportunity is that of climate change generate high value added products for I realized that if something is at stake, becoming a global player. The foundation of the human minds get ignited and the and global warming, due to excessive usage working capacity gets enhanced academic research is creativity. of fossil fuels, which is a challenge in front of manifold. our global society. We have to work for Engineering education has to lead energy independence and every one of you The message is that young in the system design, system integration and should look at, how you can evolve such a organization, whatever is their specialization, system management be trained in system design, system mission using green sources like solar power, While I was studying aeronautical integration and system management which wind power, hydro power and bio fuel. Such a engineering in MIT, Chennai, (1954-57) will prepare them for competitiveness mission should also take into consideration during the third year of my course, I was wherever they take-up work in developing the environmental sustainability of our assigned a project to design a low-level attack new products, innovation and undertaking nation and the world. aircraft together with six other colleagues. higher organizational responsibilities. UPTU Watch | February 2010 10
  11. 11. the voice of UPTUians Planner as per academic session 2010 For - I, III, V, VII & IX Semester For - II, IV, VI, VIII & X Semester JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE 1 NEW YEAR'S DAY 2 End Semester practical examination ends 3 4 5 6 7 MOHARRUM MAHAVIR JAYANTI 8 9 SANT RAVIDAS JAYANTI BUDHHA PURNIMA Last days for examination form late fee Last date for submitting Session marks 10 Semester Practical Examination Begins submission @ Rs. 1000 per student GOOD FRIDAY to University 11 EASTER SATURDAY 12 HOLI 13 EASTER MONDAY 14 MAKAR SANKRANTI 15 16 Semester Practical Examination Ends CHELLUM 17 Winter Vacation Starts Summer Training Begins 18 19 End Semester theory examination 20 21 22 23 Last days for examination form and 24 semester fee submission 25 Winter Vacation Ends 26 REPUBLIC DAY 27 CHETICHAND 28 End Semester practical examination begins 29 30 31 BASANT PANCHAMI
  12. 12. Get Associated Want to accomplish something meaningful beyond your regular Academics Want to get a taste of Professional Work before getting placed Want to Hone your Technical, Managerial & Inter-Personal Skills to Industry Standards Want to take-on a Challenge & Groom yourself Want to Get Known and Networked the voice of UPTUians Represent Your Campus Applications Invited for : (IMG) Information Management Group, (KRG) Knowledge Resource Group, (NDG) Network Development Group, ( EMG) Event Management Group For details log on to www.uptuwatch.com/campus-associate Contact: 9540847051 Subscribe now and get a cool Table WATCH from UPTU WATCH Absolutely free!! world of opportunities Please fill the subscription form in BLOCK LETTERS FREE Media Excellence Tick Term No. of Issue Cover Price You Pay Table WATCH 1 Year 12 Rs. 120 Rs. 100 Vision Number of Subscription Copies per year: (For Institutional and Group subscriptions) Subscribe now and get a cool table WATCH from UPTU WATCH Absolutely free!! College Jobs Name: management Address: City: State: Pin code: Relationship & entertainment Tel (Off / Res.): Mobile: empower Email Id: DOB: / / 19 Career Growth I am enclosing Cheque / DD No. Drawn on (specify bank) Dated: / / 2010 favoring Extra Edge Infomedia Pvt Ltd. and mail it to the address mentioned below. Mda ue tc l ai r t tne ic e -e f f Intellectual capital UPTU WATCH, JSSATE STEP, C -20 / 1, Sector 62, NOIDA – 201301 DAY | TIME | ALARM For further details contact: 0120-2401516, 9540847051, 9540847061 or E-mail us at subscription@uptuwatch.com Please Note: Subscription price valued on cover price of Rs.10/-. Rates valid in India. The offer is for limited time period and therefore requests that gifts and prizes will not be entertained beyond the deadline. Please allow 2-3 weeks for us to process your subscription. Please place your name and address on the reverse of the cheque / DD. All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts and forums in Delhi only. Conditions Apply. I agree to the terms and conditions. Signature
  13. 13. Employment Watch What’s in GATE 2010 ? By Aditya Reddy, PGDM, IIM Kolkata Director, Gateforum Salient Facts about Gate 2010 Organizing institute: IIT Guwahati Date of Exam: 14th February, 2010 Date of Results: 15th March, 2010 Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering G AT E 2 0 0 9 C u t o f f s (GATE), administered by the IITs and IISc, is the qualifying test for admission to ME, No. of Cut Off Qualification In M.Tech and MS courses in India. There are 21 different papers (one for each stream) in Stream Students Appeared General Category Percentile AIR Marks (out of 100) GATE including engineering streams such as ECE, CSE, EE and pure sciences such as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. For Computer Science 42,383 86.88 5491 25 each of the streams, the syllabus is different and therefore the question paper is different Electronic and 42,943 85.55 6112 26.67 as well. The syllabus for engineering streams Communication includes four years of engineering syllabus and general aptitude. Electrical 21,056 94.39 1173 25 Aptitude Questions in GATE 2010 Mechanical 22,965 85.68 3291 26 GATE is an objective type test with multiple choice questions with total time duration of 3 Instrumental 5,557 98.93 59 25 hours. There are 65 questions for a total of 100 marks. There is a 33 % negative marking Civil 8,534 85.75 1233 29 for every wrong answer. The question wise As can be seen from the above table, the percentile cutoff for qualifying GATE 2009 was a distribution is as follows minimum of 85 for the six papers mentioned. The minimum marks required for qualification Q. 1 to Q. 25 : One mark Technical Questions was 25 out of 100. In GATE 2010, it is expected that the minimum marks for qualification will Q. 26 to Q. 55 : Two mark Technical Questions be closer to 30 and the percentile cutoff will be almost 90 for most of the streams. Q. 56 to Q. 60 : One mark Aptitude Questions Q. 61 to Q. 65 : Two mark Aptitude Questions GATE 2010 is ONLINE a scarcity of software and other jobs for fresh For the first time two papers - Textile engineering graduates. This is leading to more The aptitude part of the syllabus in GATE has Engineering & Fibre Science and Mining students applying for M.Tech and GATE. been added from GATE 2010. Till last year, the Engineering will have a computer based It is all the more attractive due to the Rs. 8000 syllabus of GATE contained only technical online test. These tests will be conducted at per month stipend for all GATE qualified aspects but from this year numerical and the IIT and IISc campuses one week before students during the masters program. Second, verbal aptitude questions have been added. the date of other papers i.e. on 7th February, the validity of GATE score has been increased to In GATE 2010, there will be 10 aptitude 2010. This is the first time that any paper of two years, which means pre-final year students questions carrying 15 marks out of total 100 GATE is being conducted as computer based can also take up the exam. marks. The verbal aptitude part includes questions on English grammar, sentence test and given the fact the CAT is also going to be conducted as a computer based test this Third, lot of new engineering colleges have completion, verbal analogies, word groups, year, it could be that IITs are experimenting been set up in the last few years which means instructions, critical reasoning and verbal with the online test format. Based on the the number of engineering graduates passing deduction. The numerical aptitude part success of this idea, they could make all out every year is always increasing. includes questions on numerical computation, numerical estimation, streams computer based test next year. Out of the 21 papers in GATE, the remaining Due to these factors, the number of applicants numerical reasoning and data interpretation. 19 will be conducted in the paper based for GATE is likely to increase to 3 Lakhs in GATE It will be very important to prepare and do format. 2010. In GATE 2009, there were 2 lakh well in these aptitude questions because candidates. This means there will be increased they can make a difference in qualifying GATE or not. Over 3 lakh candidates likely to competition especially in the streams of Computer Science and Electronics and appear GATE 2010 Communication. GATE 2010 Scores to be valid for 2 First, due to the economic slowdown there is years Apart from adding aptitude questions in the IISc IITs NITs University syllabus, GATE 2010 has some other Colleges important changes. The GATE 2010 score will be valid for two years while the GATE 2009 score was valid AIR Upto AIR 200 Upto AIR 500 Upto AIR 1500 Upto AIR 3000 only for one year. Due to the increase in For admission to any M.Tech, M.E. or M.S. program in India, the candidate needs to qualify in validity to two years, third year engineering GATE first. The cutoff for admission to IITs and IISc Bangalore is in the range of 98 percentile. students can also take GATE and use the score obtained for applying for masters programs The exact cut off will depend on many factors such as the stream & specialization, the course after one year. (M.Tech / M.E. / M.S.), the institute and the admission procedure. UPTU Watch | February 2010 15
  14. 14. Employment Watch News from Employers lift India Inc. HP, Cisco, Sapient, IBM, Convergys BPO and Symphony Services plan to hire in a big way. because of their experience,” said Abdul Hameed SA, administrator at HKBK. RV At BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore College of Engineering director for freeze, start hiring 100 of the 800-900 students, who will pass placement NS Narahari says that they have Jobs are slowly returning. Employers have out in January 2010, have already got placed sent invitations to 100 companies. Firms like started coming out of their bunkers after a and they have been offered salaries ranging HP and Informatica have already visited the long hibernation and lifting the freeze on between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 4.5 lakh per campus, while Wipro and Infosys have hiring. A recovery was visible in July and it annum. “I am confident that even in difficult promised to visit in January 2010. According became more pronounced during August- situation, there will be over 50% to R Nalini, principal at AVC College of September. Ashok Reddy, MD of staffing placement,” BMS placement officer HS Engineering, TCS, Infosys and Wipro have firm Team Lease, says the rise in the stock informed them that they will visit their market, the improvement in FII and FDI campus in January 2010 to recruit freshers flows and the improvement in the monsoon from their batch of 500 students and it situation have positively impacted expects more than 50% placement. RVS sentiments in industry. Many employers Engineering College, which saw less are now back in touch with their third hiring in 2009, expects better party headhunters. placements this time. “ The situation was so bad that even There is also a slight BPOs had stopped visiting the improvement in the campus,” an official recruitment ad space. s a i d . H o w e v e r, The active job students are aware of position numbers the weak dollar and in Team Lease the impact of the t o o a r e credit crisis, and indicative: the are ready to firm used to get placed handle as with salaries m a ny a s r a n g i n g 10,000 active between Rs jobs a month 1.8 lakh and Rs b e fo r e t h e 5 lakh. market crash last year. By “IT firms are June this year, it hiring in large had dropped to numbers, but you 800 non-active may not get the desired positions. But now position or salary,” said a again it is up at 3,500 active techie, who was waiting in a positions. Zubin Shroff, MD of long queue for a job interview on Talent Management Group, says that a Diwali day. GC Jayaprakash, comparison of hiring figures for June and principal consultant at Stanton Chase August done by his company on behalf of International, said firms have started others shows a 200% increase. Tier I tech expanding their operations in India over the firms TCS, Infosys and Wipro, who had past two quarters and there is a surge in frozen hiring, have started hiring in small outsourcing contracts. “These companies numbers. Hiring is also picking up among do not want to lose out any more business IBM, HP, Accenture and at Yahoo, Google, due to the non-availability of human Microsoft and Amazon. Hiring for the resources,” he said. To make students domestic market seems to be bouncing back industry-ready and save time on training, faster than in other categories. BPOs are yet firms are collaborating with colleges and to get back to the hiring mode. universities, to teach technical skills.“Some engineering colleges are even offering to send their students to onsite locations of various firms,” said Mr Jayaprakash. IT Biggies to hire Jagadeesh said. He said NetApp, HP, Aricent, Goldman Sachs, Infosys, Wipro, MindTree, HP Khincha, vice-chancellor of VTU, said: “To increase employability of the students, from mid-tier college and public sector units like HAL and BEML are expected to hire from the college. we are making efforts to bring the industry and academia together.” Engineering too HKBK College of Engineering, Bangalore graduates who were unable to find jobs expects companies, such as Infosys and have started to opt for higher education and Te chnology companies, which are Wipro, and a host of smaller companies to core subjects such as mechanical, electronic recovering from the downturn hangover, hire from its batch of 380 students. “IT and civil engineering. are now knocking at the doors of not just premier engineering colleges but mid-tier companies now prefer to recruit final year ones as well. Officials from several colleges students. However, there are many say that firms such as TCS, Wipro, Infosys, engineering students sitting on the bench and companies prefer to place them first, UPTU Watch | February 2010 16
  15. 15. Employment Watch Assessment of Competence-Technology (NAC-Tech) - The Road to Employability Assessing present skills and enhancing ‘employability for engineering students’ NAC-Tech has been conceived as an the country, run to calibrate the test so that industry standard assessment and it could be benchmarked against national certification program to ensure the and international expectations and transformation of a "trainable" workforce requirements. Features of the diagnostic tests into an "employable" workforce, hence Ÿ Diagnostic test will be distinct from Final creating a robust and continuous pipeline NAC-Tech - Benefits: Certification in terms of sections. of talent for the IT/Engineering Industry. Benefits for Students Ÿ interested in taking Diagnostic Students A common, transparent process across Ÿ Test will be issued user id & password. It is targeted at final year and pre-final year companies in the IT/Engineering Sector. Ÿ Diagnostic Test will not be a proctored test. students, who will be seeking employment Ÿ to identify their strengths and areas Ability opportunities in the IT sector. Diagnostic test will be conducted Online. Ÿ of improvement and self-assess training Diagnostic test will consist of only PART A. Ÿ needs. The intent behind assessing these students Programming Fundamentals in PART A will is to identify the level of talent which is For Colleges not be administered to the interested available across India, especially in Tier II This assessment will help enable the engineering students of 1st year and Tier III cities and provide feedback to colleges to generate a quantifiable picture Students will get a feedback report after Ÿ them on areas they need to work on to of the knowledge and skill level of its improve their employability. taking the test, which will be available for students. Based on this feedback, it can approach various IT companies and print on website About NAC – Tech companies in other verticals aggressively for The Indian IT industry is growing at a placement opportunities. Stage 2-Training t re m e n d o u s p a c e . I n d i a ' s b i g ge st Institutions/Organizations will administer competitive advantage is the educated Companies endorsing Nac - English-speaking talent pool, and hence it is internally their Employment Enhancement Tech also imperative that we have sustainable Program/Finishing School. workforce development initiatives in place for the longer term. The industry, under the Stage 3-Final Certification Test aegis of NASSCOM, is looking at ways and Candidates will be given user id & password means to ensure that the future of this industry is even brighter. Proactive for registration and print out of hall ticket workforce development is becoming a through NASSCOM website. major requirement for the Indian Upon registration candidates will be issued Engineering sector, specifically the IT. NAC-Tech id, which will have to be used to NASSCOM is following a multi-pronged take the test. a p p ro a c h to fa c i l i tate m a n p o we r development for the short and long term. It The Final Test will be taken by candidates in is aiming to build a base of IT manpower by batches on dates that will be pre-scheduled targeting various apex bodies and campuses by NASSCOM. across the country, which will be certified, in Mode of administration will be either online tune with the needs of the industry and or offline, depending on the infrastructure geared up for the future requirements of the of the college. sector. Final Score card will be issued to the In this initiative, NASSCOM is looking at and many more. students, which can be downloaded from creating an Assessment and Certification NASSCOM website. program which becomes an industry standard and ensures the transformation of NAC-Tech - Program Flow a "trainable" workforce into an "employable Stage 1-Diagnostic Test Stage 4-Facilitate Placement workforce. This program will be offered to Test takers will attempt diagnostic tests NASSCOM, via its member companies, will all students who aspire to get into before a final test is administered. This has help facilitate the placement scenario. Technology / Engineering industry. to be done 6 months before the Final certification test. The test will comprise A part of its focus on evolving such a questions from PART A only. Stage 5-Analysis Report certification program is to provide a credible A Training Input report will be generated NASSCOM, on request, will provide an assessment solution which is integrated into after the end of the diagnostic test. This analysis report (region wise and nation the existing engineering program report can be used as feedback by the test wide) on the cost basis to the concerned framework. NASSCOM also wants to taker to improve upon gap areas. stakeholder. conduct a "pilot run" administered across UPTU Watch | February 2010 17