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Hindus in islamic countries


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Hindus in Islamic countries (The Present Context)
By Dr. Babu Suseelan
Online Circulation: Hindu Existence.

Published in: News & Politics, Spiritual
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Hindus in islamic countries

  1. 1. Hindus in Islamic countries(The Present Context)By Dr.BabuSuseelanHindus in Islamic countries facediscrimination, hardship,oppression, violence and evenmurder from jihadis. Hindupopulation in Pakistan andBangladesh are suffering, and itis unparalleled in the history ofthe world. Where are the Indianliberals, Marxists, pseudo-secularists and the Indianmedia? Pakistan andBangladesh are sort of prisonfor Hindus. For Hindus Islamicnations are a prison for Jihaditerror. These days Hindus are treated as prisoners .It does not take a lot ofimagination to understand how people behave when they are facing discriminationfrom Muslims. In Pakistan and Bangladesh Hindu men are beheaded by Jihadist,their daughters are being raped, and their business attacked.Authorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh blame Hindu victims. Jihadi Terrorists aretold to say that Islam is peace, and Muslim terrorists are sweetest men of peace,and their media comply. It should not be hard for government of India, and Indianmedia to know human rights violation and atrocities committed against Hindus byIslamic thugs in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Good information is easily available,easily accessible. What is the problem for government of India, and Indian media?Jihadi attacks on Hindus in Islamic countriesare never an issue with Indian human rightsorganizations. What chances are there?These widely twisted institutions will not betruthful about full jihad in India. When Indianmedia and government of India are silent onIslamic brutalities against Hindus, jihadistsknow how to take full advantage. This is notsubtle or hard to find out about the reasonsfor government of India and the India mediablame Hindu victims for their suffering. Sonia and her Christian friends go to theirchurches without hindrance. Her pseudo-secular cronies and atheists Marxistsignore the hard truths. What does it say about the status of truth about jihadagainst Hindus?Sometimes Hindus fall victims to the manipulation and con games of evangelists,converted Christians, Muslims, leftists ad pseudo secularists. When this happens,the orderly operations of Hindu organizations are impeded and morale among therest of the population of Hindus suffers.Hindu persecution in Islamic countries is probably the absolute worse human rightsgoing on the world today, and it virtually unknown in the west. Since the Indian
  2. 2. main media are owned, operated, and funded by our enemies, this otherwisegrowing epidemic of human pain and suffering is ignored.If any other group other than Hindus attacked,their plight would make internationalheadlines. In Islamic countries, the public isconditioned to view Hindus are hypocrites andintolerant and idol worshippers. Islamicschools teach that Hindus and Jews are by farthe most fanatic, and they are the source ofvows in the world. Hindus and Jewish peopleare characterized in Islamic School text booksas Rats and Mosquitos to be killed. Hindusare by far the most peaceful religious groupon earth, especially in the Islamic world.The situation has gone from bad to worse inAfghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh Nigeriaand Sudan politically in the light of cartoncrisis and American bombing (Planes withoutPilots) In Pakistan and the killing of the mostnotorious Islamic Jihadist Bin Laden hiding inPakistan. And the anti-Hindu congress government enthusiastically supportsPakistan and other Islamic countries with money and manpower. Despite, Muslimswant to take over India and make it a dar-ul-Islam. Jihads and their Islamiccountries think that India is an unfinished business for Muslims. Since Bin Ladenwas killed by American secret force, Pakistani and Bangaldeshi Muslims havegotten markedly worse for Hindus. The few Hindu temples in Pakistan andBangladesh are under attack. Hindus have been facing tough brutality from Muslimin Bangladesh. Few temples reaming in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh areattached and bombed. Hindus are harassed and forced to flee.Hindus possessing religiousbooks and pictures arearrested and tortured inIslamic countries. ThoughtPolice are roaming in SaudiArabia confiscating Hindubooks and pictures andpersecuted. Now they aretargeting Hindus for killing forunlawful work. They are rearrested for flimsy reasons,forced to pay ransoms. Theatrocities being committed are many and barbaric. Beheading, enslavement, rapes,sexual harassment and even wholesale massacre are daily happening in Islamicnations. Wherever there is sizable Muslim population living side-by-side withHindus, the latter are under attack. Hindus are being persecuted, to varyingdegrees in all Muslim nations. Saudi Arabia which is vehemently anti-Hindu andanti-infidels (Hindus) are not allowed to have their own religious temples or prayerhalls.
  3. 3. IN SUB SHARAN African countries where Hindus often make more population,persecution gives way to genocide. Jihadi Muslim elements of these countries tryto purge their lands anytrace of the infidel. Ofcourse whenever Hindusare killed or kicked outthere will be lesspersecution and fewerHindus to target forbeheading and massacre.It is very unfortunate thatGovernment of Indiaheaded by an UneducatedCatholic from Italy wasunable to develop policiesand programs to helpHindus from the Jihadis.The Islamic threat issignificant and if the world is unable to do all that is necessary to deal withIslamists, Jihadis will wipe out the entire peace loving, tolerant Hindu population.Even worse, several thousand are killed by Jihadis even in India. Hindus are indisturbed mood, and act like zombies. They are morphed, apathetic, and indifferentand are in deep denial.Hindus around the world are talking about the fear generated by Jihad and Muslimspose serious threat to Hindus in India and in Islamic countries. The Vatican agentSonia and her cronies in government failed to find our enemy organizations and itslinkages. The government of India has failed miserably and has squandered theopportunity to eliminate Islamic terrorists from the Indian soil. Hindus are facing anew and dangerous form of Islamic terrorists trained and armed by Pakistan andfinanced by Saudi Arabia than the original that India faced before 1947. Thecongress party and government of India and Indian pseudo secular elites and theforeign owned media is not doing what is necessary to make India safe frominternal and external threats. The government is more interested in appeasementpolicies and programs for Muslims. The government, increased Hajj subsidy andquota system for Muslims that indeed strengthenthe Islamic terrorists. As a result,Islamic terrorists are growing stronger. The Islamic threat is real and significantand no Prime Minister in India was unable to stop it. India government wants toimprove diplomatic relations with our arch enemy Pakistan, hoping to harvestpolitical wind fall and an Islamic vote bank.It is very unfortunate that Hindus in India was unable to develop a consensus thatthe Islamic threat is significant and real, and Hindus re suffering in Islamiccountries. The extremist Islamic groups around the world have embarked upon aglobal effort to dehumanize and wipe out Hindus in Islamic countries. Hindus inIndia and abroad have to make tough and right decisions in this time of testing. Weall have to remember that Hindus have no country. And we have to practice thepeace loving, tolerant and all inclusive Dharma and preserve our Hindu spirituality,protect it and promote for the benefit of the world.Source : HJS.Online circulation: Hindu Existence.