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Sweet seventeen


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Sweet seventeen

  1. 1. It’s just beginning…
  2. 2. Yupi and herSeventeen …
  3. 3. Seventeen… Is my new experience. But, honesty I’m afraid. Seventeen is a bad word in my mind for now because I really wanna be me as a kid forever. Because adult is aShe says…problem, and I don’t like problem.
  4. 4. The Passed Moments
  5. 5. Family
  6. 6. Say hello to my daddy!!!Let’s laughing with my He is the best father in the momy… world. The youngest child in theShe is a wonder woman. house. Trust me! Whoa-whoa!!! My sister… Just so U know! It’s me! He is my older brother…The cutest girl in the My younger brother. world. I think. He promised, he won’t And my little enemy in the housebefore I’m getting married And I’m waiting my 17’th. going 20
  7. 7. friends
  8. 8. UnggulanForever…
  9. 9. X-2Happiness and Sadness
  10. 10. XI Sains 3That’s The Way It Is
  11. 11. And the S0ulM@tH3ssSs are…
  12. 12. 1. Hunting Food2. Travelling 3. Waiting Love Three Big Wishes
  13. 13. I wanna eat so many good foods in the world.Nyummm…nyummm …
  14. 14. I wanna visit so many beautiful places in the world.
  15. 15. August 30 1991,The nice Friday morning was singing happily when ababy borned. The baby was a cute girl and this babycompleted an happiness for her parent.Her name was Upi Anggraeni. The meaning of her namewas ‘A Little Angel’.She grew well and got all she need. Foods, dress, toys,and loves. Anything…anything that make her very-verypleased life as her-self.Up now. Up she stand and see her seventeen in front ofher eyes. She knows, seventeen is the end of her freedomas a kid and the start of her future as an adult woman.But, she’s not ready. Not yet.This girl is me.
  16. 16. But,Who’s afraid?
  17. 17. I can make so many great plansfor my life and that’s so interesting, isn’t that?
  18. 18. Finish the studyLooking for Someone Getting Married to fill my heart Have a little family and live happily Getting Old
  19. 19. And now… I’m seventeen years old.I wish my gift is a lux car but Hehehe…
  20. 20. Created by: Music By: Thanks To: Toshiro Masuda – Fake Yupi Noko Chan Allerina Yupi’s Family You Sleep Jesse McCartney –Production Poyo How Do X-2 Cwi, Deol,Mi’Ung, Isna, Novec, Ijonk, Jesse McCartney Mang Endar, I’ah, Minde, Depol, – Just So You Know 2008 Lira, Fifit, Ardez, Agus, Gofar, Cantika, Ninih, Indah, Dillut,–Ponah, Jesse McCartney Freaky Dea, Mpi, Dinda, Eco, Me’, Hepi, Heru, Haidar, Hardi, Jipenk, Sumenah, Gugun, Salsa, Lilik Bijul, Tita, Beck 2 Kang Rie Fu – Oki, Rahmat, Mail, Tiol, Nurul, Life Is Like A Boat Sita, Kang Yayan, Ampi, Uung, Staring by: Didin, Yena, Harno, Jordan, Roma, Ratna, Back On Later … See You – Believer Etc… Iiz, Ryan, Indra Upi Anggraeni Unggulan– 17’th I’m going Movin’ XI Sains 3 Takacha Friends Aang, Urip Rahmanme at Ayu D, Gina Dumina,Hakim Join with Isna, Ayul, Babeh,Instrumental Butterfly Coey, Pakepik, UwaMami, Ika, Raenih Inai, Mia, Ra, Alfiyah, Noviyah, Ratna, Iiz, Dea, – Yuugure No Menur, Fu Generation Ventil, Eka, Asian Kung Aidah, Mba Al, Anisa, Yani, Aka Juhandi Wijaya Amrullah, Uti, Uci, Ii’, Bibi Lin, Saeful, Ismi,Tatsuya Ishii – River Menov, Dimas, Bobiez,Dzikri, Yoga, Rizki Andanu Uyunk, Gisela, Anne, , Tiara, Funwari Ochitekuru TsukiakariRia, Rivan, Deni, Silvyani Suhendra, Etham, Sakroni, Untung, Yupi Noko In Memoriam Death Note OST Diajenk, Bayu, Arief, Zaki, Bambang, Risnandar, Gilang, Anggi, Iin Sweet Seventeen Toshira Masuda - Morning Jawul, Lele