The IT Enigma: How to increase it productivity and bring down it costs


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up.time offers a single, unified view of IT that provides accurate insight to ensure IT service levels meet business needs. Proactively monitor and manage all critical IT systems, servers, platforms, services and applications with an integrated and highly scalable solution that’s quick to deploy and immediately accelerates IT maturity.

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The IT Enigma: How to increase it productivity and bring down it costs

  1. 1. For more information, contact uptime software inc. at:+1.416.868.0152 |© 2012 uptime software inc.This year, according to Forrester, Corporate and ITexecutives will continue to focus on how to deliverconsistent IT services to the business at the lowestpossible cost. Simply, this means empowering ITproductivity while ensuring IT’s cost structure is asefficient as possible. That’s a tough assignment for ITmanagers and CIOs. So let’s look at both sides;Productivity and Cost.DrivingITProductivity…In a recent Forrester poll of IT executives on how toincrease IT productivity: 64% of IT executives pointed to end-to-end infrastructure monitoringMore Proactive IT and a Lower MTTR: The key is two-fold. First, end-to-end monitoring makes IT moreproactive by helping IT solve problems and outagesbefore they happen. Secondly, this improves IT staffproductivity through a faster Mean-Time-To-Repair(MTTR) when problems do happen. The net result isfewer IT problems and services returning to normalfaster when issues do happen. 55% of IT executives said capacityplanning and capacity management tomeet business demandTotal Capacity Visibility: Capacity is simple in theory.Too little and IT services don’t meet business needs,too much and IT wastes precious resources and dollars.How do you find the right balance? The key is to haveone view of capacity, across the entire data center.With the multitude of platforms and multi-vendorenvironments, this can be near impossible. Most toolsjust aren’t equipped to manage capacity in today’s datacenter. You need clear visibility to total capacity acrossall resources in order to manage capacity correctly.That includes capacity across physical, virtual, legacyand even cloud resources. Look for a tool that can beyour global capacity data warehouse. 80% of IT Managers feel they don’t haveenough visibility or control.Get Control: Without visibility, there is no control.Strategies look good on paper, but if they aren’texecuted and controlled properly, it’s a waste of time.To execute, IT teams need control and visibility of theirenvironment. The IT team needs a clear and accurateview of the entire datacenter’s performance andcapacity. Make sure your team can see physical,virtual, legacy and cloud resources easily. Asmanagement guru Peter Drucker says, “If you can’tmeasure it, you can’t manage it.”Reigningin ITCosts…Forrester has published the average cost structure of ITdepartments: 68% of IT executives say software andhardware consolidation is key to costcuttingNew Tools Can Maximize Hardware and SoftwareSavings: New tools can replace and consolidate thenumber of tools you use, greatly reducing your annualsoftware spend. In addition, new tools can increase theefficiency of your virtualization projects. That’s twobirds with one stone, a tool that helps software andhardware consolidation. That’s a big cost savings. Ifyou are virtualizing in search of greater cost savingsand efficiency gains, it’s the perfect time to consider abetter, and more cost effective, toolset. 43% of IT cost is staffing and contractorsMake Staff More Productive: Ensure your IT team is asproductive as possible. With the largest single spend ofIT budget, wasting staff time is a critical error. Ensuredata center tooling is getting the most out of your staff.Legacy or incorrect tools may be wasting up to 40% ormore staff time, as they can be unequipped to handletoday’s environments. That’s like burning 17% of yourtotal IT budget, before you even get to work!THE “IT” ENIGMA:HOW TO INCREASE IT PRODUCTIVITY AND BRING DOWN IT COSTS.
  2. 2. For more information, contact uptime software inc. at:+1.416.868.0152 |© 2011 uptime software inc. 75% of IT Executives cannot accuratelymeasure Quality of Service.Report on SLAs: Finally, it comes down to accuratelymeasuring the service IT delivers to the business. If ITcannot show proof of its value to the business units,then it’s just a cost center. Cost centers can easily beoutsourced or have their budget slashed. In order toshow IT’s value to the business, it’s critical to set andreport on IT Service Level Agreements. There are toolsthat make setting, monitoring and reporting on IT SLAseasy, and that can be deployed and reporting in hours.This is a critical step for IT departments, allocatingvalue (services provided) to cost (IT budget).NowtheHardPart,HowtoChange…Now.To become a highly productive and cost-efficient ITdepartment, you’ll need to change. Not just a strategyburied in a presentation but changing how IT works.But it doesn’t have to be complex or risky.The easiest way to initiate change is to find better ITtooling for your teams use. The right tool can drive theright behaviors and can help aid or enforce many of thepoints discussed above.So,WhatShouldITExecutivesLookFor… End-to-end infrastructure monitoring andmanagement across the entire data center. Powerful and granular capacity planning. A dashboard that helps IT management keep abird’s eye view on IT service delivery withvisibility across all IT environments, platformsand even multiple data centers. Service Level monitoring and managementthat’s accurate and fast to deploy. Service Level monitoring and managementthat’s accurate and fast to deploy. A tool that is easy for the IT staff to use, day-in-day-out, driving lower MTTR and fewer ITproblems. A lower Total Cost of Ownership than currenttools require (TCO includes licenses, training,on-going support and consulting). A tool that can cost effectively consolidatecurrent IT Systems Management solutions. A tool that can help optimize hardwareconsolidation and virtualization projects.Aboutuptimesoftware:uptime software inc., the creator of up.time, is aprivately held corporation founded in 2001 andheadquartered in Toronto, Canada. up.time is thecomplete IT dashboard for watching over servers,applications, networks and IT services, with powerful,affordable and easy-to-use monitoring, alerting andreporting for unified performance, availability andcapacity management across the enterprise datacenter.Over 120,000 IT professionals and managers in mid-enterprise and enterprise companies across 40countries have downloaded up.time to increase ITperformance while consistently saving IT staff time andbudget.up.time increases your IT department’sproductivity and reduces your IT costs. To learnmore about uptime software, please visit us athttp://www.uptimesoftware.comThe 451 Group on up.time“In todays challenging economy and with ITbudgets constrained, lower-cost but full-featured offerings like uptimes will have achance to shine.”Dennis Callaghan, Analyst for The 451 Group.