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Leadership programmes brochure - University of Exeter Business School

  1. 1. Centre for Leadership Studies
  2. 2. Contents 3 Welcome from the Director 4 Meeting the needs of international clients 6 Developing your business through relevant learning 7 Leadership Partners: building capacity for the long-term 10 Leadership South West: enhancing leadership in our region 12 Our programmes 18 Our research 20 Our faculty 22 How to contact us2 www.exeter.ac.uk/cls
  3. 3. Welcome from the DirectorThe Centre for Leadership Studies (CLS) is the main executive, postgraduate and undergraduate programmes; andEuropean window onto the study, development and practice of our research. It is supported by testimonials that illustrate theleadership. Working with partners and associates around the experiences of some of the organisations with which we haveworld, we are engaged with some of the most fascinating issues had the privilege to work.in leadership. We aim to offer first-class leadership development, Whether you are currently a leader or leadership developer;to educate the next generation of leadership developers and, you have ambitions to undertake such roles in future; or youmore generally, to assess the values and underlying assumptions want to learn about leading, leadership development or the studyof this field. and critique of leadership and its organisational and social At CLS we study leadership, where it occurs and where it is significance, I hope you find we offer something to inspire andmissing, where it comes from and where it is going. We study meet your needs.leaders and the claims made about them, and put leadership into On behalf of everybody at CLS, I welcome your engagement.perspective. Our mission since 1997 has been to buildknowledge, skills and confidence to deal with the challenge of Professor Jonathan Goslingleadership as it is today and as it could be tomorrow. As an Directorintegral part of the University of Exeter, the Times Higher Centre for Leadership StudiesUniversity of the Year 2007/ 2008, we continue to be at theleading edge of contemporary research and teaching. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to the complexities ofleadership and offer a range of leadership programmes forcompanies, international organisations and individuals. Thisbrochure outlines our key activities: the Professional Network;Exeter Leadership Partners; Leadership South West; our www.exeter.ac.uk/cls 3
  4. 4. Meeting the needs of international clients 3i “Probably the most CLS provides a customised leadership programme for current and future leaders of 3i, primarily aimed at selecting and preparing business thoughtful and considered leaders for the organisation. The programme is delivered through personal coaching and a series of workshops, each designed to focus programme I’ve been on – in on key leadership themes relevant to the business, in locations terms of content, impact and selected to illustrate and reinforce these themes. “This initiative is called G’10 - G for Group and Global and ’10 for structure – never been on a 2010 when we need the next generation of leadership talent to be making its mark. Given 3i’s growth ambitions, and the expanding better programme” business and geographic scope of our business, this programme has been designed in conjunction with the University of Exeter to address our need G’10 participant for a deeper pool of business leaders over the coming years.” Phil Yea CEO 3i4 www.exeter.ac.uk/cls
  5. 5. Entreprise des Postes et WWFTélécommunications (EPT) of LuxembourgAs an organisation that employs over 3,000 staff, EPT invited CLS to CLS is working with WWF to offer a dedicated One Planet Leadersdesign a bespoke leadership programme to increase the company’s pathway on the University of Exeter’s MSc Sustainable Developmentpool of potential and senior leaders. This successful collaboration grew programme. Targeted at business leaders who want to make dramaticout of a consulting assignment to assist with the assessment and progress in building sustainability into their business models, this high-recruitment of Directors in 2005. level programme empowers, motivates and inspires the leaders of The EPT programme combines the first part of the MA in today and tomorrow, and equips them to implement more sustainableLeadership Studies (which leads to the award of a postgraduate practices effectively and strategically.Certificate in Leadership Studies) with individually designed in-house “WWF’s Living Planet Report shows we are currently consuming aboutcoaching and additional development initiatives. Those graduating from 25% more than the planet can sustain and therefore need one and athe programme are seen as important agents for change, as the quarter planets to meet our present global demands – we urgently needorganisation continues to adapt to the competitive markets within to grow a network of ‘One Planet Leaders’.which it trades. Many companies recognise the need to operate more sustainably but “By strengthening and developing the leadership capacities and struggle to turn this vision into reality and mainstream environmental andopenness to change of its participants, the collaboration between EPT social issues into core activity. The time has come for managers from aand CLS has been a real success story. EPT also appreciates the variety of functions to develop new skills and new business models.readiness of CLS to augment the standard course with specific elements We are delighted to work with the University of Exeter to offerin order to offer them as individually tailored programmes”. participants formal accreditation of their progress during One Planet Leaders, and provide them opportunities for further professional learningMarcel Gross after they finish the programme.”Director GeneralEntreprise des Postes et Télécommunications of Luxembourg Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud Head of Business and Industry WWF International www.exeter.ac.uk/cls 5
  6. 6. Developing your business through relevant learning At CLS we have significant experience We are able to offer a variety of services to our clients, including one- off consultancy solutions; bespoke programmes; accredited training; of developing and improving leadership and long-running partnerships involving elements of staff development, research, consultation and networking. effectiveness in public, private and Engage with us through our Professional Network and we will not-for-profit organisations. We work position you at the heart of the project. Through understanding your specific context and organisational dynamics, we will work with you to with our clients on the fundamental develop creative, sustainable and effective solutions tailored to your organisation. Our customised programmes can easily be designed to issues that affect their operations and enable participants from your organisation to gain accredited are not afraid to ask the awkward and qualifications. The concept of ‘mind-sets’ is at the core of how we work. difficult questions about leadership that This concept was first established by CLS Director Jonathan Gosling and Professor Henry Mintzberg in one of the most requested articles may directly challenge deep personal published in the Harvard Business Review. Translated into individual and institutional beliefs. propositions, the mindset concept shapes our work with clients to create three key areas of focus: • recognising and valuing participants and their individual personal development • ensuring learning is linked to practice • guiding people to consider new perspectives and thereby view their experiences from alternative angles6 www.exeter.ac.uk/cls
  7. 7. Leadership Partners:building capacity forthe long-termLeadership Partners, our exclusive partnership programme forcorporate supporters of CLS, provides an inside track to ourinternationally recognised expertise and an opportunity to acceleratethe leadership development of selected individuals. For a commitmentof £15,000 per year, for a minimum of three years, benefits to yourorganisation include: • personal leadership consultancy • access to new ideas including pre-publication details of our world renowned research • privileged access to our Faculty, Fellows and distinguished Visiting Professors • attendance (two places) at our exclusive ‘4x4’ events • benchmarking • facilitation of work shadowing with other organisations • reduced fees for consultancy, tailored workshops and our Masters programmes • opportunities for free consultancy assignments undertaken by a team on our Masters programmes • invitations to relevant events.Our current Leadership Partners include Barclays Bank,Exeter Friendly Society, Honda, Prudential, RAF, J Sainsbury plc,WBB Minerals. www.exeter.ac.uk/cls 7
  8. 8. Honda (UK) RAF Leadership Centre In addition to being a part of the Leadership Partners programme, The Royal Air Force Leadership Centre was created on 1st April 2004. Honda participate in the buddy scheme; Alan Hooper, Senior Fellow It forms part of the No 22 (Training) Group (HQ Air Command) and is and Founder of CLS, is their dedicated mentor. located at RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire. “We got involved with Leadership Partners because of a combination of “As a founder member of the Exeter Leadership Partners scheme, the working with CLS in Exeter – the integrity and worth of research done at RAF has gained valuable insights into the leadership challenges of other the Centre – and also the networking opportunities and the calibre of sectors that have been instrumental in shaping the way we take organisations working together, whose guidance we value. leadership forward within the Service. Honda takes advantage of the ‘buddy’ mentoring scheme that all Leadership is and always has been vital to military business and a great members of the partnership programme have the opportunity to utilise. strength of the Service is that our leaders are only promoted from within We meet up every two or three months and talk about issues that are their ranks. The ability to understand other sectors helps to overcome the facing me and my business, and Alan operates as a consultant to give his institutionalised thinking that can be the weakness of this system. advice and experience, which I find very useful. Alan has a style of Access to the academic thinking at the Centre for Leadership Studies listening and reiterating the issues that I have discussed with him back has greatly assisted the process. Many courses at Cranwell that prepare to me, which allows us to explore them and challenge assumptions. RAF personnel for higher rank, teach and discuss leadership at all levels of He brings a great degree of objectivity from a background of a wealth the organisation. We pride ourselves on the creation of leaders at all of experience. ranks and from the beginning of a career. CLS at Exeter is always outward-looking, always looking at new The experience of studying leadership at CLS to Masters level has been concepts, pushing the boundaries and challenging assumptions. of great benefit to many of the RAF teaching staff. This involvement has In business I find that very refreshing for an academic institution to enhanced the quality of their teaching and facilitation of discussion of the be that way.” practical leadership experience that those coming on the courses bring from their daily operational lives. Pauline Wiseman Not least, the RAF Leadership Centre also gains from the considerable Head of Human Resources and Legal support of the academic strength of the Centre for Leadership Studies.” Honda (UK) John Jupp Group Captain, Officer Commanding RAF Leadership Centre8 www.exeter.ac.uk/cls
  9. 9. Exeter Friendly Society“Exeter Friendly Society has been working with CLS for seven or eightyears, when I first felt that our organisation needed an outside perspectiveon our management and leadership training. In financial servicesparticularly, there is a lack of training in the softer skills, such asleadership, and too much emphasis on financial accounting and legalissues; you need to know how to deal with people properly to create theright environment. At the same time, I was looking for a course of study to pursuepersonally that would fit with my needs as a CEO and the workload thatbrings. I was one of the first people to enrol on the MA in LeadershipStudies and had a wonderful experience; the attitude of all the CLS staffwas professional and creative, and they were very willing to help. The main involvement I have with CLS now is with the LeadershipPartners programme, and I go to the ‘4x4’ events whenever I can. Theevents enable me to get together with like-minded people who havesimilar responsibilities, and to see things from a different perspective in away that benefits the customer and the company. Leadership skills are ofparamount importance and the vehicle that the ‘4x4’ group provides is Take advantage of an exclusive partnershipinvaluable to our organisation. From a business point of view, I feel CLS offers something very The ‘4x4’ eventsdifferent from other providers; the Centre helps you to manage the These events are held quarterly, usually in London, and involve prestigiousunpredictability of your staff and to learn how to deal with people and speakers addressing an audience of our partners over dinner, providing aoptimise their potential.” unique opportunity to converse with some of the most successful leaders in the UK. Recent speakers have included Sir Stuart Hampson, formerRoger Cawse Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership, Justin King, Chief ExecutiveCEO Officer of J Sainsbury plc and Sir John Collins, Chairman of DSCExeter Friendly Society International plc. www.exeter.ac.uk/cls 9
  10. 10. Leadership South West: enhancing leadership in our region The South West Regional Development LSW expresses our commitment to developing leaders in our region and in return we gain an insight into the local leadership community. Agency has selected CLS as its Through LSW, we have been able to help improve the leadership in different sections of this community including: head teachers of facilitator of leadership programmes and schools; female leaders, through the Inspire programme to promote networks in the South West. This major diversity in the boardroom; and local businesses via the Institute of Directors accredited Company Direction programme. Our regional initiative, known as Leadership international networks enable the South West region to benefit from the latest thinking and practices around the world. We have brought South West (LSW), has been operating world-class thinkers to the region – such as Stephen Carey, Daniel since 2003 and is designed to improve Goleman, Margaret Wheatley and Mats Alvesson. Furthermore, our relationships with regional communities are currently informing leaders the uptake and provision of high in the culture and arts sector across Europe. quality leadership development in the South West of England. Stay informed about good practice and cutting-edge research LSW publishes Leadership Matters and the Leadership Research Reports series, both of which share best practice in leadership and management development and review significant research and thinking on leadership. These publications can be downloaded for free by visiting www.exeter.ac.uk/cls/lsw10 www.exeter.ac.uk/cls
  11. 11. “Leadership Matters is a rare gem in a market that is rather cluttered with information about leading organisations.The magazine is always a welcomeread at home – that can be said of few papers that head my ways. Thank you for maintaining the high standards of inspiring articles and reviews.” Phil Butterworth Headteacher Hempsted Primary School, Gloucestershire’ www.exeter.ac.uk/cls 11
  12. 12. Our programmes We have ten years experience of delivering highly effective leadership development programmes. Located within the School of Business and Economics, with its worldwide reputation for research and teaching, we aim to educate, train and develop individuals who will make a real difference to the organisations for which they work.12 www.exeter.ac.uk/cls
  13. 13. Programme title Study mode Duration Start date 2008/09 Fee* Additional information Part-time Extensive personal MA in Leadership Studies 24 months October £14,500 coached e-learning coaching Pathway to the MA: •PgCert in Leadership Studies 6 months £4,300 Part-time Extensive personal •PgDip in Leadership Studies Further 9 months October Further £5,350 coached e-learning Further 9 months coaching •MA in Leadership Studies Further £5,350Postgraduate Programmes Full time 12 months £16,860 FT MBA specialising in Leadership Part time 36 months October £15,300 PT AMBA accredited Modular 36 months £17,100 Modular Extensive personal Part-time coaching MRes in Leadership Studies 24 months October £14,500 coached e-learning Good foundation for research degree Home/EU: £7,200 Good foundation for MSc in Leadership Studies Full-time 12 months October International: £11,850 research degree Home/EU: £3,500 FT; £1,750 PT October, International: £9,600 FT; £4,800 PT MPhil/PhD in Leadership Full- or part-time Varies January Fees are per annum, minimum or April 3yrs for PhD Certificate: £3,710 IoD member rate, Institute of Directors 12 days (Certificate), Various £4,378 non-member rate Can lead to Chartered Part-time (IoD) Company Direction 14 days (Diploma) Diploma: £5,660 IoD member rate, Director status £6,678 non-member rateProgrammes Executive Leadership Matters: Contemporary Stand-alone 3 days Various £950 Issues and Debates module Strategic Leadership and the Stand-alone 3 days Various £900 Management of Change module Philosophy and Methods of Stand-alone 3 days Various £900 Research in Organisational Settings module Home/EU: £3,145 per annum BA Management with Leadership Full-time 36 months OctoberUndergraduate Programmes International: £9,600 per annum Home/EU: £3,145 per annum BA Accounting with Leadership Full-time 36 months October International: £9,600 per annum Home/EU: £3,145 per annum BA Politics and Leadership Full-time 36 months October International: £9,600 per annum * Fees are total and apply to both Home/EU and International applicants unless stated otherwise www.exeter.ac.uk/cls 13
  14. 14. Postgraduate programmes: Certificate/Diploma/Masters in Leadership Studies flexible courses to help you understand Our Masters in Leadership Studies courses are unique amongst and handle the complexities of leadership university leadership programmes in terms of both delivery and aims. Because adults learn best when building on their own experiences, Are you: these part-time coached e-learning programmes for experienced • aiming to develop the most promising individuals in your managers offer unrivalled personal support for each student in the organisation and see them progress to top-level positions? form of weekly personal coaching from a dedicated tutor. This is • facing the prospect of becoming a Board member for the augmented by a dedicated website providing extensive study material, first time? activities, discussion forums, a personal learning log and links to key • seeking the credentials to become a leadership or management resource materials. consultant? The programmes aim to educate students primarily through • sufficiently intrigued by leadership to want to do a PhD? analysing and reviewing their experiences within the framework of • fascinated by the challenges of leadership and your leadership theories and ideas. Our aim is to help experienced own leadership style? managers lead more effectively, build and maintain leadership throughout an organisation, and research and resolve challenging Whatever your needs and aspirations, we offer something to suit you. leadership problems. A significant proportion of the learning involved in the programme is derived from the individuals themselves, from their personal experiences as well as those of their fellow students with an exposure to new ideas bringing a fresh perspective to those experiences.14 www.exeter.ac.uk/cls
  15. 15. MA in Leadership Studies: The MA in Leadership Studies and Pathway to the MA offer thea part-time coached e-learning programme, 24 months duration. following three stages:See www.exeter.ac.uk/cls/programmes/ postgraduate_programmes/malead • The PgCert in Leadership Studies* helps students improve their own leadership practice and the support they can give to other leaders.Pathway to the MA:a part-time coached e-learning programme with the same content and • The PgDip in Leadership Studies stage shows how to leadformat as the MA in Leadership Studies, but offered as a three-stage major change processes, as well as other forms of intervention inpathway to enable participants and sponsoring employers to manage organisational life. We aim to demonstrate how to enhancetheir commitment (time and money). Enrolling initially on the organisational effectiveness through paying attention to leadership.Certificate, students may exit with the award of PgCert in Leadership These first two stages leading to Postgraduate Diploma inStudies or subject to satisfactory progress they may elect to continue Leadership Studies are particularly suitable for employers seekingto PgDip or MA in Leadership Studies. to develop the most promising leadership talent within theirSee www.exeter.ac.uk/cls/programmes/ organisation. Please talk to us about group discounts. postgraduate_programmes/pathlead • The stage that leads to the MA in Leadership Studies guides students through structured enquiry into complex leadership questions and is especially relevant for individuals aiming to be internal or external consultants. * The Certificate can be tailored to suit the needs of different organisations and incorporated into customised programmes giving students the benefits of an accredited qualification within bespoke leadership development. www.exeter.ac.uk/cls 15
  16. 16. MBA Specialising in Leadership MSc in Leadership Studies The Exeter MBA specialising in Leadership enables participants to The MSc Leadership Studies is ideal for anyone wishing to undertake explore leadership theories and issues in detail, whilst still gaining the full-time research into leadership studies and its related disciplines. breadth of knowledge and experience typical of an MBA. This Students will undertake a substantial research-based dissertation and programme can be undertaken on a full-time, part-time or modular will learn core research skills for the social sciences, their theoretical (weekly residential) basis. The modular MBA includes personal underpinnings, and data collection and analysis techniques. Students effectiveness coaching delivered by CLS. will also learn the fundamental theoretical concepts of management and inter-disciplinary studies of leadership. www.exeter.ac.uk/cls/programmes/ postgraduate_programmes/mbalead/index www.exeter.ac.uk/cls/programmes/ postgraduate_programmes/msclead Postgraduate research programmes for inquiring minds MRes in Leadership Studies The Masters in Research in Leadership Studies is an ideal option for We offer two programmes for students who are considering pursuing individuals who wish to undertake part-time research into leadership a research degree (MPhil or PhD), the MSc Leadership Studies (one studies. It is particularly suitable to practitioners who wish to formalise year, full-time) and MRes in Leadership Studies (two years, part-time). their consultation experiences prior to undertaking a further research qualification. The learning methodology for this programme involves personal coaching similar to the MA and Pathway outlined earlier. www.exeter.ac.uk/cls/programmes/ postgraduate_programmes/mreslead16 www.exeter.ac.uk/cls
  17. 17. Executive programmes: short courses to Undergraduate programmes: preparingdevelop leadership skills the leaders of tomorrow at Britain’s favourite Business SchoolIoD Company Direction Programme The School of Business and Economics, ranked 1st in the UKAccredited by the Institute of Directors’ (IoD), the Company for both Business Studies and Management Studies in the NationalDirection Programme equips participants with the skills, knowledge Student Survey 2007, offers three undergraduate programmesand understanding essential for Board members committed to directing with a leadership component: BA Accounting with Leadership;an organisation from a strategic perspective. The programme leads to BA Management with Leadership; and BA Leadership and Politics.recognised qualifications: the Certificate and Diploma in Company These programmes allow undergraduate students to experienceDirection and ultimately to Chartered Director status. CLS’s unique leadership teaching and contain both practical and theoretical modules.www.exeter.ac.uk/cls/programmes/ The programmes have been designed to provide students with an executive_education/complead exposure to leadership and to address a knowledge gap in graduates identified by employers.Short courses www.exeter.ac.uk/sobe/undergraduateWe run a number of short courses each designed to develop essentialleadership skills. These courses form part of the University’sContinuing Professional Development programme and can be taken asstand-alone modules or as part of a planned programme of studyleading to a Masters in Professional Development.www.exeter.ac.uk/executive/cpd www.exeter.ac.uk/cls 17
  18. 18. Our research Faculty at CLS are involved in a range Personal challenges of leadership of research activities that tend towards Through our research we seek to help individuals make sense of a engagement in qualitative activities of variety of seemingly intractable dilemmas associated with leadership. Many of these arise from a complex interaction between ethical, individuals, groups and organisations. political and personal considerations. Some of these challenges belong to those in leadership roles; others are more to do with the Our research can be broadly grouped expectations of other people. What can leaders do to improve their under four themes: chances of success, and how can others relate to them in a constructive way? New ways of thinking about leadership Are leaders necessary? Do leaders simply pull their followers or do those behind push them? Are our theories of leadership too fixed and individualistic? A common assumption made in 21st century Anglo- American cultures is that we can solve all organisational problems by finding the right leader. We challenge the simplistic nature of this assumption and through our research and teaching seek to help people in organisations find meaningful solutions to the leadership problems they perceive. We aim to illuminate the limitations of habitual and conventional thinking about leadership and to engage with ideas and explore valuable alternatives from different enquiry paradigms. These alternative perspectives draw on insights from such disciplines as philosophy, political theory, economics, sociology, and theology in order to balance insights from the more obvious disciplines of psychology and business studies which have dominated the leadership field in recent years.18 www.exeter.ac.uk/cls
  19. 19. How to improve leadership developmentWe support and evaluate innovative leadership developmentprogrammes, and we are interested in the more diffuse experiencesand processes which form and prepare people for leadership.Our research is designed to understand the complex relationshipbetween individual learning, reflection and application. We exercise ahealthy scepticism toward ‘quick fix’ recipes for leadershipdevelopment and simplistic theories and concepts that do more toobscure than to enlighten. We seek to understand leadershipdevelopment in context and take into account such influencing factorsas one’s peer group, organisational culture and broader socio-economic trends.The relationship between leadership andorganisational performanceLeadership and performance can both be understood as part of acomplex network of inter- and intra-organisational processes.We challenge the assumption that there is a simple ‘cause and effect’relationship between leadership and organisational performance.Our research in this area is grounded in the traditions of organisationstudies and social theory. As such, it is directed towards understandingindividual and organisational performance through systemicrelationships and processes in preference to more static perspectives,such as those based on competency or performance indicatorframeworks. www.exeter.ac.uk/cls 19
  20. 20. Our faculty and their research interests Professors and Directors Professor Jonathan Gosling, Director of CLS. Leadership and Ethics in Current Strategic Changes; Contemporary Innovations in Leadership Development; Fostering Continuity in Change Through Leadership. Professor Annie Pye, Director of MA in Leadership Studies. Leadership and Governance in and of Organisations; Strategy/ising, Organising and Change; Learning and Development; Sensemaking Professor Mats Alvesson, Visiting Professor. Management and Organisation of Knowledge Work and Knowledge-Intensive Firms; Organisational Culture and Identity Leadership; Identity Constructions in Organisations; Power in Organisations; Reflexive and Qualitative Methodology; Critical Management Studies; Gender and Organisation; Organisational Change Processes; Discourse Analysis Professor Amin Rajan, Visiting Professor. Leadership and Manpower Studies in Financial and Professional Services; Leadership and the links between Vision, Values, Cultures and Structures Rosemary Jackson, Director of Professional Network. Authority in Group Dynamics; Personal Commitment to Leadership; Gender20 www.exeter.ac.uk/cls
  21. 21. Academic facultyDr Inmaculada Adarves-Yorno, Lecturer in Leadership Studies.Tolerance to Deviance in Leadership; Gender and Leadership;Leadership and Spirituality; Performance and Innovation; Innovationand Identity; Organisational Culture, Performance and Identification;Creative Behaviour; Impact of Time and Material Affluence onWell-being; Social Identity Analysis of Health Related Behaviour.Richard Bolden, Research Fellow. Distributed and CollectiveLeadership; Cross-cultural Leadership; Leadership Development;HE-Employer Engagement.Dr Patricia Gayá Wicks, Lecturer in Leadership Studies. Leadershipfor Social and Environmental Sustainability; Leadership and Repose;Leadership and Identity; Leadership Ethics.Anne O’Brien, Lecturer in Leadership Studies. OrganisationalChange; Aligning Organisational, Team, and Personal Goals; BuildingEngaged and Aligned Identities; Employee Engagement; LeadershipDevelopment; Workplace StressDr Georgy Petrov, Associate Research Fellow. Leadership andLeadership Development in Higher Education; Shadow Side ofLeadership: Corruption in HE; Barriers and Facilitators to EmployerEngagement in HE; HE Reform in Transitional Countries. www.exeter.ac.uk/cls 21
  22. 22. How to contact us Useful web addresses Professional Network: www.exeter.ac.uk/cls/network For further information on any of the activities of the Centre for Leadership Partners: www.exeter.ac.uk/cls/partners Leadership Studies please contact us: Leadership South West: www.exeter.ac.uk/cls/lsw Our programmes: www.exeter.ac.uk/cls/programmes Tel: +44 (0) 1392 262555 Our research: www.exeter.ac.uk/cls/research Email: leadership@exeter.ac.uk Our faculty: www.exeter.ac.uk/cls/people Web: www.exeter.ac.uk/cls School of Business and Economics: www.exeter.ac.uk/sobe Centre For Leadership Studies University of Exeter Xfi Building Become part of our community Rennes Drive, Exeter EX4 4ST, UK If you have experience of developing leadership and executive effectiveness within organisations and are interested in working with CLS to share and develop these skills, please contact our Professional Network Administrator: Tel +44 (0) 1392 262555.22 www.exeter.ac.uk/cls
  23. 23. This document forms part of the University’s Undergraduate and Postgraduate Prospectuses. Everyeffort has been made to ensure that the information contained in the Prospectus is correct at the timeof going to press. However, the University cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information containedwithin the Prospectus and reserves the right to make variations to the services offered where suchaction is considered to be necessary by the University. For further information, please refer to theUndergraduate Prospectus (available at www.exeter.ac.uk/undergraduate/disclaimer/) and thePostgraduate Prospectus (available at www.exeter.ac.uk/postgraduate/disclaimer/).
  24. 24. Tel: +44 (0)1392 262555 Email: leadership@exeter.ac.uk www.exeter.ac.uk/clsThis document is printed on Evolution Satin, which contains 75% recycled fibre,and is from ECF pulp which is ISO14001, FSC and NAPM certified.