Who is uptime software?


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About uptime software
uptime software inc. is a privately held corporation founded in 2001 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada. With over 700 clients in 32 countries, uptime is a premier provider of systems management software for virtual server monitoring and physical server monitoring, capacity planning, and service and application monitoring.

Our rapidly growing customer base is truly international, with clients located in Canada, U.S.A., Europe, Latin America, Caribbean, Asia-Pacific region and Africa. They include well-known national and international companies from a wide variety of industries, including: telecommunications; financial services; utilities; manufacturers, government agencies; media; education and service providers. To view a sample of our client list, please browse to our clients page.

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Who is uptime software?

  1. 1. Who is uptime software? What People are saying:uptime software is the creator of up.time, “up.time proves that it has whatsoftware designed as a single tool for mid- it takes, time and time again.enterprise IT departments to deeply monitor and up.time is, frankly, superb.manage their virtual and physical infrastructure Ridiculously easy to use, vastand applications. range of platforms supported, • Over 700 customers. and addresses all the monitoring, • Designed for Mid-Enterprises. reporting and alerting needs of the system manager. It • A single tool to monitor the entire really is the all-in-one systems IT environment. management tool, especially with • Simple and affordable, with per-physical- its attractive licensing.” server licensing, even in virtual environments. TechWorld • Easy to use, deployment in as little as 1-day. “up.time provides a centralized view of physical and virtual servers, devices and applications.Deep Monitoring for the Is up.time a Good Fit for Tight integration with VMwareMid-Enterprise Your IT Needs? helps increase virtual machine density, and makes it easier to fixWhen it comes to monitoring and Do you have an IT environment that and avoid outages in both virtualmanaging servers and applications, mid- includes… and physical environments.”enterprise companies have complex needs, • Infrastructure and applications NetworkWorldand tight budgets. They require deep and requiring deep monitoring but need abroad monitoring that provides a one-stop tool that’s easy-to-use, fast to deploy “We were outgrowing our currentview of the health of their IT environment, and priced for mid-enterprise budgets? tool and needed deep monitoringwhile providing deep dive capabilities and • Virtual and physical applications/ and reporting that could still fitroot-cause analysis from top to bottom. infrastructure and want to simplify within our budget. Now, up.timeup.time Has You Covered: makes reporting a breeze and management with a single tool? • Depth: Deep metrics at the service, scaling a non-issue. up.time • Services that could be delivered better application, and system resource is powerful, low maintenance using proactive outage avoidance and levels without the complexity of and very easy to use. We fully automated healing? ‘enterprise’ tools. deployed in 1-day.” • Cost: Easy to understand per- University Health System physical-server licensing with no tiers, management packs, or add-ons (even in virtual environments). Just count the number of physical servers. That’s it. • Easy: Fully deployable in less than 1-day. Next Steps:For more information, contact uptime software inc. at:+1.416.868.0152 | www.uptimesoftware.com Download a Free Trial: www.uptimesoftware.com© 2010 uptime software inc. Webinar: Sign up here: www.uptimesoftware.com/web-demo-schedule.php Phone: Call us at +1 (416) 868-0152 Email: sales@uptimesoftware.com
  2. 2. Enterprise Monitoring Station Ensure Service Levels with Proactive Outage Avoidance and Automated Healing Strategic mid-enterprise IT departments want to focus on proactive IT management, in order to provide better service to the business. up.time helps you get proactive with: New York London Cape Town Osaka • Outage Avoidance: Proactively identify problem infrastructure and applications to find issues before they happen. • Automate: Set thresholds to automatically add or remove capacity as needed. • Optimize Capacity: Graph capacity over time, and get alerted before Global Monitoring Views potential capacity problems arise. across multiple datacenters • Service Level Management: Map Business needs and services toSimplify the Management of Virtual and Physical Environments the underlying IT infrastructurewith a Single Tool to ensure delivery. Automate management reports and graphs.How do you troubleshoot an application across multiple environments? How doyou see through the virtual layers to the physical infrastructure for fast root-causeanalysis? What about the Unix boxes that run critical services? Lastly, have youthought about how you might monitor Cloud in the future?Relax, up.time has you covered: • Control Everything: Monitor the virtual and physical environments from a single dashboard (Windows, VMware, Solaris, AIX, Linux, HP-UX, Novell, and public Cloud). For more information, • Solve Virtualization Challenges: Reports for identifying virtualization candidates, contact uptime software inc. at: for optimizing VM density, and for ensuring end-user performance. +1.416.868.0152 www.uptimesoftware.com • Scale Up: Easily monitor 1,000’s of servers across one or many datacenters. © 2010 uptime software inc.What People are saying:“By keeping track of service “It is fun to read a caution on “Rolling out to 250 servers “up.time’s outage avoidancelevels over time and analyzing the uptime software web site across VMware, Solaris, and fast MTTR has alreadyhistorical service-level trends, that says, ‘up.time installs in Linux, and Windows was a saved us over $50,000. Inup.time helps IT organizations minutes and works exactly as snap and we didn’t have to fact, 30 minutes of downtimeuse SLA monitoring and advertised.’ It is even more pay for each virtual host, can result in thousands ofreporting tools to predict and refreshing to find that there is that’s a huge cost savings.” dollars of lost revenue to usprevent problems before they really something to back it up. $1B European Bank and our clients. That makesimpact business users.“ What an impressive product (under NDA) proactive IT critical to CU - Gartner this is.” Direct’s success, and that’s - UnixReview.com why we chose up.time.” CU Direct Inc.