Miracle chaser(2)


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Miracle chaser(2)

  1. 1. The Miracle Chaser An Episodic TV Show By: Mark Brown - 3/19/10LOGLINE“X Files” meets “Touched by an Angel” / “CSI.OVERVIEWJANE PORTERFEILD is preoccupied by the unusual. The things that happen in life that are too astoundingto be chalked up to coincidence, quite even possibly considered by some as the supernatural. When she was 9months old her parents died in a car accident. The car was thrown over a two hundred foot cliff and completelydestroyed. As the car exploded and burst into flames some eye witness say that the child inside the car was car-ried out by a mysterious person others say the child was thrown out of the window and cradled to the floor by anunseen hand, several eyewitness reports differ, but the one thing that they all agree upon is that it was a miraclethat Jane Porterfield, at 9 months old survived the accident completely unscathed.Jane was taken in by an all girl’s catholic boarding school. She didn’t like the catholic school much and wasoften expelled for smoking or deviant behavior. She stayed there until she left for college at NYU, all of whichwas paid for by a trust left from her parents. After graduating she worked on Wall Street for several years thenas a free lance reporter before she discovered her calling. On her 33rd birthday she received her entire trust,with it a mysterious message from her father stating that she should visit the 7 wonders of the world to under-stand her purpose in life. Greg Burns, her lawyer and estate trustee tells her she cannot receive the trust untilall of the requirements of the trust are fulfilled. So reluctantly, she takes off across the world, even though she isnot particularly religious but this experience makes her think twice about her view of God and changes her life.She is told that her life was spared for a reason, a purpose, and that purpose is to use her talents to chronicle andverify the occurrences of miracles that come here way. She dreams of her parent’s death and an unseen handthat protects her and guides her to safety and this really shakes her up. After receiving the trust, and inspiredby the world she immediately sets up a business with a staff of three and begins her life long journey to discoverand chronicle similar miraculous events. This show is a portrayal of her journey… Miracle Chaser. A showyou won’t soon forget.CASTJANE PORTERFEILD – Early 30’s, smart, whitty and fun, is on a life trek…to chronicle and discover the howvalid or invalid the concept of miracles are within the realm of modern society. She is not particularly a reli-gious woman although she has had a strict catholic upbringing, but is drawn almost compelled to uncover andchronicle every unexplainable activity that even resembles a miracle and determine if it is a real phenomenon orjust a part of our collective imagination. Though she has not made a determination yet, she intended on gettingthe information and studying the various strange occurrences that crosses her life. She also somehow feels thisis her life’s calling since she was saved at an early age during a fatal car accident. Perhaps this was more thangood luck or coincidence… perhaps it was fate, a work of God. She is the leader of a very skilled team that shehas put together to assist her in this endeavor. They are a fun group but are very capable professionals, who areprepared for just about anything.
  2. 2. RICK DAVIS, white, Early 40’s is a retired University professor. This guy is borderline brilliant. At 19 he wrotea paper on the connection of science and electrostatic energy to the metaphysical, that gave him international ac-claim. He dropped out of society to roam the world and discover himself but ran out of money so he needed a job.He was referred to Jane by Sheila Clarke his mentor and parental figure. If there is a second leader it would beRick. He is a take charge, kind of guy, with boyish good looks that commands attention. He provides the hardscientific analysis to any process. He is the information guy. He has 4 doctorate degrees, one in physics, history,medicine and one in world religions. He is a walking encyclopedia.BRIAN TAYLOR, white, early 20’s is the tech geek that graduated from MIT at 20. Unlike Rick he is an adven-ture freak that loves challenges and risk. Much like the thrill that “Tornado Chasers” get, this guy thrives on theadrenaline rush from the unexpected and the weird and odd occurrences in life. He is a tech genius in gadgets,communication, and science… a regular Mcguiver on speed. He often gets in several confrontations with Rickwho is more methodical and systematic.LEE ANN LUI, Asian, Early 30’s is a linguistics specialist speaking over 7 languages including, English, Man-derin, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Portugese and Swahili. She graduated from George Town Universityin Washington DC and has strong diplomatic relationships around the world that affords her a great deal of access.In addition, she is a martial arts expert and skilled in various ancient eastern medical practices including severalmeditational techniques. She is a no nonsense all business type of girl and if she has a job to do, you can restassured that it will get done.SHEILA CLARKE, white, late 50’s, is the mother of the group. She doesn’t often travel with them. She stayshome at base and coordinates any activities that are necessary. If there is a problem she will send in additionalhelp or provide scheduling or orchestrate the influx of information in remote areas. She is ex-CIA so her knowl-edge base and experience runs deep. She is deeply religious and sees this as an important mission. She alwayscounsels Jane on keeping an open mind to the idea that miracles do in fact happen on a daily basis. She is assistedby her right hand man TYRONE, black, 30’s who is anxious to get some action, which she only allows on a rareoccasion.FORMATThe show will be told in a one hour nontraditional format similar to CSI. It often opens like a documentary, orwritten journal as Jane chronicles these events. With eye witness testimonies she will begin unfolding the story ofeach unexplainable event. As she discovers the facts she will re-interview or re-document the occurrence and thestory will unfold to her as it does to the viewer. This story telling structure will help in heightening the suspenseand provide more of a climatic ending. It will be a three act structure hour drama that may also be told out of se-quence but culminating in the third act not dissimilar to that of Pulp Fiction or Usual Suspects with a hint of CSI.POSSIBLE SHOW EPISODESEach show will have Jane and her team investigate and discover a new occurrence, a new event. She may oftengo to a different country and try to understand a mass event or it may be as simple as a mystery curing, or a visionbeing realized by someone, or seemingly miraculous event that baffles the scientific mind. All in all each showwill have its own intrigue and own journey, with Jane at the center as she discover whether or not miracles reallyexist or in fact are they just some freak coincidences that often occur. At the end of each show she may come to aconclusion or the evidence me be inconclusive. More often than not the matter is left without complete resolutionand it ends with the viewing audience as well as Jane having to draw their own conclusion as to whether what theyjust experience was a miracle… or not. An unsettling mystery that forces Jane to continue to search for truth, andclarity behind the unimaginable, an urge for her to continue to be… a “Miracle Chaser”.
  3. 3. 1. “The Guardian”. o A 14 year old girl stops a bus. A 14 year old girl is running from some guys who intend on beating her up.After a long chase she runs out into the street in incoming traffic where a grey hound bus is and it runs directly intoher. The bus crumples inches before her as it comes to a stop. After the commotion clears she walks away fromthe accident completely unscathed. Doctors examine her and are unable to determine why she is not harmed.JANE PORTER arrives on the scene to begin her investigation. Apparently this is not the first time somethinglike this has happened to this young girl. When she is under a great deal of stress her bodies vital signs increaseswhich causes a release in some sort of electrostatic energy that allows her to repel any form of matter, materialor even gaseous in substance. In times past this would be simply dubbed a miracle. But today with science andfurther explanation it is inconclusive. After further inspection it is clear that we do not quite understand the depthand scope of the human body. .. or perhaps it was as the girls old grandmother put it, her guardian angel protectingher. This force field is in fact evidence of that. No one knows for sure if this is the right explanation but this isyet another entry in the journal of JANE PORTER… the Miracle Chaser. 2. “Unnatural Disaster” o A series of natural disasters has hit Ghana, Africa. Everything from earthquakes to in climactic tornadoes.No one knows how or why this is happening. Jane sees this on the internet and goes to investigate. Upon arrivalshe discovers that an albino boy seems to see this tragedy before it happens. He goes into a trance and then drawsthe disaster out on a piece of paper. It is unclear as to whether he is predicating these disasters or actually caus-ing them. After much research with her team Jane doesn’t draw a solid conclusion but this boy leaves her dumbfounded when he saves her life after predicting her death. It appears that destiny may not be altered but can oftenbe bent. He dies in order to save her in the process and tries to make her a believer in what he terms as miracles. 3. “The Plague” o We open as we often do with the Jane’s team documenting eyewitness testimonies of incredible phenom-enon’s. The tapes of the interview then are being reviewed by Jane. It’s a huge plague, a pandemic that has hitthe southern part of Mexico. What makes this unusual is that a small village of nomads seems to be completelyunaffected. Upon further investigation the patriarch of the village tells Jane that they are the direct decadence ofMoses and carry with him the same protection as the Israelites of old. 4. “Stranger” o A girl meets a strange man and he instructs her about her future. He only meets her and tells her aboutevents that may adversely affect her and how she may avoid the pitfalls.OTHER STORY IDEAS - Someone has cured a series of diseases by sending a piece of his clothes to neighboring villages. He appearsto be a modern day type of Jesus, seemingly mimicking many of his miracles from turning water into wine tohealing a crippled man. He walks on water. - “The abduction” A woman claims that she was abducted and went to heaven and transported to other worldsin our galaxy.
  4. 4. - “Rip van winkle story” Though based on legend it has some basis of truth. A father went disappeared at 25 yearsold and now has returned 60 years later and claims that a woman who now lives in a nursing home who appears tobe 40 years his senior is in fact his daughter. Jane and her team are brought in to investigate this curious situationand find to find out if it has any basis of truth and if so what how? What is the explanation?- Near death experience that and the light at the end of the tunnel. Is it fact or fiction? Is it in fact an angel. Aman who has experienced “death”, a boy who has “died” three times, and two women who have flat lined fourtimes tell of their experience and testify about what they see, what appears to be physically impossible but whatthey all term as miracles.- An old lady talks about an old village where the residence had the ability to transfer bodies. Jane and her teamgo to the village to investigate this phenomenon.- A woman claims to be able to able to see the spiritual thru a contraption that she has invented. They say the eyesare the channel to the soul well this invention allows you to look into a man’s soul.- Bali, India. An Indian village is decimated by what appears to be a nuclear atomic bomb. This seems impossiblebecause this small Indian village would have no access to anything like this. The only survivor is a little girl thatdoesn’t remember what happens. After much investigation we find that this girl has the power of this devastatingevent under her control. Thru much research they discover what triggers it within this girl and how in fact thisis possible.- A man testifies that he got shot 5 times on 4 different occasions but yet he has no bullet wounds, or scares tosuggest that he was. On many occasions it is clear he should have been dead. It is discovered that his whitecells have the capacity to instantaneously regenerate itself at a rapid rate. Is this a miracle or just an unexplainedelement of science? It then begs the question was in fact is a miracle? If it can be explained by science is it notstill a miracle? Or are miracles by nature unexplainable?- An Indian chief is upset that his son has been unjustly put in jail by a Florida sheriff. He goes to the court roomat his sons arraignment and in a bizarre manor proclaims to the judge that unless his son is released unharmed andall charges dropped there will be no rain in Florida and all the crops will die and the farming community will bedecimated. This creates news after 2 months pass and it doesn’t rain at all in Florida. There is an unexplainabledrought. The media are having a field day with this and are comparing him to a modern day Elijah who stoppedthe rain in Egypt. After a while the farming community are desperate and pressure is being put on the Judge to re-lease his son. Jane and her team come down to investigate and chronicle this most bizarre event. They interviewthe chief and he tells them that him and his ancestors have always had the power to command the elements. Aftermuch discovery and confusion the Judge pardons his son and lets him out of jail and just like Elijah he commandsthe rain to return and within a few hours it’s pouring with rain. Everyone is left stunned. Jane and her team de-bate if this was in fact a miracle or mere coincidence. They’re not sure.- A girl got kidnapped and left for dead in the jungles of Zairre. She actually survived for 5 years being nursedand protected by wolves. Much like the fabled story of Romulus and Remus, the twins raised by wolves.- A woman rescues 14 people from a burning building who all receive 3rd degree burns, but she is completelyunharmed. Not even her clothes are singed or smell like fire. She attests that her guardian angel provided ablanket of protection for her which accounts for her unharmed condition. She is very religious and points tothe story of Shadarach, Meshac and Abednego, three Hebrew boys in biblical times that were cast in fire by KingNebucchanezzar and were unharmed. She then points out Daniel in the lion’s den who also was unharmed. Heattests that her situation is not dissimilar to those. Jane and her team ponder this thru and they analyze her story.