Student                            DevelopmentPROVIDING WORK EXPERIENCE FOR ANInternational Student –Information for Emplo...
INFORMATION FOR EMPLOYERS            3                                            As an employer you will want to be   Chi...
INFORMATION FOR EMPLOYERS           5*Conditions – international students must     copy of the student’s application form ...
INFORMATION FOR EMPLOYERS        7 ‘Find your              vacancy management system, JOBSonline,...
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International Student – Information for Employers


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International Student – Information for Employers

  1. 1. Student DevelopmentPROVIDING WORK EXPERIENCE FOR ANInternational Student –Information for Employers
  2. 2. 2 UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER · PROVIDING WORK EXPERIENCE FOR AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENTProviding work Full-time International Students -experience for an Principal Countries of DomicileInternational Student– Information for 31 26EmployersThe University of Leicester is a 9leading UK university with a 2worldwide reputation for 4excellence. It is a popular choice 5 7 5 6for international students with 5 5citizens of over 80 countriesrepresented on our campus. International students studying in the UKEach year, there are more than make a substantial financial investment in their education. They are committed,1500 students from outside the motivated and put a premium on gettingUK studying the full range of work experience in the United Kingdom tosubjects and degree courses add value to their course programmes, to develop their employability skills and to giveavailable with the majority of them a competitive edge in their search forinternational students choosing take courses in business,engineering, science, computing What contribution could an international student make toand law, the majority of these my organisation?being at Masters and PhD level. • language skills – helping you toIn 2007-8 the University had communicate with overseas marketsstudents from 67 countries and/or suppliers;outside of the European Union • cultural and cross cultural awareness – providing advice and information toon its degree courses and Study ensure you make the right impact onAbroad Programmes. your international customers and clients;
  3. 3. INFORMATION FOR EMPLOYERS 3 As an employer you will want to be China (26%) reassured that you can lawfully employ an India (9%) international student. Most international students do have a right to work in the Canada (7%) UK subject to some restrictions. Nigeria (6%) Students from most countries within the Malaysia (5%) European Economic Area and Switzerland are allowed to work in the UK without Pakistan (5%) any restrictions. Students from the Czech Taiwan (5%) Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia and Slovak USA (5%) Republic may need to register to work in Hong Kong (4%) the UK during their first 12 months. This must be done within one month of Saudi Arabi (2%) starting work; however, no permission is Other (31%) needed before the student begins to work.• knowledge of UK and overseas business Students from Bulgaria or Romania may practice – many international students need to apply for a registration certificate have worked in their home countries before they are allowed to work. They and regions, often in professional and must obtain this from the Home Office management positions;• overseas contacts and networks – making sure you reach the right people and organisations to maximise your export potential;• business and technical skills – international students often follow highly vocational courses allowing them to make an immediate impact at work;• creating a diverse workforce – enabling your organisation to reflect the changing pattern of the UK working population and the need to develop relationships across a global business community.
  4. 4. 4 UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER · PROVIDING WORK EXPERIENCE FOR AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENTbefore they start work. They are not • project work to provide you with aallowed to work more than 20 hours a business solution, organised as part ofweek during term time but may work their course or on completion of theirunlimited hours during the vacation and studies;on work placements. • informal work experience or jobStudents from outside the EEA are allowed shadowing placements;to work during their studies although thisis subject to some regulation. It is • voluntary work placements for a fixedimportant that employers check the period;student’s status before employing them. • part time or temporary work notStudents with a passport sticker (entry exceeding 20 hours per week duringclearance or residence permit) that says term time (University regulations“No work” must not work and it would suggest 15 hours as a maximum);be illegal for them to do so. Studentswith a work restriction stamp in their • full time work during the vacationspassport which states ‘no recourse to provided they meet the conditions* setpublic funds, work must be authorised’ out below;DO NOT need to obtain a work permit • full time work on completion of theirand can take part in: studies up to a maximum of four• industrial placements of up to one year months (in line with valid student visa organised as part of their course; dates) provided they meet the• a paid internship placement for up to 3 conditions* set out top right. months;
  5. 5. INFORMATION FOR EMPLOYERS 5*Conditions – international students must copy of the student’s application form for anot: National Insurance number as proof of• pursue a career by filling a permanent application. full-time vacancy; Good practice when recruiting• work on a self-employed basis; an International Student• work as a professional entertainer or • Take a photocopy of the EEA identity sports person. card or page of the student’s passportThe majority of international students that contains their name, nationality andstudying at the University of Leicester date of validity if they are not from thehave student immigration permission. EEA/Switzerland.This means that they are able to work • Take a photocopy of their travelduring and after their studies as set out document or the page in their passportabove. that has the most recent stamp allowingAn international student is not required to them to work during their studies.have a National Insurance number before • If the student is subject to the Workers’they start work (provided they have Registration Scheme or requires animmigration permission allowing them to Accession Worker Card keep awork). You can allow an overseas national photocopy of it on commence work, and deduct NationalInsurance contributions on a temporary • Contact the UK Borders Agencynumber, whilst a National Insurance card is employer helpline on 0845 010 6677 forbeing issued. This will normally take advice on the legal rights of internationalbetween 6 -12 weeks. You can ask to see a students to work in the UK.
  6. 6. 6 UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER · PROVIDING WORK EXPERIENCE FOR AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENTHow to employ an 2008) a Bachelors or Master degree, PhDinternational student after they or postgraduate certificate or diploma or Scottish HND at a UK institution can applyhave graduated to remain in the UK for a maximum of 2There are a number of schemes that allow years. The individual student applies foroverseas nationals to work in the UK upon the scheme after being awarded thegraduating. These schemes are part of a degree. The scheme requires no furthernew system known as the Points Based input from the employer than would beSystem (PBS) which has 5 Tiers. The main expected when employing a UK citizen.ones concerning graduate employment are Experienced gained under the PSWTier 1 for highly skilled workers and Tier 2 Scheme could subsequently be used tofor sponsored skilled workers, and these contribute to an application for a Tier 2are likely to be of most interest to visa.employers seeking to employ highly skilledforeign nationals. To apply for permission Tier 1: General (Highly Skilled)to work under the PBS, students must have (up to 5 years)proof of successful completion of their This has replaced the Highly Skilledcourse. However, Non EEA students can Migrants Scheme and allows a person towork full-time on completion of their work and/or be self-employed without thecourse until the expiry of their student visa need for a work permit. Followingfor up to a maximum of 4 months. successful application, initial approval is granted for 3 years (with an extensionThe key difference between Tier 1 and Tier available for a further 2 years). Like the2 is that those given permission to work in Post Study Work Scheme, the applicantthe UK under Tier 1 do not require an does not need a job offer from a sponsoremployer to act as a sponsor, so there is no to qualify. This category can lead toimmigration work for the employer to do, permanent residency so may be morewhereas for Tier 2, the employer will need suitable for people who have made a longto act as a sponsor. Tier 1 of the PBS is of term commitment to live and work in themost relevance to the majority of UK, provided that they meet the qualifyinginternational students looking to stay onand work in the UK and to employers conditions of the scheme.interested in employing them. Further guidance can be found on the East Midlands Universities Association websiteTier 1: Post Study Work Scheme (2 ternational.html, from the UK BorderUnder Tier 1 ‘Post Study Work’ Agencyinternational graduates who have completed (on or after 30 June rkingintheuk/ and from UKCISA
  7. 7. INFORMATION FOR EMPLOYERS 7 ‘Find your vacancy management system, JOBSonline,way to work’ is a government publication to is one way you can advertise yourhelp international students understand the vacancies and work experienceregulations concerning working in the UK. opportunities.Whilst the information on the regulations is • recruit on campus – the Employer Liaisonout of date (a new version is being Team organises many events which yourproduced) the guidance to employers on organisation may wish to get involvedpage 14 is still current. You can find it at with including careers fairs, presentations, interviews, insight/managementng/find_your_way_to_work.pdf programmes, departmental and themed events.How the University of LeicesterEmployer Liaison Team can You can find out more about howhelp you international students might contribute to your organisation by contacting ValerieAt the University of Leicester, we are Matthews-Lane on 0116 229 7696 or bycommitted to involving employers in our emailing Valerie at You canstudents’ development and to building also find out about the services we offer tosustainable and successful relationships with employers by contacting the Employeremployers who support this. We offer a Liaison Team on 0116 252 5117 or by erange of ways for organisations to engage mailing our students including: Information reproduced by permission of the• advertising vacancies – the University’s East Midlands Universities Association.
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