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Youth Flash, May 2012

  1. 1. Youth Flash UN Home | UN DESA DSPD - Youth May 2012 In this issue of Youth Flash, you will find the following: Feature Article: UN WOMEN Australia’s Youth Delegates tell us about her work on issues concerning rural women in Australia and participation in CSW! News from UN offices Youth in Action Publications Committee. I then served on the executive of the YUNWAFeature Article: Canberra Committee as Engagement Manager in 2010 and 2011. I have been interested in the area of gender equality for someUN WOMEN Australia’s Youth time. Studying social policy, government and internationalDelegates tells us about her work in relations in my undergraduate degree at the University ofpreparing for and attending the Sydney inspired my interest in the rights of women and the importance of ensuring that opportunities are available equallyCommission on the Status of Women for women as they are for men. I strongly believe that women(CSW) should have the right to make choices about their life – to have a career; to have a family; to have either or both; to follow aby Lauren Burke, 2012 Australian youth delegate to CSW religion or not; to choose a partner. Most importantly, whether we are talking about developed or developing countries, womenI was very lucky to be selected as UN Women Australia’s Youth must be supported, and institutional structures need to allow, forDelegate to the 56th Session of the Commission on the Status of women to make genuine choices.Women (CSW56), held at the UN Headquarters in New York fortwo weeks from February 27th 2012. This year’s Youth Delegate role was also especially relevant to me, as the priority theme of CSW56 was “the empowerment ofThis was the second time that UN Women Australia has included a rural women and their role in poverty and hunger eradication,young woman, with the specific task of representing young development and current challenges”, and I grew up in a ruralAustralian women, in their CSW delegation. The process for area of Australia. I am very aware of the fact that women, youngselection included a written application in which prospective women and girls in rural areas often face additional and differentdelegates discussed their vision for the role of Youth Delegate, and challenges to their metropolitan counterparts, and these must behow they hoped to represent, consult and engage with young recognised and addressed in order to ensure access toAustralian women before and after CSW56. opportunity and wellbeing.I first became involved with UN Women Australia when I was Prior to heading to New York, I conducted consultations withinvolved in the establishment of the Young UN Women Australia young women throughout Australia to give me a better(YUNWA) Canberra Committee, a voluntary organisation initiated understanding of their key issues of concern, and to inform myby UN Women Australia to provide a vehicle for young women in representations at CSW56. I was particularly keen to consultAustralia to become more involved in the fundraising and with young women in rural areas given the CSW56 priorityadvocacy efforts for the UN Women Australia National theme. I set up an online survey to better enable young women
  2. 2. Youth Flash Newsletter May 2012in rural areas to contribute to the consultation and I also travelled of backgrounds, from different communities, from all corners ofto some rural centres to talk to young women in those areas the globe - working for the betterment of women in theirdirectly. communities. This includes in ways that may be considered small and localised, but that are significant for the women thatThe young Australian women in Australia that I spoke to raised are the beneficiaries. I will also seek to pursue some of the keythree key issues. Firstly, there was significant concern about the issues raised by the young women I spoke to in Australia, suchcontinuing incidence of domestic violence. Young women in rural as the need for positive image and diet messages in the media,areas were particularly concerned about the difficulties in their and the need to equip more young women with the skills andtrying to access sensitive, culturally appropriate and ‘private’ support they need to recognise, address and overcome situationsservices when some towns are so small. Secondly, young women of domestic violence.throughout Australia continue to feel significant pressure from themedia in regards to body image, and many remain confused by the CSW56 was an incredibly inspiring opportunity for me to meetmixed messages regarding dieting, exercise and general health. and network with a huge number (approximately 4500!) non-Finally, young women from rural Australia emphasised the need to governmental delegates, as well as government officials fromensure that services such as technology, communication or Member States who are working to promote gender equality, toeducation are not only available but affordable for rural learn about the situation for women in other areas of the world,communities. and the successes and challenges that have been experienced. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to attend CSW and see how the important this forum is for women from all over the world to meet, collaborate, discuss issues facing women at a global perspective, and learn from the experiences of others. I was truly inspired by so many individuals at CSW, and I have great hopes for the future given the dedication, motivation and genuine will demonstrated to further the global effort to improve the livelihoods of women everywhere. News from UN Offices Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development The Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development is delighted to inform you of its newest member: UNRWA –the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees andI was able to share the concerns of young Australian women with Works.other CSW delegates from throughout the world while I was inNew York. In particular, the Young Women’s Caucus provided an UNRWA provides assistance, protection and advocacy forexcellent forum to discuss these matters with other young women, some 5 million registered Palestine refugees in Jordan, Lebanon,and use the views I had collected to contribute to the drafting of Syria and the occupied Palestinian territory, pending a solutionthe Young Women’s Caucus oral statement read in the formal to their plight.session of CSW and the drafting of the Agreed Conclusions. UNRWA recently held a youth conference (19-20 March 2012)Now that I am back in Australia, I am planning to talk to as many which you can read more about below.young women as I can about my experience at CSW56. It is veryimportant as we work towards progressing gender equality that we UN Permanent Forum onremember that there is a world of women out there who can sharestories, learn from one another and empower others. As a first step, Indigenous Issues kicks off!I plan to give feedback to all of the women who participated in myconsultations about how I represented their contributions and what The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues has kicked offI learnt from others. for its eleventh session in UN headquarters, New York, running from 7-18 May. Check out the website for more information on I also want to share some of the amazing and inspirational stories I what the forum does as well as how you can attend side eventsheard about women - including many young women, from all sorts in 2
  3. 3. Youth Flash Newsletter May 2012 The 2nd Subregional Forum for Youth Participation in Policy-enth.aspx Making or East and North-East Asia Dates: 22-24 August 2012UN Commission on Population and Venue: University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China (UNNC)Development Organizers: UN ESCAP Subregional Office for East and North- East Asia, in collaboration with the Model UN Association ofThe UN Commission on Population and Development took place UNNCin New York from 23-27 April for its 45th session under the theme‘Adolescence and Youth’. Purpose: - Sharing experiences and reviewing good practice of existingFind more information and statements here: collaboration between youth organizations and policy-making bodies. - Identifying ways to channel youths’ perspectives to policy- making by bringing policy makers and representatives of youthUNRWA organizations together and discuss strategies for effective collaboration.Engaging Youth: Palestine Refugee Youth in a We are looking for:Changing Middle East Up to 40 youths (26 years old and younger) representing youth organizations in the 6 member States of North-East AsiaOn March 19-20 2012, UNRWA convened a conference funded by (China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Japan,the EU and hosted in Brussels by the Government of Belgium. Mongolia, Republic of Korea and Russian Federation).“Engaging Youth: Palestine Refugee Youth in a Changing MiddleEast” saw world leaders and opinion makers, civil society and For more information:Palestinian refugee youth come together to discuss their concerns http://northeast-in a frank, open manner. The youth seized the space, making clear they were more than equal partners in the discussions. Therewas consensus among host and donor countries, private partners, International Labour Organization -NGOs and UN agencies on the need to work with and for youth.The event provided new clarity to UNRWA’s programming vision. ILOAt the conference’s close, Commissioner-General Filippo Grandiunveiled an agenda of ten commitments. Many of these build on Youth Employment Forum from 23-25 May 2012,work that the Agency is already doing; others will enhance ILO headquarters, 23-25 May, Geneva,UNRWA’s ability to incorporate youth views. SwitzerlandTo learn more about UNRWA’s work on youth and the ‘ten The Forum will gather around 150 young people from aroundcommitments’ see below links or contact Liaison Officer, Amira the world, who are engaged in promoting decent work for youth.Hassan, email: This will provide a platform for young people to share their experiences and views on the current employment situation, as well to discuss successful initiatives that create more and better jobs for youth. The discussions will focus on the youth employment crisis, youth transition to decent work andESCAP – Economic Social partnerships for more and better jobs for young people. There will also be a marketplace setup where innovative youthCommission for Asia and the Pacific employment initiatives and good practices are shared and discussed.ESCAP Subregional Office for East and North-East Asia will beorganizing its second Subregional Youth Forum in China this year. Leading up to the Forum, 46 national youth employment eventsIt is part of the Offices 3-year project to bring youths in direct are being organized to discuss the youth employment challengedialogues with governmental policy-makers so that youth voices at country level. The outcome of these results will also beare better reflected in national policies. Eligible young people (26 discussed at the Forum in Geneva.years and younger) based in the 6 countries of North-East Asia areencouraged to apply before 25 May 2012. More information on the Youth Forum: for Application - Deadline 25 May 2012 employment-forum/lang--en/ 3
  4. 4. Youth Flash Newsletter May 2012 employment stakeholders can come to find or exchangeMore information on the national events: innovative ideas, expertise, advice and partnership. YEN Manager Susana Puerto Gonzalez says, “We (at YEN) face continuous requests to broker partnerships, to facilitateYouth Employment – Good Practices information exchange, to provide expertise, and to encourage youth participation. The Marketplace is our answer to theseThe ILO Youth Employment Programme has launched a call for requests and a fun interactive way of exchanging with youngnominations of good practices that have proven effective in people, youth development practitioners, and policymakers.”promoting decent work for young people. All nominations will beevaluated based on 6 specific criteria: (i) relevance, (ii) efficiency, One of the website’s features is the What’s Working?(iii) coherence, (iv) novelty, (v) sustainability and (vi) replicability. competition, where members can submit a successful youthThe persons in charge of the top good practice from each region employment project for a chance to get their project published(Africa, Americas, Arab States, Asia, Europe) will be invited to the and win a cash prize! The deadline to enter is May 25, 2012.ILO Youth Employment Forum taking place in Geneva,Switzerland, from 23 to 25 May 2012. To participate in this call for The website also features an online mentorship program fornominations, you are kindly requested to complete, by 11 May young entrepreneurs, a live webinar series, and a Trading Center2012 before 12.00 Pm GMT (a second phase will be launched as of where opportunities are posted daily.12 May 2012), an online registration form that can be found on theGood Practices on Youth Employment platform. For further Visit the website at: http://yenmarketplace.orginformation please visit: UNCDFUpcoming Deadline for What’s Working?Competition YOUTHSTART UNCDFGiven the need for more effective youth employment YouthStart, a UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)interventions, the Youth Employment Network (YEN) and the programme funded by The MasterCard Foundation aims to reachILOs Youth Employment Programme (YEP) have partnered up to 200,000 youth in Sub-Saharan Africa with demand-drivencreate the Whats Working? competition to find out what financial services and non-financial services, in particularapproaches are working, and share them among the youth savings and financial education, by 2014. To date, US$7.2employment community. The competition is hosted on YEN’s new million have been awarded to 10 Financial Service Providerswebsite, the Marketplace. (FSPs) in 7 different countries, of which US$1.3 have been disbursed, to design, deliver and scale up demand-driven youthThe What’s Working? competition highlights success stories. financial services and youth-centric programmes in partnershipOrganizations who have had positive results from their youth with Youth Serving Organizations.employment projects can submit an entry. The winning projectswill have their project published on the Marketplace and receive a During the first quarter of 2012, the 10 FSPs participating inmonetary award. YouthStart, launched their pilot tests, reached more than 7,000 youth with savings accounts, and provided financial education toThe competition is free to enter. Just fill out the online entry form more than 2,500. To ensure the financial services offered by theand get your friends and supporters to vote for you! The deadline FSPs participating in the programme are protective of the rightsto enter is May 20th, and voting closes on May 24th at noon. of Youth, UNCDF sponsored a training on Youth Client Protection Principles delivered by Reach Global. Finally,Feel free to visit and explore the website at UNCDF published its paper “Policy opportunities and To see the competition page, go to constraints to access Youth financial services” and released it at the Child and Youth Finance International Summit in Amsterdam, where the UN Secretary General released aYouth Employment Network statement in support to programmes like YouthStart. More information please visit our website at Youth Employment Network launches TheMarketplace websiteThe Youth Employment Network (YEN) has launched a new UNAIDSwebsite. The Marketplace is an online space where 4
  5. 5. Youth Flash Newsletter May 2012Young people present first-ever ‘crowdsourced’ Debi will begin by working with YUNGA on its biodiversity,recommendations for AIDS response in UN history forests and oceans initiatives as well as other key activities related to nutrition and hunger.New youth-led recommendations to shape UNAIDS Secretariat’swork on HIV and young people See more at: or join YUNGA Facebook at: April 24th, youth leaders from around the world presented a set Un/100000379705546of youth-defined recommendations that will guide the UNAIDSSecretariat’s work on HIV and young people through 2015. Based UN Department of Publicon the voices and views of more than 5000 young people from 79countries, the recommendations resulted from CrowdOutAIDS, an Information - DPIinnovative youth-led policy project initiated by UNAIDS. In June, the UN will bring the world together in Rio de Janeiro,Leveraging crowdsourcing technology and new media tools, the Brazil, to discuss and decide how to accelerate action for afive-month project enabled young people to fully participate in the healthier, more equitable and more prosperous world for all. Thedevelopment of strategic recommendations for the UNAIDS “Rio+20: The Future We Want” platform invites people aroundSecretariat’s youth agenda. the world to take part in a global conversation to share their hopes, aspirations and ideas on ways to build a future thatThe full set of recommendations are presented in Strategy promotes prosperity and improves people’s lives without furtherrecommendations for collaborating with a new generation of degrading our planet’s natural environment. It is up to all of usleaders in the AIDS response—the first-ever “crowdsourced” to build our future, so join the global conversation and tell usAIDS-related document in UN history. The recommendations, what future you want! The contributions will be compiled andtogether with an internal organizational assessment on HIV and turned into a multimedia exhibition to be shown at Rio, on theyoung people, will inform the UNAIDS Secretariat’s New Internet and then around the world. #futurewewantGeneration Leadership Strategy.Contact person: Mikaela Hildebrand, Youth in ActionStrategy recommendations for collaborating with a new generationof leaders in the AIDS response WFUNAWorld Health Organization - WHO The World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) will be holding a youth seminar for their youthOn April 25, the Lancet published a series of reports on the health network on 8-11 August in New York, New York. All youthof the largest generation of young people in history. Four reports members of United Nations Associations (UNAs) affiliated toanalyse the importance of adolescent health from a life-course WFUNA are invited to apply. This youth seminar will trainperspective; examine how social determinants influence adolescent youth on how to implement a youth project on the MDGs inhealth; present evidence from prevention trials, and present their communities, and requires a draft one-page overview onavailable data from multi-country datasets on 25 suggested core the project in their application. The training includes sessions onindicators. Among the authors, leading academicians and project management, fundraising and proposal writing, and apractitioners in the field of adolescent health are WHO and communications strategy for in-country projects.UNICEF staffContact person: Jane Ferguson, WHO Information and details on the application process are available at, with a participation fee of USD 120.00.Food and Agricultural Organization -FAO For questions on the youth seminar, write to, or is pleased to announce Debi Nova has been appointed asAmbassador of Youth and United Nations Global Alliance Womens Business Group(YUNGA) and joins fellow musicians Anggun, Fanny Lu, LeaSalonga and other celebrities in supporting the United Nations and Foundationpartners to educate, inspire and promote action of children andyoung people in undertaking social and environmental initiatives. A GANAR Suriname combats youth 5
  6. 6. Youth Flash Newsletter May 2012Supported by Partners of the Americas, the Women’s Business It is an unparallel overseas summer opportunity which cultivatesGroup Foundation in Suriname started in January 2012, the A Global Citizenship and provides Service Learning experience forGANAR Suriname program. excellent youth from all round the world. There will first be a 3- day Global Development Youth Summit at Xian followed by aA Ganar, which means “ to win”, combats the serious problem of 3-week Service Learning at multi-cities.youth unemployment, by utilizing soccer and other team sports tohelp youth, ages 16-24, find jobs, learn entrepreneurial skills, or re- The event initiator and main sponsor organization Educationenter the formal education system. Association for China Tomorrow (EACT), a US 501 (C) (3)The core of this program is the application of sport lessons to non-profit organization, primarily planned to endorse the USpersonal skill development essential to employment training. To Presidential "100,000 Strong" Initiative and the 2011 IYF waswin on the sports field, one needs to understand, practice, and officially included in "UNs International Year of Youth"promote the core values (August 12, 2010 to August 11, 2011). Generous rewards andof respect, teamwork, discipline, communication, focus on grants are provided!results, and continued self-improvement.These skills form the foundation of the A GANAR methodology, as For more detailed information, please visit EACT website at“employability skills” that are learned on the field and in the and also feel free to email to Program Managerclassroom. Amanda Ding at Suriname sixty youth are being trained in the A GANAR 2012program. PublicationsContact: drs.Lilian M. Wiebers: YPARDMultiKulti Youth Radio - youth voicehas a choice! A new study released by the YPARD highlights the skills and competencies required by the newIn Macedonia, the Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) in young professional in agricultural developmentKumanovo is running a youth radio that is created by multiculturalgroup of youngsters. It is called MultiКулти Youth Radio. It is YPARD - the Young Professionals’ Platform in Agriculturalfirst bilingual youth radio in Macedonia and one of the kind in Research for Development (YPARD) is a network of youngKumanovo. professionals active in agricultural development, worldwide. A recent study has examined the employability of young people inMultiКулти Youth Radio is part of the MultiКулти Youth center the agricultural Kumanovo, Macedonia that is run by CID. One of the mainfocuses of CID is to work with intercultural issues. The youth radio A revised set of skills is needed by young graduates to addressis an effective way to bring youngsters from different background new challenges in agriculture. YPARD has contributed to thetogether and have their own say. Youth radio project is very debate on change in formal higher agricultural education withstrongly addressing intercultural issue, but doing it through music the study “Working towards a new generation of Young– through something energetic and engaging. Professionals in ARD”. This study focused on tertiary level education, asking young professionals to identify thoseThe radio officially started in January 2012. The content is being competencies that they were not adequately provided adequatelykept fresh for the listeners – with program of 24 hours a day, 7 during their education. This study differs from previous studies,days a week something new is provided by every visit. by focusing on the perspective of young professionals themselves.Connect and enjoy with MultiКулти Youth Radio( UNIDO2012 US-China International Youth Article: Jobs for Tunisian youth: "We must have a vocation and take risks"Festival 2012 US-China International Youth Festival (2nd IYF) will have-vocation-and-take-riskstake place at Xian, Beijing and multiple other cities in Chinabetween July 1 and 30, 6