Unified IT Monitoring: Beautiful Dashboards vs. Deep Reporting - What’s More Important?


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Unified IT Monitoring: Beautiful Dashboards vs. Deep Reporting - What’s More Important?

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Unified IT Monitoring: Beautiful Dashboards vs. Deep Reporting - What’s More Important?

  1. 1. www.uptimesoftware.com Beautiful Dashboards vs. Deep Reporting What’s More Important? UNIFIED IT MONITORING Alex Bewley, CTO
  2. 2. www.uptimesoftware.com What are we talking about today? • Dashboards versus/and/or/maybe Reporting • Dashboards: Real-time super-cool, lots of pretty colours. – Seen in Big Data, Cloud-based XaaS offerings (APM) • Reports: Boring Excel and PDF, volumes of information. – Reminders of ‘The Office’  Well, what are you trying to solve? – Let’s break it down a bit
  3. 3. www.uptimesoftware.com What kinds of dashboards are there? • Data Oriented • Informative/Summary • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) • BSM (Business Service Management)  What are you trying to achieve? – Are you learning anything? – Are you saving yourself time or money?
  4. 4. www.uptimesoftware.com What roles use dashboards? • IT Operations – Developers (APM) – Operations • IT Manager • Line of Business • CXO  Who cares? – Well, the people who need them!
  5. 5. www.uptimesoftware.com Who is consuming the dashboard? • Gear the design to the consumer of it  Need to be very careful what information is displayed  Make sure that it’s relevant for the audience • Start thinking about key business metrics  Mapping the IT world to the business world  Note: it’s not always easy (or possible)! • An Application isn’t always an Application  I say Tomato you say Tomahto  WebSphere or Exchange NOT an Application
  6. 6. www.uptimesoftware.com Examples • The evolution of the dashboard – Infrastructure to Business
  7. 7. www.uptimesoftware.com www.uptimesoftware.com A Data Dashboard
  8. 8. www.uptimesoftware.com www.uptimesoftware.com Data Dashboards w/ Summary and Aggregate (Top 10) Information
  9. 9. www.uptimesoftware.com www.uptimesoftware.com A Topology Dashboard (for an Application)
  10. 10. www.uptimesoftware.com www.uptimesoftware.com Dashboard with KPI & BSM Information
  11. 11. www.uptimesoftware.com Dashboards • The Pros – Pretty (mostly) – Salient snapshot of important data – Great for non-technical users • The Cons – Limited time frame – Potential lack of context
  12. 12. www.uptimesoftware.com Reports • Why – Data over a long period of time (trend analysis) • How are they used? – Capacity planning – Cost management – Distribution to end-user groups – People who don’t have access to the monitoring system • SaaS – Seems to be report free – why? – Lots of SaaS products lack reporting in depth
  13. 13. www.uptimesoftware.com Consumers of Reports • They are the same as dashboards – BUT…. different goals • Psychologically, reports are used differently – Reports get read – You’ll remember to read it if it’s in your inbox, but you’ll generally forget to check a portal – People like to play with data
  14. 14. www.uptimesoftware.com Examples • Forensics – So, what happened yesterday? • Capacity Planning – Summaries to Line-of-Business Managers/Teams – Serve a large community of users w/o access to up.time • Summary Growth reports – Comparing large point-in-time differences (storage growth) • Service Level Agreements – Better SLA planning with historical and “rear-view mirror” data – Highly interdependent systems can cause application outages, even if outages are small
  15. 15. www.uptimesoftware.com www.uptimesoftware.com
  16. 16. www.uptimesoftware.com www.uptimesoftware.com
  17. 17. www.uptimesoftware.com www.uptimesoftware.com
  18. 18. www.uptimesoftware.com Getting the Best of Both Worlds • How do you combine real-time dashboards with deep reporting? • What’s out there? • How should you evaluate a solution? • How can you manage virtualized, hybrid cloud, or pure cloud environments?
  19. 19. www.uptimesoftware.com www.uptimesoftware.com What does up.time monitor? Business Services Applications Virtualization Servers Network
  20. 20. www.uptimesoftware.com Next steps… • Set up a 1:1 custom demo – demosales@uptimesoftware.com • Call us at: – 1.866.735.4304 • Download a trial of up.time: – www.uptimesoftware.com
  21. 21. www.uptimesoftware.com Map Dashboard Topology DashboardCapacity Dashboard Global Scan Resource Scan Thanks! alex.bewley@uptimesoftware.com @AlexBewley