Top 10 reasons to choose uptime software


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Top 10 reasons to choose uptime software

  1. 1. For more information, contact uptime software inc. at:+1.416.868.0152 |© uptime software inc.One Unified View of IT.Monitoring across the entire IT environment can be complex.How does up.time make it easier? It starts with one, unifiedview of IT. up.time monitors, alerts and reports on total IThealth across multiple platforms and environments from asingle dashboard. This provides IT managers with a unifiedview of performance across all servers, VMs, applications andservices along with the deep dive root-cause analysis toolsthat systems administrators need. One unified view. One comprehensive product. One highly scalable IT systems monitoring solutionthat’s flexible and easy to deploy.1. A Unified IT Dashboardup.time is a fully integrated server, application, networkand IT service monitoring and reporting solution forenterprise and mid-enterprise companies. Fromcustomizable high-level performance, availability andcapacity dashboards to deep-dive reporting and root-cause analysis, up.time has everything that IT managersand system administrators need to proactively andreactively monitor their IT environment.2. Multi-Platform and Multi-Environmentup.time provides comprehensive monitoring, alerting andreporting across all servers (Windows, Linux, VMware,IBM AIX and LPARS, Solaris and Containers, HP-UX,Novell and more), applications and networks. Monitoringand reporting is included for all physical, virtual, cloud andlegacy environments, giving IT a complete view ofapplication and service delivery.3. Comprehensiveup.time offers powerful, deep and comprehensiveenterprise features for monitoring and reporting on IThealth right out-of-the box. From unified dashboards andSLA reporting to capacity planning and root-causeanalysis, up.time is a complete enterprise monitoringsolution.4. Highly ScalableWith up.time, get enterprise-class scalability to 100,000+elements with role-based dashboards, multi-geographymonitoring and consolidated global reporting.5. Fast to Deploy, Easy to Useup.time is incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use. No trainingor professional services are required for deployment ormaintenance. Install up.time without long deploymentcycles, project teams or expensive professional services.up.time installs quickly and can be deployed by in-housestaff to hundreds of servers per day.6. CustomizableThe custom “PLUG-IN” feature can instantly importexisting monitoring scripts from other tools. In addition,IT can develop custom monitors in any language andreport on anything with an IP address.7. Fast Integrationup.time works synergistically with other tools (via RESTfulAPI). Quickly move data in and out of up.time and easilyintegrate with Service Desk, Business Intelligence, AssetManagement, CMDB and more.8. Responsive SupportGet unlimited solution expertise and software supportservices via phone, email, support portal and onlineforums. We ensure you get the maximum value from yourup.time deployment. We love our clients.9. ProvenThousands of corporations, educational institutions andgovernment organizations in 40 countries use up.timeevery day to increase IT performance while consistentlysaving IT staff time and budget.10. Simple, Flexible LicensingEach monitored element only requires a single elementlicense, regardless of the device type (physical server,virtual server, network device). Each element licenseincludes access to the entire up.time suite, includingunlimited server and application monitors, networkmonitors, service monitors, performance data collection,capacity management and access to all graphing,reporting, dashboards and SLA management features.Who is uptime software?uptime software is the creator of up.time; a highly scalableand easy-to-deploy IT systems monitoring solution thatprovides a unified view of the performance, availability andcapacity of your IT environment. up.times dashboards andtools deliver integrated, comprehensive and flexiblemonitoring, alerting and reporting for all physical servers,virtual machines, network devices, applications and services. Download a FREE 30-day Trial atwww.uptimesoftware.com10 Reasons to Choose “up.time” for yourIT Systems Management Software