New Release of up.time - May 2010


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About Our Systems Management Software: "up.time"
up.time delivers deep server monitoring for mid-enterprises, without the complexity or high cost of enterprise tools by simplifying the management of virtual and physical resources with a single tool. up.time also helps solve difficult virtualization challenges, including identifying virtualization candidates, optimizing VM density and ensuring end-user performance. Additionally, up. time helps IT departments get proactive, with outage avoidance and automated healing capabilities.

up.time offers a fully functional free trial version that can be installed and running in less than 15 minutes. Download the up.time 30-day trial here

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New Release of up.time - May 2010

  1. 1. What’s new in up.time new: netFlow new: agentless Windows improved: Sla monitoring • easily identify: Top Applications, monitoring and reporting Conversations, Flows, Protocols, • Deep monitoring made easy: • Set up Slas in 10 minutes or less: Domains, Countries, Subnets, up.time’s new agentless Windows Point, click, done. etc. across dozens of routers and technology provides deep • Dry-run your Slas: Use up.time’s switches. monitoring previously only available historical data to dry-run potential • easily track: repeat offenders with agents. SLAs, and see if you would have history and create a Unique Index • auto Discovery: up.time hit or missed an SLA before you (UI) to manage traffic counts. immediately discovers Windows agree to it. Locate machines involved with DoS systems in your environment, and • map Services and business units attacks or infected with viruses. makes monitoring them easy. to infrastructure: up.time is one • historical netflow Data: Unlimited • easier maintenance: No more agent of the only products that maps at amounts of past NetFlow data, maintenance or updates needed. the infrastructure level, allowing even raw flows, for as long as The historical WMI gateway has you to monitor the SLA, and see necessary. been replaced with agentless all the applications and hardware • network behavior analysis: monitoring. in the delivery. Priceless for Algorithms perform Network troubleshooting. • expanded exchange and SQl Behavior Analysis on flows across monitoring all routers / switches. Did you Know, up.time can: • Solve your Virtualization Challenges: Reports for identifying virtualization candidates, for optimizing VM density, and for ensuring next Steps: end-user performance. Download a Free trial: • automatically avoid outages: Proactively identify problem infrastructure and applications to find issues before they happen. Automatically add/remove capacity as needed. Webinar: Sign up here: • optimize Capacity: Graph capacity over time, and get alerted before web-demo-schedule.php potential capacity problems arise. Phone: Call us at • Watch over multiple Datacenters: Whether it’s DR across the street, or +1 (416) 868-0152 various offices around the globe, use up.time as a single dashboard for global IT health monitoring. email: What are PeoPle Saying about uP.time? “up.time proves that it has what it takes, time and time again. “up.time provides a centralized view of physical and virtual servers, up.time is, frankly, superb. Ridiculously easy to use, vast range of devices and applications. Tight integration with VMware helps platforms supported, and addresses all the monitoring, reporting increase virtual machine density, and makes it easier to fix and avoid and alerting needs of the system manager. It really is the all-in-one outages in both virtual and physical environments.” systems management tool, especially with its attractive licensing.” NetworkWorld TechWorld