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Assembly pack tcm9-324537


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Assembly pack tcm9-324537

  1. 1. Every year the RSPBasks children across theUK to count the birds in their school grounds
  2. 2. Why do you thinkwe ask for your help?
  3. 3. The Big Schools’ Birdwatch helps us to...• Create a ‘picture’ of • If we know that the bird how birds are doing population is healthy and you see lots of birds across the UK during your Birdwatch, it tells us that the rest of our wildlife is doing well too.
  4. 4. The Big Schools’ Birdwatch helps us to...• Record birdwatching • We can identify and help species that are in data and compare it trouble. In previous years to earlier years so we noticed a dramatic we can spot any decline in house sparrows trends or changes and starlings.
  5. 5. Last year...Nearly children from schools took part! The blackbird, starling and woodpigeon topped the charts for the year in a row!
  6. 6. How do you know what type of bird it is?
  7. 7. Identification skills Ways to tell different birds apart What colour are theirLook at the size and feathers? shape of their beak How big is the bird? What shape is it’s body? Listen to, and try to remember, th eir song What are their legs and feet like?
  8. 8. So can you identify any of these birds.....?
  9. 9. Blackbird
  10. 10. Chaffinch
  11. 11. Robin
  12. 12. Great tit
  13. 13. Greenfinch
  14. 14. Mallard
  15. 15. This year! The Big Schools’ Birdwatch takes place between 21st January – 1st February 2013Take a step for nature and help us to make this Big Schools’ Birdwatch the biggest yet!
  16. 16. At home?Big Schools’ Birdwatch ispart of Big Garden Birdwatchwhich is done at home or in alocal park over a weekend. This year’s Big Garden Birdwatch takes place on the 26 & 27 January 2013 It’s another If you would like to take part at step for home ask your teacher how! nature!
  17. 17. Illustrations by Andy Hamilton and Mike Langman.Photographs by Ray Kennedy, Andy Hay, Ben Hall and David McHugh (all Sounds © British Library