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A background reading from: Ania Loomba's Colonialism & Post colonialism


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A background reading from: Ania Loomba's Colonialism & Post colonialism

  1. 1. A background reading : Ania Loomba’s (colonialism/post-colonialism) Name : Upadhyay Devangana S. Paper : The Postcolonial Literature Stander : M.A. Semester : 03 Enrolment No : PG13101035 Department : English Submitted To: MKB University
  2. 2. According to Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Colonialism – comes from Roman word ‘Colonia’ - Meant ‘farm’ or ‘settlement’ Referred to Romans who settled in other lands
  3. 3. “A settlement in a new country…… a body of people who settle In a new locality, forming a community subject to or connected With their parent state descendants and successors, as long as The connection with the parent state is kept up.” -According to OED
  4. 4. Colonialism can be defined as the can conquest and control of other people’s land and goods. European powers into Asia, Africa or the Americans from The sixteenth century on wards. Marxist – (1) Capitalism (2) Restructured the economies of the latter, complex relationship Flow of human and natural resources between colonized & colonial countries. Work in Slaves In denatured labour Flows of Profits Economic imbalance that was necessary for the growth of European
  5. 5. Imperialism The distinction between pre-capitalist and capitalist colonialism is often made by referring to the latter as imperialism. English Language: ‘Command’ or ‘Superior power’ OED- Imperial as ‘pertaining to empire’ Imperialism as ‘rule of an emperor especially when despotic or arbitrary, The principal or spirit of empire, Advocacy of what are held to be imperial interests.
  6. 6. Lenin & Kausky : “Imperialism the Highest stage of Capitalism” Neo-imperialism or neo-colonialism are used to describe these situation Imperialism & colonialism how they are different?
  7. 7. Post-colonialism Different understanding of colonialism and imperialism complicate the meanings of the term ‘Postcolonial’. Word – ‘Post’- implied ‘aftermath’ Temporal as in coming after Ideological as in Supplanting  The new global order does not depend upon direct rule  The economic, cultural & political penetration of some countries by other  Once-colonized countries can be seen as properly ‘post-colonial’.
  8. 8. Ella Shohat, trenchantly asks : “When exactly then does the ‘post-colonial’ begin?” Another issue is takes place – Problem with ‘Colonial’ (1) What came before colonial rule? (2) What indigenous, ideologies, practices and hierarchies alongside colonialism and interacted what it? Post-colonialism – use only we use it with caution and qualification. This it can be compared to the concept of ‘Patriarchy’ in feminist thought Post-colonial – it refers to a process of disengagement from the Whole colonial syndrome.
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