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Order Upstain Eye Tracking Tests - Changing the World of Marketing

Published in: Marketing
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Upstain slideshare

  1. 1. Changing the world of marketing (with eye tracking) Friday 14 November 14
  2. 2. Hey, I'm Jason and after 15 years in marketing, it’s time for change. Big time! Jason McMillion, Founder Upstain Friday 14 November 14
  3. 3. I’m annoyed with not knowing something... How my new marketing campaign is going to perform, BEFORE it’s pushed out. Friday 14 November 14
  4. 4. you may know that eye tracking can provide extremely valuable insights.... But, there are a few concerns with the current eye tracking market. Friday 14 November 14
  5. 5. Is this you?... Your newsletter needs to be sent out this Thursday. Your magazine ad has to be sent to the print shop ASAP. Your new landing page needs to go live tomorrow. Friday 14 November 14
  6. 6. In this case, traditional eye tracking services just won’t cut it! Friday 14 November 14
  7. 7. ...almost always involving huge projects taking weeks or months and costing $5,000 up to $75,000. Friday 14 November 14
  8. 8. Results within 24 - 48h Starting at only $599 20 test subjects High quality Eye trackers from Tobii Friday 14 November 14
  9. 9. Upstain is as simple as it gets: 1. You upload an image, PDF or link. Friday 14 November 14
  10. 10. 2. We conduct a first impression eye tracking test with a minimum of 20 people. Friday 14 November 14
  11. 11. 3. We upload your results within 24 hours! (heat map, gaze plot, cluster, chart) Friday 14 November 14
  12. 12. First impressions matter ❖ Compared to traditional eye tracking studies which usually recruit actively interested people (these would be your hardcore customers and fans) we focus on everyone else... Friday 14 November 14
  13. 13. First impressions matter ❖ ...meaning, we gather insights on all those who either are your customers or your potential customers, but are not actively reading everything you dish out... Friday 14 November 14
  14. 14. First impressions matter ❖ ...This group is usually 80-90% of your total customer base. You might want to give them some extra attention :) Friday 14 November 14
  15. 15. There you go! Get started with Upstain for insights on how your marketing campaigns are going to perform BEFORE you push them out! We’re happy to help! Get in contact: Friday 14 November 14
  16. 16. ...and a second peak at our logo (a good marketing strategy we’ve heard) - Stop guessing, Start Eye tracking Friday 14 November 14