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Messing around avs

Presentation for my talk at Null Delhi Chapter Meet on Bypassing AVs.

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Messing around avs

  1. 1. Messing Around AvsShubham Mittal
  2. 2. • Who am I ?Agen • Why need AV bye passing ? • How AVs work ? • Bye pass ? HTF ? da • • W00t W00t  More research requirement.. • Shoot your questions..
  3. 3. Who Am I ? • Security Consultant @ Hackplanet Technologies • Penetration tester • Spoken at various National Level Conferences (Techno Tryst 2012, NSWET 2011, etc.) • Current Areas : • > SOC, Malware Analysis, MSF, Network Forensics
  4. 4. Why need AV bypassing ?  Firewalls can be bypassed with Client Side attacks, which require some piece of code on the remote machine but AV picks it up.  You made a virus and sent it to remote machine, but AV picks it up.  You have a payload which you want to execute. You social engineered the owner to execute your payload, but AV picks it up.
  5. 5. Signature Based Detection
  6. 6. Byepass ? HTF ? Crypters (UPX, etc.) - Old approach Smart Crypter ( We will do it ) Shell code Injection ( We will do it too  )
  7. 7. Crypters, hmm…But, AVs are not fool too. They have mind.
  8. 8. Smart Crypyters – PE Crypter  Hyperion : By Christian Ammann (Null Security Team)  Packs the PE file format with AES.  Key used for encryption is “SMALL”.  At runtime, the key is brute forced. Algorithm :- 1. Copy the encrypted file in memory as backup. 2. Guess the key. 3. Decrypt the DATA. 4. Verify the DATA with checksums”. 5. If key is right, cheers ! 6. If no, restore the data section from back and go to step 2. More info : ,
  9. 9. Shellcode Injection  Inject you shellcode into a process.  Can be used for backdooring;  Can be used for getting different shells at remote system.  Shellcodeexec (  Syringe.exe (
  10. 10. Syringe.exe References : 1. Paper on Exploit-db by infog33k 2. A comment on 3. Creating self extractor with 7zip.
  11. 11. How it Works.. Calls Virtual Alloc to use its space in order to execute the shell code. Virtual Alloc : Windows specific call that holds a region with read, write and execute permissions. (Read, write permissions are req. for alphanumeric code). Copies shell code into memory from virtual alloc. Executes shell code with help of a Assembly stub pointing directly to the location of shell code.
  12. 12. Got queries, suggestions, comments :