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Cart Abandonment Solutions


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UpSellit's cart abandonment solutions ( work on a 100% pay-for performance pricing model to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales. With cart abandonment increasing from 59.8% in 2006 to 72.31% in 2012, marketers can no longer address abandonment issues by simply following shopping cart best practices.

UpSellit's cart abandonment solutions work to directly address the top reasons for abandonment with unique chat, email and survey technologies that are custom designed to align with the client's brand and desired user experience.

Abandonment Chat ( engages targeted site visitors mid-abandonment in order to answer frequently asked questions and to address common concerns. Leveraging a proprietary SmartAgent automated chat platform, UpSellit develops robust custom knowledge bases that answer hundreds of client-specific questions. Automated chat agents understand everyday language, common misspellings, slang and even web speak in order to recognize the customer's need and provide the most effective response.

Email ReMarketing ( solutions work to recover site visitors who initiate, but never complete a specific process or purchase. Leveraging UpSellit's proporetary Datahound lead recovery technology, Email ReMarketing campaigns recover abandoned carts with highly targeted messaging strategies that convince the consumer to complete the purchase. Datahound lead recovery collects user information in real-time using an advanced keystroke capture software that also securely stores complete visitor details and session information.

Abandonment Surveys ( engage abandoning customers to initiate a dynamic survey experience that actively reacts to user's responses in order to capture highly detailed customer feedback and provide optimal conversion incentives. With a long list of rich media capabilities and a variety of engagement strategies, Abandonment Surveys are the ideal survey experience for marketers who want to collect information while providing real customer value in a completely branded experience.

For more information about UpSellit's customer recovery ( solutions, please contact an abandonment expert at today.

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Cart Abandonment Solutions

  1. 1. Reduce Cart Abandonment with UpSellit’s Pay-for-Performance Solutions
  2. 2. Cart abandonment increases year over year.2006 – Marketing Sherpa | 2007 – Coremetrics | 2008 – Coremetrics | 2009 – Coremetrics | 2010 – Fireclick | 2011 – SeeWhy | 2012 – Fireclick
  3. 3. 4 Main Concernscontribute to 90% of all abandoned carts. Shipping Consideration Comparison Confusion 38% 50% 13% 25% 0% North American Technographics Retail Online Survey
  4. 4. Chat, Email & Surveysolutions directly address the top reasons for cart abandonment.
  5. 5. Independent or Collectivecampaigns target different stages of the sales funnel.
  6. 6. Abandonment Chatrecovers abandoning visitors with automated assistance. • Increase Conversions 10-25% • Learn Why Consumers Are Abandoning • Provide Real Value with Intelligent Support • Target, Suppress & Segment Traffic • Test Offers, Messaging & Discounts
  7. 7. Custom DevelopedAbandonment Chat campaigns increase conversions 10-25%. • Custom Agent Knowledge Base • Custom Agent Personality • Custom Chat Window Design • Custom Abandonment Engagements • Custom Incentive Strategies • Custom Traffic Segmentation
  8. 8. 24-Hour Sales Supportto Millions of Site Visitors Simultaneously.• Answer Frequently Asked Questions• Address Common Purchase Concerns• Understand Misspellings, Slang & Web-Speak• Stream Real-Time Site Information• Automated Intelligence is Continually Optimized Chat with SmartAgent
  9. 9. Email ReMarketingrecovers abandoned carts with highly targeted messaging. • Increase Conversions 5-15% • Increase Abandoned Cart Lead Recovery • Increase New Customer Acquisition • Build Customer Loyalty & Brand Awareness • Test Offers, Messaging & Discounts
  10. 10. Highly Relevantremarketing emails increase conversions 5-15%. • Branded Email Designs • Dynamic Product Images • Personalized Customer Content • Optimized Email Timing • Custom Incentive Strategies • Custom Traffic Segmentation
  11. 11. Capture More Leadswith Datahound Lead Recovery Technology.• Collect Contact Info in Real-Time• Collect Complete Visitor & Session Info• Privacy Policy Act & CAN SPAM Act Compliant• Automated List Management & Hygiene• Encrypted & Secure Data Storage Demo Datahound
  12. 12. Abandonment Surveyscollect in-depth customer & non-customer feedback. • Increase Conversions 1-5% • Learn Why Visitors Abandon • Learn How to Optimize Your Funnel • Highly Targeted Enagements • Test Offers, Messaging & Discounts
  13. 13. Reactive Engagementsprovide highly customized survey experiences. • Custom Survey Designs • Dynamic Question Logic • Reactive & Adaptive Experiences • Custom Abandonment Engagements • Custom Incentive Strategies • Custom Traffic Segmentation
  14. 14. Collect In-Depth Feedbackwith Abandonment Surveys powered by Question Logic. • Disambiguate Feedback with Reactive Questions • Provide Relevant Value Propositions & Incentives • Promote Social Engagement • Grow Email Remarketing Lists • Build Customer Loyalty Demo an Abandonment Survey
  15. 15. Complete reportingallows easy client-side performance tracking.
  16. 16. Full-Service Solutionsensure the highest possible campaign performance.• Site & Cart Abandonment Analysis• Abandonment Strategy Development• Complete Design & Development• 24/7 Customer Support• Solution Hosting & Secure Data Storage• Ongoing Testing & Optimization• Regular Vendor-Client Performance Reviews
  17. 17. 100% Pay-for-Performanceensures a substantial return on investment. (No additional fees)
  18. 18. Over $1 billion has been recoveredby e-tailers using UpSellit’s strategic abandonment solutions.
  19. 19. Get started with UpSellitFull-service, pay-for-performance campaigns live in 48 hours.1. Agree on a CPA (cost-per-acquisition)2. Customer recovery strategy meeting3. UpSellit develops your custom solution4. Client review, edit and approval5. 10-minute client-side implementation Schedule a Consultation
  20. 20. Client PraiseAsk a representative about a case study from your industry. “captured significant revenue … otherwise lost” “25% increase in sales … easy to work with” “added value … critical to our success” “exceeded our expectations … grown stronger” “10% increase in our sales … customers love it”
  21. 21. Thank Youfor considering UpSellit’s Site Abandonment Solutions. For more information, Please contact: Jeremy Aaronson VP of Sales & Marketing, UpSellit Email: | Office: (805) 322 1522