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Scrap metal drive


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All about our scrap metal drive.

Published in: Education
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Scrap metal drive

  1. 1. Talking MetalOne day Malcolm and Phil came and talked to us about all the different metal types. From that we all knew of lots of different metal that we could bring in for our scrap metal drive. Here are some of the metal types we could bring in: steel copper galvanised ironbrass aluminium mild steelheavy lead cast iron
  2. 2. Sunday WorkingA few weeks ago on Sunday we had aworking bee at Phil Grover’s hop farm.It was a great day and we had collected heapsof metal from our very successful scrap metaldrive. Thanks to Neudorf Vineyard who kindly donated40 years of scrap metal lying around the farm, andeveryone else.
  3. 3. All Hands On!!
  4. 4. Phil came to schoolwith this piece ofjunk on the back ofhis truck. We all hada guess at howmuch it was worth. Our guesses Were from $50-$1,500.
  5. 5. Nicole and Kohu went with Phil to the scrapmetal yard and dropped of that old piece ofjunk. It got weighed, andwas 473kg.They gothanded acheque. The total amountfor the solid copper boilerwas . . .
  6. 6. The Total Price…When all the metal had been taken toThe scrap metal yard; Nicole andKohu got handed a cheque of . . .
  7. 7. Thank you to Wayne Heine-digger time to excavate dumps Neudorf Vineyard Brian Bueke Ian Newton For large donations of metal Sims pacific metals- Free freight on 4 truckloads of scrap metal And a special thanks to Phil Grover and Malcolm for organising this fundraiser.And also thanks Phil for donating all that metal. Thanks again everyone!!!
  8. 8. Other interesting points. . .• We cleared about 24 tonnes of ‘rubbish’ from the local area during the fundraiser.• A tonne of steel made from recycled steel generates 2 tones less CO2 emissions than a tonne of steel made from iron ore. Good for the environment all round!
  9. 9. By Nicoleand Saffron