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IoD brochure - University of Exeter Business School

  1. 1. Your professional development starts here The essential guide to talent development and succession planning for your organisation
  2. 2. Choose the Universityof Exeter Business Schoolto meet the learningand development needsof your top talentAt the Business School we believe in the benefits of lifelong learning,whether it is developing high-potential employees, managing talent,retaining key staff, succession planning or honing the skills ofestablished directors.One of the programmes that we offer within the Executive Educationportfolio will meet the needs of individuals that have either achieved, orare aspiring to, significant directorial responsibility within theirorganisations both nationally and internationally.We will always find a solution that meets their needs and those of theorganisation that fits around their schedule.Contact the Executive Education team on 01392 723770 for aconfidential discussion on how the IoD Company Direction Programmecan help your organisation develop its leadership talent.
  3. 3. The road to success IoD Modules and Programmes within the South West The Certificate in Company Direction The Institute of Directors (IoD) Company Direction Programme is now The Certificate covers all the knowledge and awareness that is successfully running from Exeter and Bristol, which means that necessary to be effective in your role. A series of modules ranging from directors in the South West no longer have the expense of travelling to 2-3 days long is backed up by e-learning elements. After completing all London to partake in this nationally recognised programme. the modules you will sit the Certificate exam. The IoD’s qualifications, the Certificate in Company Direction and The Diploma in Company Direction Diploma in Company Direction will equip you with essential skills and The Diploma provides an opportunity to put into practice the knowledge abilities to make you more effective in your role. All this, and we will gained from the Certificate in a realistic environment. A 3 day module, make sure they fit around your working life too. Developing Board Performance, where delegates run an organisation as its board, is followed by the Diploma exam. Qualifications are based on a blended learning principle, meaning we combine face to face modules with e-learning. This makes sure they Chartered Director are flexible enough to fit in with any busy director’s schedule, so you Successfully completing the Diploma exam is a significant step towards have got no excuse not to get started. achieving Chartered Director status – the ultimate professional qualification for directors. The assessment for Chartered Director is via The learning will keep you up to date with your changing responsibilities a peer review (with two experienced directors) based on a portfolio of as a director or aspiring director, in a practical hands-on environment. evidence. The reviewers will seek evidence of substantial experience in It will also give you the opportunity to share ideas with other directors, five key areas of director and board leadership as demonstrated and get invaluable peer group support. through your current, or previous directorial roles. Being a Chartered Director will demonstrate that you have a real grasp of the issues All our tutors are business leaders themselves, as we recognise affecting your business and the skills to deal with them, and it will give that first hand knowledge is the key to making sure you get the best you a solid competitive edge too. from us. University of Exeter Business School, Streatham Court, Rennes Drive, Exeter, Devon EX4 4PU | 3
  4. 4. Key development for those who want to reach their full potential The development route Programme fees• The Certificate in Company Direction Enrol onto The Certificate in Company Direction• The Diploma in Company Direction £6,142 (non member fee) – £5,120 (IoD member fee) The Certificate in Company Direction This price includes a 10% discount (only available when paying for theMade up of modules which include case studies, participative group *Attend 4 modules and complete: entire programme in advance). Contact us for the prices of eachwork, tutor input and post-module support through e-learning, our Role of the Director and the Board (2 days) individual module.qualifications are the Certificate and Diploma in Company Direction. Finance for Non-Financial Directors (3 days)The Diploma can ultimately lead to Chartered Director status. The Directors Role in Strategy and Marketing (3 days) The Diploma in Company Direction The Directors Role in Leading the Organisation (2 days) £2,400 (non member fee) – £2,000 (IoD member fee)The qualifications will equip individuals with essential skills and abilities Post-module e-learning support is also included for each make them more effective in their role, and are designed to fit around For more detailed information on our qualifications and how they couldtheir working life. help you, take a look at the leaflet that you will find at the back of this On successful completion of the examination, receive guide, or telephone +44 (0)1392 723770.We appreciate how difficult it can be to commit large blocks of time toupdating your knowledge and skills, so we have designed our The Certificate in Company Direction The benefits of blended learningprogrammes to be delivered in a number of formats. The modules and • The flexibility of e-learning means you spend less time away from Enrol ontoexaminations for the Certificate and Diploma are offered at various the officelocations throughout the UK and offer great networking opportunities as The Diploma in Company Direction • Combining modules with e-learning allows you time to reflect on thewell as excellent value for money. Attend Developing Board Performance (3 day exercise) to put the face-to-face elements and link them back to your own organisation knowledge and learning gained into practice. • You can spend time learning when it is convenient for you The Diploma in Company Direction can only be attended upon completion of the Certificate • All certificate modules are supported by post-module e-learning. The in Company Direction. IoD learning Zone offers delegates various online tools to assist with their exam revision and reinforce the knowledge gained during the On successful completion of the examination, receive face-to-face element of the workshops The Diploma in Company Direction Why IoD qualifications? Professional review for • Clearly define your role and responsibilities • Improve your knowledge and skills, which will have a positive effect Chartered Director on your performance and that of your business *All modules can also be taken individually. Contact us for the prices of each module. • Learning is highly participative using case studies, group work and tutor input • An opportunity to benchmark your knowledge and skills against clearly established standards of good practice • You will be surrounded by fellow directors offering peer group support and networking opportunities • Modules are short and focused, so you can easily fit them into your schedule • E-learning and support is available throughout, right up to the exams4 | University of Exeter Business School, Streatham Court, Rennes Drive, Exeter, Devon EX4 4PU
  5. 5. The modules*The Certificate in Company Direction* The Diploma in Company DirectionRole of the Director and the Board The Director’s Role in Strategy & Marketing Developing Board Performance**2 days + post-module e-learning support 3 days + post-module e-learning support 3 daysThis module looks at the key duties, roles and legal responsibilities of This module provides an introduction to the key ideas and In this module, you will act as a board member facing a variety ofdirectors, corporate governance and the role of the board. It also looks approaches to strategic direction and marketing within your typical issues and crises. The challenge is to apply the knowledgeat the crucial differences between management, direction and organisation. It will assist your role in leading the strategic process. and learning gained from the Certificate in Company Directionownership and offers guidance on improving board effectiveness. modules and e-learning to real life situations. This is your opportunity to put theory into practice. You will receive feedback on your The Director’s Role in Leading the Organisation performance, as the board reviews and appraises its own impact andFinance for Non-Financial Directors 2 days + post-module e-learning support effectiveness.3 days + post-module e-learning support This module will show you the role of the Board in setting objectives, **This module forms the basis of the Diploma in Company Direction and cannot be attendedThis module will demystify the world of finance, allowing you to culture and values and the techniques, tools and resources needed until you have been present at all the Certificate in Company Direction modules, or following a pass in the Certificate exam. Contact +44 (0)1392 723770 for individual module fees.contribute more effectively to boardroom discussion. It will ensure that to deliver corporate strategy. It demonstrates the individual director’syou develop the skills you need to evaluate and monitor the financial role as a Board member and as a corporate leader in driving How much does it all cost?health of a business. strategic change. The Certificate in Company Direction (4 modules) £6,142 (non member fee) – £5,120 (IoD member fee) This price includes a 10% discount (only available when paying for the entire programme in advance) The Diploma in Company Direction (3 day exercise) £2,400 (non member fee) – £2,000 (IoD member fee)*For anybody wishing to gain knowledge without receiving a qualification, these modules are also available to take individually, with the exception of Developing Board Performance. University of Exeter Business School, Streatham Court, Rennes Drive, Exeter, Devon EX4 4PU | 5
  6. 6. Chartered Director – The Qualification for Directors As a long-established professional awarding body, the IoD in the UK is“ I do believe the IoD programme is the only Institute in the world to offer qualifications for directors under world-class in its approach to director Royal Charter by the Privy Council. Chartered Director is the ultimate qualification for directors. Increasing numbers of influential businesses, accreditation. Professionalising the role of institutional shareholders and their advisors are now recommending the qualification for executive and non-executive directors. the director, in my opinion, is critically Not only will being a Chartered Director demonstrate that you have a important to building confidence in the real grasp of the issues affecting your business and the skills and knowledge to deal with them, it will give you a solid competitive edge. abilities of boards to meet the needs of Qualifying as a Chartered Director will enable directors to: their stakeholders.” • Appreciate effective business leadership Chris Hyman, CEO, SERCO • Improve board effectiveness Honorary Chartered Director • Operate at a new strategic level to establish and sustain growth“ We strongly support the Chartered • Increase their personal contribution to the board Director programme as long term and • Adopt a common set of business principles responsible owners which, in our view, • Demonstrate professionalism to shareholders, clients and customers • Attract support from banks and investors provides ‘a gold standard’ in director • Draw on a network of fellow Chartered Directors training and development. When voting • Enhance their effectiveness as directors on the election of directors and assessing candidates suitability we will take a very positive view of those who have achieved Chartered Director status.” Co-operative Asset Management 6 | University of Exeter Business School, Streatham Court, Rennes Drive, Exeter, Devon EX4 4PU
  7. 7. Development planning Certificate* and Available as individual Available as a single Diploma** in 2-3 day intensive day short module Company Direction programmesFull details of all our modules, including dates Role of the Director and the Boardand prices, can be found in the booking form The board’s corporate governance role, the legal duties and liabilities of individual directors,at the back of this brochure. the legal issues relating to directors and the running of the organisation, the role of the board and identifying good practice. Finance for Non-Financial Directors Understanding and interpreting financial statements in accordance with accounting principles and standards, the evaluation and monitoring of the financial health of a business using accepted financial ratios and capital investment appraisal. The Director’s Role in Strategy and Marketing Overview and development of strategic thinking, formulation and implementation of an effective strategy and how to analyse strategy effectively, plus the role and responsibility of the board in determining marketing strategy, situation appraisal and marketing strategy formulation. The Director’s Role in Leading the Organisation Exploration of the dilemmas faced by directors today including ethics, corporate responsibility and talent management and an opportunity to assess different leadership and decision making techniques. Developing Board Performance The board’s role in strategic decision making, handling crises and reviewing the effectiveness of the board’s and directors’ performance. Role Specific Master Class Non-Executive Director.*All of the modules that make up the Certificate can be takenas stand-alone modules or as part of the qualification.**The module that makes up the Diploma can only be takenfollowing attendance on the Certificate modules. University of Exeter Business School, Streatham Court, Rennes Drive, Exeter, Devon EX4 4PU | 7
  8. 8. Learning from the experts, learning from peersProgramme delivery Some feedback from satisfied clients: Our clientsAll of our programmes and modules are delivered by experienced We work with clients across all sectors and types of organisationdirectors and specialists who have achieved significant businesssuccess. They combine expert knowledge of the subject matter “The Chartered Director training Some of our clients include: • Lloyds TSBwith real life examples to deliver content designed specifically forsenior executives. and qualification is recognised in • Santander • Standard LifePeer group experienceAll of the module attendees have significant organisational commerce and the public sector and • Shell • McDonalds • Barclaysresponsibility and benefit throughout the programmes from sharing theirchallenges and experiences with each other in a facilitated meets a true requirement. It gives • Haliburton • BAEenvironment. people knowledge which is not • BPExecutive coaching • MODIoD Executive Coaches and Mentors work with clients from a variety available everywhere.” • First Group • Sercoof businesses and assist individuals to achieve organisational success. Fortis • FujitsuCoaching allows intensive learning sets to achieve specific personal • QBE Insuranceand organisational goals. We have a range of highly experienced • NHS Trustscoaches from a variety of backgrounds that enables us to match • NHS Foundation Truststhe need of the individual with the background and experience ofthe coach. “Completing the Diploma has had a • UKAEA • Stride Tregown Ltd hugely positive impact on Somar’s • Aviation Training International Ltd • Fire and Rescue Services • South West Water board and the business” David Bone, Somar International Ltd.8 | University of Exeter Business School, Streatham Court, Rennes Drive, Exeter, Devon EX4 4PU
  9. 9. Case StudiesThere are a number of helpful things in life that people don’t group was very stimulating and we kept in touch after the exams – Newton About based foodservice provider, Pasta King, is enthusiastically lednecessarily think to tell you; dropped toast will always land butter I still call some of them to discuss things now. It also gave me an by two of its board directors, Sue Davenport and Paul Haigney. Both Sue andside down, two children is not less work than one and getting the insight into the University of Exeter, and Programme Manager, Paul attended the Institute of Directors (IoD) Diploma in Director Developmentjob title of Director doesn’t automatically bestow any greater Ann Cullum, which was great and Ive been invited to lots of in Bristol.knowledge than you had before the promotion to those lofty heights. development events. Sue – I had always wanted to own my own business, my background hasThe problem is that the people working for you suddenly expect you Ultimately (and partly as a result of the module) I decided to start always been involved in growing businesses and I have worked at all levelsto have all the answers, and it’s all too easy to pretend that you’ve my own business. Being a Chartered Director gives me the within an organisation. Joining Pasta King as a board director presented newgot them rather than lose face and admit the Directors need to keep confidence of knowing what being a Director is about and it helps challenges and experiences at board level. Attending and completing the IoDlearning as well. All of a sudden you’re in the dangerous situation of me through challenging conversations when I need to persuade Diploma was superb preparation for executing this role. When the opportunitybeing one of the key team leaders, setting the pace for the someone who has been running their business for a long time that came to own Pasta King, I felt ready and confident to take on theorganisation and they’re looking to you for guidance. It takes a they still have something to learn! I’ve also become a leadership responsibility.brave Director to constructively criticise themselves and realise that Affiliate of the University of Exeter so I can continue on the skillsthey’re lacking in some areas. If we want our organisations to The most important thing for me with the IoD module is that it gave a very development path.develop and we want our people to have a great role model to practical outlook of all management theory. Real life, real world examples That’s the great thing about the Chartered Director module, itfollow, there’s no better way than by having a learning culture that is working this through with other people on the module with their experiences. reminds you that there is so much more out there and that yourdriven from the very top. I felt the Programme did this for us. There were some incredible people on the company’s competitive advantage is firmly based in your openness module. The tutors were first class too, we thoroughly enjoyed it.I’m constantly amazed at the number of Directors who appear to be to learn and share knowledge with others.completely unaware of the obligations they assume when they are Paul – One of the things that I thought was empowering was going on theappointed as a legal Director. It’s easy to be so absorbed in the Emma Warren module and meeting other managing directors, leaders of businesses. Notdetail of business that we forget we are supposed to be out in front, MD everybody knows everything, and sometimes you work in your own little bubblemapping a future path for the organisation. I’ve been a Director for Portfolio Directors Ltd and you get the impression that everyone else is doing really well, and15 years and I’ve seen all sorts of Directors; the good, the bad and understands everything. But this, of course is not always the case andthe downright criminal! I’m a great believer in the benefits of understating that is reinforcing. Some of what you learn also reinforces the factprofessional development and I originally started the Chartered that you may already be doing it – so you get confidence in what you are doing.Director module so I could ensure my skills are kept-up-to-date. The Sue – It’s the discipline of thinking through situations ensuring that you havecombination of being tutored by people with relevant experience, everything you need to take effective decisions and understanding impact onpractical application to your business and the ability to network with your individuals really appealed to me and the module Being confident in your own abilities, and why you are doing something, iscertainly didnt disappoint. I also found an added benefit in that it really, important.gave me space for some ‘me’ time away from the business and myyoung family. I found that I was reinvigorated and began Sue Davenport and Paul Haigneyapproaching problems from a different perspective. My module Pasta King University of Exeter Business School, Streatham Court, Rennes Drive, Exeter, Devon EX4 4PU | 9
  10. 10. You will find usthroughout the UKWe have regional centres offering IoD qualifications throughout the UK.For further information on dates and prices, please feel free to contactthe relevant centre directly.Birmingham LoughboroughSue Hurrell Liz TaylorE: E: 0121 632 2305 T: 01509 223140F: 0121 632 2301 F: 01509 223963Glamorgan BelfastClare Protheroe Peter MartinE: E: peterhmartin@directordevelopment.orgT: 01443 485758 T: 028 9064 1131F: 01443 485916 F: 028 9064 8022Edinburgh ExeterKate Dow Cate PlanchonE: E: 0131 557 5488 T: 01392 723770F: 0131 557 5818 F: 01392 722587 W: Roylance SalfordE: Sarah ChristieT: 0113 283 7550 E: 0113 283 7551 T: 0161 295 5802 F: 0161 295 518710 | University of Exeter Business School, Streatham Court, Rennes Drive, Exeter, Devon EX4 4PU
  11. 11. For all enquiries and to book please contactT: +44 (0)1392 723770 E: W: