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Google Sites e-Portfolio


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Google Sites e-Portfolio

  1. 1. Working with Google Antwuan Stinson, Ed. D. Professor, Secondary Education Curriculum & Instruction Alabama State University
  2. 2. Log in to Google… Email or username Password
  3. 3. Google sites…
  4. 4. Click “Create new site”…
  5. 5. Choose your template… There are many to choose from
  6. 6. Name your site… Name your site
  7. 7. Input code then Create Site Enter the code Click here
  8. 8. Create Site…sometimes have to click cancel depending on your computer… You may have to rename your site Sometimes even Click cancel
  9. 9. Create or Edit Pages…
  10. 10. Images and Youtube… Click here
  11. 11. Save changes before leaving page…
  12. 12. Click on “Edit Sidebar”… Click here
  13. 13. Site Layout and edit Navigations…
  14. 14. De-click “Automatically organize… De-click this
  15. 15. Add pages or edit order… Click here Reorganize headings Click here
  16. 16. Save Changes… Click here
  17. 17. Return to Site to view changes… Click here
  18. 18. Change Themes to fit your style…
  19. 19. Create or Edit Pages…
  20. 20. Questions/Remarks…