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an ambiance based location app. A new generation of location based apps that uses the features found on everyone’s smartphone to pinpoint any location and find friends and venues around that location with the ambiance and liveliness you seek.

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  1. 1. Team members: Cao Hong Willy Tiong Clifton Phua Vincent Kng Marcelo Alba
  2. 2. Location Friends !!!! MovementNoise / Activity Density
  3. 3. Real Time Input Output Visualization Processing GPS 8 pm, May14 - NUS Liveliness Mining Engine !!!!Microphone GyrometerAccelerometerMagnometer • Real-time • Cloud-based (AWS) • Scalable to BIG data
  4. 4. !!!! Data Entered by Demographic User During Signup Facebook Connect (Age & Gender) Information
  5. 5. Government Advertisers & AgenciesEvent Marketers (Police, Transport, Tourism)
  6. 6. We are A full set of SingTel Build & design here: data for density app 1 Marketing of App 5 Enhance & customize app/SDK 2 Grow user base. Grow data set. 4 Open SDK to user base. 3 Pitch to advertisers to monetize SDK: Software Development Kit
  7. 7. Innovative  A new generation of location apps. Meets the needs of Helps users decide where to go based on the the city ambience they seek. Viable  Uses technology native to your phone. Scalable  Can work with big data in any city in the world.
  8. 8. Credits & ContactsData set used:SingTel Call DataTeam lead Team members:Cao Hong Willy Tiong+65 9827 4313 Clifton Vincent Kng Marcelo Alba