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Things You Don't Know About Alternative Fuel Vehicles


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An alternative fuel vehicle is a vehicle that runs on electric, natural gas, and hydrogen. It was greatly benefitted for a car owner. An electric car is a great way for you, as a consumer, to save a lot of money on gas. Hydrogen cars are eco-friendly cars that use hydrogen as its primary fuel. As we all know that a fuel efficient car doesn’t need any oil for running. These fuels are helps to run the vehicle very fast and efficient manner. These effective featured cars save your time and money both in a great way.

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  • Alternative fuel vehicles are really a very good option for users to save money on gas and also it is environmental friendly. Quite interesting info here it is. Thanks for sharing and updating me.
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Things You Don't Know About Alternative Fuel Vehicles

  1. 1. In hybrid electric vehicle battery can only be charged by regenerative braking or internal combustion engine
  2. 2. Alternative fueling stations are available more than 10,160 as per 2014 data Biodiesel Natural Gas Electric Hydrogen
  3. 3. Cleanest Burning Fuel : To be surprised 20% of buses run on natural gas
  4. 4. Benefits Efficient than ICE Better Environment preservation Revolutionize transport system
  5. 5. Propane used vehicles : Liquefied petroleum gas used vehicles more than 10 million world wide
  6. 6. Relatively Low Cost Ubiquitous fueling infrastruct ure Purpose Of Using Propane
  7. 7. Algae-Based Biofuels
  8. 8. Benefit
  9. 9. What is the advantages and loopholes of Hybrid Cars..??
  10. 10. Advantages Fuel Saving Tax Breaks Higher gas mileage Higher resale Value
  11. 11. Reduces 30-60% fuel use than traditional vehicles
  12. 12. Fuel Saving Less use of Fuel less expense on fuel
  13. 13. Tax Breaks Vehicle registration savings Discount on excise tax Income Tax Rebates
  14. 14. Less Aerodynamic Light weight Smaller gas engine Higher Gas Mileage
  15. 15. Higher resale value More demand for Car Improved equipment Reliability Value
  16. 16. Limitations Expensive Maintenance Less Power SafetyPoor Handling Higher purchase cost
  17. 17. Higher purchase cost The initial cost of vehicle is higher than ICE vehicle
  18. 18. Advance technology Fuel- saving benefit Eco-status Car Why the cost of purchase is high..??
  19. 19. Expensive Maintenance……..why Dual compulsion system Un- availability of proper equipment Servicing need to be done by Manufacturer only
  20. 20. Less Power…..why ??? Smaller ICE and lighter weight But Reduce Acceleration
  21. 21. Safety : High voltage batteries Chances of electrocution Extremely sound less for pedestrian
  22. 22. Poor Handling : Less support in suspension and body Use of lighter components
  23. 23. Let’s know the Pros and cons of Electric Car ..????
  24. 24. Advantages Easy maintenance Low fuel cost Eco- friendly Safe drive Energy Efficient
  25. 25. Energy Efficient Gasoline energy converts 17-21%
  26. 26. Easy maintenance Fewer Moving Parts
  27. 27. Low fuel cost
  28. 28. Zero Emission Eco-friendly : Batteries 100% Recyclable
  29. 29. Immediate deployment of air bag Immediate Disconnection of Electric Safe To Drive
  30. 30. More Fuel- Efficient
  31. 31. More Fuel-Efficient
  32. 32. Few fueling stations Reduced speed Less performance Minimal cargo space Shorter driving range
  33. 33. Website: