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British journal of social work off campus


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Published in: Education, Technology
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British journal of social work off campus

  1. 1. Accessing the Britishjournal of Social Workaway from the Universitycampus
  2. 2. Find the journal via Primo:• Student Portal > Your Learning > Library, media & IT > Primo• Type the journal title into the search box• Change the drop-down search option to ‘Everything EXCEPT articles & chapters’
  3. 3. Firstenteryoursearchterms
  4. 4. Select PDF
  5. 5. Don’t signin –Just clickon theLogin viaAthens link
  6. 6. Then selectSign in viaAthens
  7. 7. If the articledoesn’t loadautomaticallyselectBegin manualdownload
  8. 8. Success!Thearticle willthenappear infull text