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Bellism workshop1pgr (5)

  1. 1. A unique opportunity for breakthrough growth and personal development. To help you better understandwhat we expect to achieve during this two-day process, here is anoverview.BELLISM a beauty revolution workshop helps you feel empoweredand confident. It helps you get your mojo working, gives yourperspective a makeover, and celebrates the uniqueness and beautyof every girl and woman. BELLISM is a Beauty Revolution that cando great things for you and the world around you. It’s all aboutexpanding our culture’s narrow definition of “beauty” to include notjust what is on the surface, but all the good things underneath. presented by: ALEXIS JONESThe following currently exist or are The Seven Fundamentals you’ll learn about in thesebeing developed for inclusion in the two days are based on many years of research. They’re alsoi am that girl training: based on the actual experiences of people from all walks of life. These Fundamentals are both timeless and leading edge. TheyExercises: to help participants relate to andown what they are learning make good science and good sense. Using them can help you to create and enjoy more success and happiness, now and in theTools: affirmations, imagery, goal-setting,journaling, peer support, and more future. As we’ve mentioned, a great deal of research, time and effort has gone into creating this workshop and bringing it toVideo: relevant 15-minute interviewsprofessionally branded “edutainment” you. Everything you will hear or read can be validated by other sources, and nothing youll learn is controversial. You can relyAudio and e-learning: Follow-up via ourWeb site, podcasts, CDs, etc. on the truth of the material we present, and you can verify it yourself.Success stories: to motivate and inspire. Realtestimonials (before & after)Quotes: from celebrities and others who can Be THAT GIRL and go BELLISTIC!serve as role models W W W . B E L L I S M . C O M
  2. 2. 2010 Application And Medical Release Form (one form per child)NAME: _________________________________________ GENDER: _____________AGE__________STREET ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________________CITY: _____________________________________ STATE: ________________ ZIP: _______________PARENTS NAME: ______________________________ DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER: ___________________EMERGENCY CONTACT NAME: ______________________ DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER: _______________EMAIL ADDRESS:_____________________________________________________________________________CHECK AGE: Ages 12: _______ 13: _______ 14: _______COSTS: $150 for one participantLOCATION: The Balboa Bay Club & Resort 1221 West Coast Highway Newport Beach, CA 92663 (949) 645-5000DATES AND TIMES: SEPTEMBER 10th & 11th Fri. 4:00pm - 8:00pm Sat 9:00am 2:00pmPAYMENT: Make all checks payable to 4MT and mail with application to 25896 Vista Drive West Capistrano Beach CA. 92624Upon receipt of registration and full payment, confirmation will be made byphone or email.RELEASE FOR MEDICAL TREATMENTIs tetanus shot current?:________ Date if known :___________Allergies:__________________________________Physical concerns staff should be aware of : _________________________________________________________I hereby authorize medical treatment for ______________:_____________________________________________Signature of Parent/Guardian : __________________________________________ Date :________________PLEASE READ AND SIGN THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT In consideration of the services provided, I hereby release and holdharmless, Emily Greener or i am that girl, and its director, employees and agents from any and all liability for injuries, including those resulting in death,and illnesses incurred while attending workshop or occurring as a result of having attended workshop. I certify that my child is in good health and isable of participate in all program activities. Furthermore, in an event of an emergency requiring medical attention, I shall pay for the services rendered.Signature of Parent/Guardian: ___________________________________________ Date: _________________ W W W . B E L L I S M . C O M