Digital marketing(1412)


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Digital marketing(1412)

  1. 1. Digital Marketing
  2. 2. Today’s buyers are demanding more choices in how they learn about, shop for, purchase and use Products & Services Interested in …that offer a mix of Consultative Interactions… Social media, Web channels, Mobile, email & other interactive channels… …providing Fully Integrated Environment to provide customers with seamless buying experience that aligns with their individual preferences…
  3. 3. Trends Deliver Value to empowered customers Foster lasting Connections Capture value, Measure results
  4. 4. Market Demand & Challenges Integrated Sales & Marketing Closed loop marketing Automation Centrally managed Multi-Channel communication Real-time Analytics Manage leads, Collaterals, eMail Campaign Templates
  5. 5. Mediums Online Radio eMails TV SMS/MMS Mobile & Tablets
  6. 6. Mapping
  7. 7. Mapping Digital Campaigns HCL Digital Marketing Services Marketing Communication Services Digital Ad Operations
  8. 8. Digital Campaigns Campaign Attempt to communicate a message with specific business goals (increase revenue, leads, customer adoption, etc) to targeted audience over a particular time period Planning & Designing Communicating Message to Target Audience Analytics & ROI Measurement
  9. 9. Marketing Communication Web Services Creative Design Service Customer / Internal Communication Trade Shows Direct Marketing Website & Micro-site Creative Design Newsletter & eNewsletter Stall & Standees Design Tele-Marketing Online Campaigns Branding Training material Notification E-mailer Email Marketing Analytics/Media Monitoring & Analysis Print & Digital Image Preparation Power point presentations Micro-site for events Research Support Social MediaManagement & Analysis Image Cutouts Multimedia Creation of sales collateral Flash to video conversation Promo Design Web Design Flash Animation & Presentation Advertisement Design Posters&Handouts & Brochures Video Digital Marketing
  10. 10. Digital Ad Operations Ad Trafficking  Inventory & Insertion order management  Campaign setup in ad servers & handling 3rd party ad tags  Handling CPM, CPC, CPL revenue model campaigns  RichMedia ad campaign implementation  Post campaign analysis and reporting Media Planning  Setting media objectives in light of marketing & advertising objectives  Developing a media strategy for implementing media objectives  Designing media tactics for realizing media strategy  Proposing procedures for evaluating the effectiveness of the media plan Campaign Analysis & Reporting  Monitoring performance of the campaign  Analyzing performance reports to monitor campaign delivery  Implementing changes to improve the performance  Reporting campaign performance and delivery reports to stake holders
  11. 11. Services Snapshot
  12. 12. Service Snapshot Service Umbrella Creative Services Content Services Localization Services Editing Services Templatizing Segmentation & Targeting Analytics Service Tracking & Reporting
  13. 13. HCL Experience
  14. 14. Case Study One of the largest Magazine Publishers in the World Digital Campaign Management Our work Samples… Scope Customer Targeting  Target Group Analysis  Campaign Setup Design  Create digital content  Content Management Campaign Management DB Management & Reporting  Monitoring database  Campaigns Reporting Key Highlights  One campaign management Hub Supporting 20 Countries  Multi lingual promotions  Targeting 2 Campaigns per week for each country  Handling Campaigns for Acquisition , Promotions & Retention Key Benefits  Single production hub for multi language campaign management across different geo’s  98% Email deliverability rate while 6% Campaign conversion rate for Promotions prospect  Re-usage of creative to reduce cost and standardization 14
  15. 15. Case Study Leading Publisher of Automobile Advertisement Portals in USA & Canada End 2 End Online Campaign Management Our work Samples… Scope Dashboard  Web Analytics  Ad Operations & Ad Traffic Coordination  Forecasting of Impressions available on portals  Campaign QA  Optimization of campaigns impressions to overcome or recover the Under/Over delivery of  Campaign Uploads - advertisements into DART tool as per the specs and instructions from advertisers  Campaign Management  Latest addition – new service line Traffic Coordination Client Benefits  Maintained 100% SLA on all the activities though most of the activities were new in the initial stage  Received numerous client appreciations for handling TSS which is a huge task  Have identified the opportunity of adding one more FTE, which is on hold from client end  Productivity gains: 50%  Efficient off-shored support has enabled increase in repeat clientele (and ad revenue) for SIM, approx 60% in 2010 v/s 40% in 2008  5/5 in C-SAT surveys for last 2 years  Almost defect free delivery for 4+ yrs; 99% on Accuracy and 99% on TAT  Engagement on the expansion mode. Latest addition – new service line Traffic Coordination Key Highlights 91 Websites 18 Mn Unique Visitors/month 47 Different OEMS 93 Mn Page Views/month 110,000 Retail Stores 15
  16. 16. Case Study One of the largest Internet Products & Services company in World Ad Campaigns & Digital Product Support Our work Samples… Scope Dashboard  Set up and maintain display advertising campaigns on the range of Digital Products  Technical Support for online display ad operations products and other Display Products HCL Differentiator  Integrated Capability  Rich Digital Publishing Experience  Tools and Platforms  Dedicated New Media CoE Client Benefits  Created a new quality framework for service delivery  Consolidation of a fragmented vendor ecosystem 16
  17. 17. Thanks