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Sebastian Hejnowski: The art of storytelling in a digital world


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Sebastian Hejnowski: The art of storytelling in a digital world

  1. 1. Discovering you story 1. Your story landscape KILLER QUESTIONS 1. What is your strategic business objective? 2. Describe your operating environment? 3. What is your communication objective? 4. Who are you targeting? 5. What is the competition doing?
  2. 2. Discovering your story 3. Your story THE STORY YOU need to TELL Defining
  3. 3. Discovering your story 4. Understanding your audience WHO are they? WHERE are they? WHAT are they talking about? What are they SAYING about you? Who do they LISTEN to?
  4. 4. Discovering your story 4. Understanding your audience ONLINE INSIGHT
  5. 5. Dynamic storytelling 1. Plan Think like a PUBLISHER PLAN IMPROVISE RESPOND editorial council
  6. 6. Dynamic storytelling 1. Plan The Story Engagement Blueprint Across paid, owned and earned media
  7. 7. Dynamic storytelling 2. Improvise IMPROVISE own the moment
  8. 8. Reactive Content: Amstel Bier ‘Boston Bruin Bar Tab’
  9. 9. Creative storytelling 1. Transmedia creative PAID EARNED OWNED
  10. 10. Creative storytelling 2. 7 Rules of contagious content Rules of contagious content: It MUST be • purposeful • insightful • easy to engage with • entertaining, rewarding or informative It SHOULD • leverage themes and trends • unify • play on emotion
  11. 11. Contagious Content: Oreos ‘Seasonal Celebrations’
  12. 12. 1. Impressions reach 2. Volume the number of conversations created/infiltrated 3. Click-through transmedia transfer efficiency) 4. Engagement % of total audience/fan base and reach 5. Virality total aggregate shares & likes Sentiment PRE Sentiment POST Net REPUTATION score