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  2. 2. What’s the problem, as we see it? ●  Artists are not getting paid enough by streaming services ●  Artists are victim to illegal music sharing ●  Music fans expect to pay less for their music ●  Too many charities but only so much money to give ●  Charities struggling to get donations from a youth audience ●  Brands need positive associations with both music and good causes ●  Emerging artists need exposure and associations with brands Tunestr is the catalyst for this to change…
  3. 3. What’s the Solution? An online music platform which uses music to connect users, charities and brands. ●  ●  ●  ●  We give access to exclusive music downloads for the music fan of all ages We pay and promote new, upcoming musicians We enable established artists to support and publicise charitable causes We turn brands into tastemakers by providing exclusive branded content All that and… We fill the pockets of your favourite charities
  4. 4. Who are our customers? Tunestr has based its demographic model on that of Market leaders, Spotify and iTunes. Tunestr offers every sub section of music from rock, classic, country, pop and everything in between. Ref:
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  7. 7. How it works? 1. Browse the library 2. Choose a Track 3. Select a Charity 4. You pay and download or 5. The brand pays and you download for FREE Proceeds of downloads to be split between the artists, charitable organisations, and Tunestr's management fees. The user will have a choice whether to donate a (minimum £1) for the download or choose to watch a favourite brand's advertising video.
  8. 8. How it operates? Tunestr - is a For Profit business model with a social conscience. 5% from every download goes to Tunestr, the rest is split between the charity and artist (division depends on being established artist, record label, or unsigned artist). Advertising revenue from Management fee for Artists & Brands Banner adverts on users personal/login pages Minimum monthly subscription fee for charities. i.e. £15-20 per month in order to be on Tunestr's list.. Banners with favourite brands' sponsored Playlists. i.e. “click here to download ZARA's play list”. Pre-roll adverts, adverts that play before the download starts (YouTube model) profit to be divided between Tunestr, Artist and Charity Redirecting users to advertiser's websites and receiving a fee per click or per conversion. + Google's AdSense
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  10. 10. How does it make millions? Consumers spent $2.4B on iTunes content in Q1 2013. Royalties from services such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and we7 now account for a record 6% of total collections in the U.K.
  11. 11. Tunestr’s Network of Partnerships Bands and Music Labels Charities Contribute to the database of music available on Tunestr. Donating of songs to the library but also generating interest in Tunestr through their own social media networks. Provide a philanthropic USP and incentive for users to purchase a track. Brands Google Play – Systems integration to allow the purchase of the Tunestr app and integration with mobile devices. Paypal – facilitating purchase and therefore download of music by consumers. There is a need for a simple, fast and secure buying process. Tunestr offers brands the means of capturing valuable information about their customer base, bringing them closer to their target market. Brands offer Tunestr a means of reducing the direct cost of download while still providing artists, charities and Tunestr a revenue stream per song. Distribution & Payment
  12. 12. Channels / Communication / Marketing
  13. 13. Cost Structure Fixed costs (first year) £350,000 for creation of a fully functioning website with ecommerce and social community integration, mobile and tablet optimisation and iPhone/iPad, Android and Win applications linked to main website. Variable costs (first year) £5000 Office equipment £300,000 Digital marketing campaigns £20,000 Office premises £20,000 market research £350,000 Salaries, national insurance, pension's contributions based on 7 people initially. £24,000 legal fees. £10,000 licensing and security certificates £36,000 Agency support for website development, design etc. £10,000 hosting, cloud services
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