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Cart Abandonment: How to Increase Sales with Email ReMarketing


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Cart abandonment rates have been steadily increasing and email remarketing has proven to be an effective tactic for recovering these abandoned carts. UpSellit ( has created a best practices guide that outlines the tips, strategies and proven methods for creating a highly effective email remarketing campaign.

This presentation outlines the steps marketers should perform when creating their own email remarketing campaign to fight cart abandonment:

1. Effective lead recovery utilizes both pre-submit and post-submit techniques to build the largest remarketing database possible.

2. Identify the key traffic sources and primary reasons for cart abandonment in order to create an effective traffic segmentation strategy.

3. Creating a consistent and effective messaging strategy throughout the email remarketing campaign will deliver the best results.

4. Perfectly timing each email is a science, not an art and requires extensive testing.

5. Incentives are a great way to give conversions a little boost, but only the 'ideal incentive' will produce the greatest increase in net profit.

6. Make sure your emails are well designed and are easily read in the mobile inbox.

7. Learn about UpSellit's 100% pay-for-performance cart abandonment solutions here:

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Cart Abandonment: How to Increase Sales with Email ReMarketing

  1. 1. Email ReMarketingTIPS, STRATEGIES & PROVEN METHODS THATREDUCE CART ABANDONMENT +1 (866) 504-9619 @UpSellit
  2. 2. Cart Abandonment is Steadily Growing Website Abandonment Rates 2006 - 2012 2006 – 59.80% – Marketing Sherpa 2007 – 61.36% – Coremetrics 2008 – 62.01% – Coremetrics 2009 – 63.19% – Coremetrics 2010 – 69.38% – Fireclick 2011 – 72.00% – SeeWhy 2012 – 72.31% – Fireclick• With an estimated 76% of all transactions resulting in cart abandonment (Forrester), marketers are scrambling to recover abandoned carts. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  3. 3. (Email) Marketing vs. ReMarketing• Email marketing: the act of sending commercial messages to a group of previous or potential customers.• Email ReMarketing: the act of sending commercial messages to site visitors who abandoned their cart. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  4. 4. Why ReMarket to Abandoned Carts?• 76% of all transactions result in cart abandonment.• 20-40% of shoppers will return when remarketed to.• Email ReMarketing typically generates 20%+ of all email revenue, while accounting for .1-.5% of email volume.• An optimized email remarketing campaign can generate a 5-15% increase in overall conversions. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  5. 5. How to ReMarket to Abandoned Carts.1. Recover the email address from abandoned carts.2. Create a segmentation and targeting strategy.3. Write an effective remarketing message strategy.4. Develop an optimized timing strategy.5. Identify the ideal incentive for the remarketing campaign.6. Design a mobile-optimized remarketing email.7. Test, analyze and optimize the campaign. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  6. 6. Recovering Leads from Abandoned Carts. Old Model of Eligibility: Required that shoppers advance beyond the email collection stage of the checkout process. New Model of Eligibility: Allows businesses to remarket to shoppers who abandon from the email collection stage of the checkout process. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  7. 7. Pre-Submit Lead Recovery: The New Model of EligibilityPre-Submit Lead Recovery collects and saves visitor leads the instant they’retyped. If the visitor abandons, then the lead is saved for remarketingpurposes. Single-Page Checkout Multi-Page Checkout Without Pre-Submit Lead With Pre-Submit Lead Recovery, Recovery, businesses are unable to businesses collect 25-45% more remarket to first-time visitors who leads than when only using the ‘old abandon a single-page checkout. model’ of lead collection. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  8. 8. Is Pre-Submit Lead Recovery Legal?In short, yes. Pre-Submit Lead Recovery does not violate any US or EUregulations, nor does it violate any Google, Yahoo or Bing terms of service.In accordance with the European Union’s Privacy Policy Act, as long as theusage of a pre-submit lead recovery technology is disclosed in the website’sterms and conditions, then it is completely legal to remarket to these leads.The U.S. tends to focus on regulations surrounding the distribution of commercialmessages (e.g. CAN–SPAM Act), but leaves a grey area surrounding the collection ofonline customer information on your own site. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  9. 9. Datahound: UpSellit’s Pre-Submit Lead Recovery Technology • Collect Leads in Real-Time • Target & Suppress Specific Form Fields • Auto-Correct Incomplete Emails • Automated Email De-Duplication • Automated Suppression List Identification • Automated List Hygiene • Encrypted & Secure Data Storage Demo Pre-Submit Lead Recovery +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  10. 10. Segmenting Traffic to Target Consumers• When creating an effective remarketing strategy, keep one key goal in mind: provide a highly relevant engagement that directly addresses the consumer’s needs.• The more relevant the message, the more likely it is that the consumer will open, read, click and convert.• Marketers need to know why the consumer came to their site, what they did while they were there, and the probable reasons why they abandoned. With these three considerations in mind, marketers can began building their campaign segmentation. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  11. 11. Gathering Customer Insight• Understanding why a customer came to the website provides valuable insight into what a customer’s needs are and what motivates them to take action.• Google search terms, advertising campaigns, and promotions all provide valuable insight into why the consumer chose to visit the site.• By recording the pages visited and the time spent on those pages, marketers can create a reliable view of what the user may have been looking for but was ultimately unable to find. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  12. 12. Segmenting Abandoned CartsSegmenting abandoned carts is the ideal way to deliver a relevant remarketingexperience. By identifying the traffic’s original source, marketers have insight intowhat they’re needs and interests are. By segmenting abandoned carts by thepage they abandoned, marketers can address probable concerns. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  13. 13. Top 6 Reasons for Abandonment 1 44% - Shipping and handling costs were too high. 2 41% – I was not ready to purchase the product. 3 27% – I wanted to compare prices on other sites. 4 25% – Price was higher than I wanted to pay. 5 24% – Was saving products in the cart for later. 6 22% – Shipping & handling costs too late in checkout. Source: Forrester Report 2011 +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  14. 14. The Proven 3-Part Message Strategy• UpSellit has found that the most effective email remarketing campaigns consist of three emails sent over the span of one week.• Emails containing customer-specific content have proven to perform almost twice as well as generic email formulas.• Each email in the series should have a unique strategy that works both independently and collectively. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  15. 15. 1st ReMarketing Email • Assume there was an issue with the order, and apologize. • Offer customer support contact information. • Establish credibility with content specific to their experience.The marketer’s objective is to establish trust and credibility by offering assistance.A polite and helpful tone, combined with relevant content and a clear call-to-action canoften produce a 5-10% sales rate for the first email alone. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  16. 16. 2nd ReMarketing Email • Assume they did not receive the first email. • Apologize for any issues they may experienced. • Offer a special discount.Offering a small incentive in the second email is a highly effective method of peakingcustomer interest and recovering the sale. Combining this new value alongsidetargeted content and a clear call-to-action can account for 20-30% of the campaign’stotal conversions. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  17. 17. 3rd ReMarketing Email • Make it clear that this is the last message they will receive. • Reiterate the special discount. • Inform them there is only a specific amount of time to redeem.If the second email was unsuccessful at converting the consumer, include messagingthat creates a strong sense of urgency. By simply creating a limitation around theoffer previously presented, the third email can deliver 35-45% of the total campaignsales. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  18. 18. Timing Each Email• The timing of your messages can make or break your campaign. If you provide an incentive too early, you can reduce your bottom line and if you wait too long you can miss the sale altogether.• When it comes to timing, the answer is always test, test, test and test some more. Every demographic has slightly different purchase behaviors and every product has a unique sales cycle. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  19. 19. Is There a Best Day for the First Email?• UpSellit has found that the most successful time to send the first email doesnt really depend on the day of the week, but rather on the day the cart was abandoned.• Sending the first remarketing email at the exact moment of cart abandonment results in approximately 38% more conversions than emails sent 2 hours after the site was abandoned. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  20. 20. When to ReMarket, Again.• The secret to driving the highest conversions for the second email was adapting to the customer’s lifestyle.• For ecommerce sites targeting young adults, conversion rates were highest when the second email was sent between the hours of 6AM and 8AM on the day following the abandoned cart.• Conversions are consistently the highest when the third email was sent on the first Sunday following the initial abandon. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  21. 21. Identifying the Ideal Incentive• Offering a consumer the right incentive at the right time is the perfect way to provide that extra nudge needed to recover an abandoned shopper.• The only way to accurately identify the ideal incentive for your business is to split test multiple offers. The ideal incentive will result in the largest net profit gain.• Predicting and calculating the lift in net profit requires an analysis of what converts best and what provides the largest return on investment (ROI). +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  22. 22. Identifying the Ideal Incentive • ROI: Subtract the net cost of the incentive from the net profit from the new conversions. • Tip: Consider the average order value and the customer lifetime value of new conversions when calculating net profit. • Ideal Incentive: Indicated by the Net Profit, the ideal incentive provides the highest revenue gain, not just the best ROI or highest increase in conversions. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  23. 23. Recommended Incentives Digital Media. Relevant videos, eBooks, music, or software can lift sales without hurting ROI. Discount on Purchase. Providing a percentage discount can result in increased average order values. Free Shipping. Eliminating the number one purchase concern (Forrester) will boost conversions. Free Gift. A gift with a perceived value much higher than its cost to you is most effective.A successful incentive will increase conversions by actively ‘tipping the scales’ on thepurchase decision by balancing out whatever negative reaction was preventing theconsumer from converting. The ‘heavier’ the incentive, the higher the lift in sales. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  24. 24. Tips for Effective IncentivesAn ideal incentive will always have a higher perceived value than theactual cost of the offer.Incorporate targeted incentives into your campaign segmentationIncrease the ROI of an incentive by requiring a minimum order value.A static (free shipping, $5 Off) discount will often outperform apercentage discount.Prevent coupon proliferation with one-time-use coupon codes. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  25. 25. Anatomy of a Successful ReMarketing Email• A successful email has one primary message and remains focused on that message throughout the email.• When all of the copy, graphics, and call-to-actions are reinforcing the same message, campaign performance will often more than double.• UpSellit has outlined a set of best practices and marketing suggestions that will help you develop an effective email layout for your remarketing campaign. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  26. 26. Anatomy of a Successful ReMarketing EmailSubject lines should not exceed 45 characters. Avoid words like: confirm, upgrade, rewards, coupon, discount, savings, etc. Pre-header text allows users to have a quick preview of the message. By placing the CTA on the far left you ensure the user will be able to see it on any device or email application. Limit height to 100 pixels. Using the customer’s name will increase engagement. An image of the abandoned product creates immediate relevance. The common ‘fold’ line for emails is 200-250 pixels from the top. Be sure to include the primary message above this line. 1 of 3 +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  27. 27. Anatomy of a Successful ReMarketing Email A bulleted list of key value propositions and differentiators provides a quick way to address common concerns and answer FAQs. The email copy should use common web fonts such as Arial, Tahoma or Times New Roman. For legibility, use at least 12pt fonts for body copy and 20pt for headlines. Try to keep the size of each image at 20k or less. The overall size of the email should not exceed 70k. Be sure to include alt tags for all images in the email. Alt tags allow users to understand what the image is, what the offer may be, or 2 of 3 what the main message of the email is before they download the images. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  28. 28. Anatomy of a Successful ReMarketing Email Do not create your emails using style sheets, JavaScript or excessive code. Writing the HTML in a simple text editor is the easiest way to ensure your email will be displayed properly across every platform. Create CAN-SPAM compliant emails by including a physical mailing address, providing an unsubscribe link (and honoring unsubscribe requests), and be straightforward about who is sending the email as well as the commercial quality of the message. 3 of 3 +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  29. 29. Converting the Mobile Mailbox• With a 54% increase in the number emails read on a mobile device from 2010 to 2011, marketers can no longer ignore the mobile mailbox.• While desktop mail applications typically display 38 to 47 characters in the subject line, some mobile applications only display the first 6- 12 characters.• Marketers should analyze each key performance indicator (open, read, click-through and conversion) and how it may be affected by the limitations of a mobile device. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  30. 30. Converting the Mobile Mailbox• Subject lines that include popular or memorable keywords as well as branded sender names will help consumers remember and find your email when they’re ready to make their purchase.• HTML emails shouldnt be any more than 550 pixels wide and messages should also be formatted and designed for left alignment.• limit the size of each image to 20k and to keep the overall size of the email under 70k.• By creating an email that is easily read, understood and clicked- through, you’ll instantly see your mobile conversions rise. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  31. 31. UpSellit’s Cart Abandonment Solutions UpSellit provides online businesses a suite of custom cart abandonment solutions that increase conversions on a pay-for-performance pricing model.Abandonment Chat recovers Email ReMarketing reduces cart Abandonment Surveys recoverabandoned carts with automated chat abandonment with a series of highly customers with a dynamic surveyagents that answer FAQs and targeted messages that convince engagement that reacts to useraddress concerns. abandoned customers to come responses in real-time. back. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  32. 32. UpSellit’s Full-Service Email RemarketingZero Investment Complete Client Control• 100% pay-for-performance pricing model • Once developed, everything is provided to the client for the review, edit and approval process.Expert Analysis Simple Integrations• Identifies possible reasons for abandonment • Integrate seamlessly with all shopping cart and develops a customized customer recovery platforms, analytics providers, affiliate strategy. networks, and website architectures.Custom Strategies Easy Implementation• Common customer pain points and key traffic • UpSellit provides a short JavaScript tag that is sources are identified for the traffic simply pasted into the footer of relevant segmentation matrix website pages. +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit
  33. 33. Contact Us Today! +1 (866) 504-9619 +1 (805) 435-0330 5655 Lindero Canyon Road, Suite 702 Westlake Village, CA 91362 +1 (866) 504-9619 | | | @UpSellit