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Youth Flash, March 2012

  1. 1. Youth Flash UN Home | UN DESA DSPD - Youth March 2012 In this issue of Youth Flash, you will find the following: Feature Article: Rio+20: A Youth Blast! UN CSD Major Group of Children and Youth News from UN offices Youth in Action PublicationsFeature Article: young activists, journalists, professionals, students and children are involved in shaping our future together.Rio+20: A Youth Blast! If you want to express your valuable perspective and get involved--you are welcome to join us! We are young. We know each person has different capacities, interests and ways toUN CSD Major Group of Children and Youth express themselves... “Try not--do or do not. There is no try.” Master Yoda, Star WarsThis year in June in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil all countries of theworld will gather for the United Nations Conference onSustainable Development (aka Rio+20), 20 years after the RioSummit, to discuss and plan our lives, our development, oursurvival and our future. This is one of the biggest events of ourtime. It is an international conference that will bring over 50,000together to discuss the sustainability of our planet and the actionsthat need to be taken to create a better world for all. At Rio+20, theway the world works will be designed. This event will bedesigning our future....your future.Don’t you think you should be part of that conversation?According to Agenda 21, civil society consists of nine Major But what is happening at Rio+20?Groups. Agenda 21 represents the very first institutionalization ofthe youth participation at the UN. So, what does this mean for you? We will be engaging with the official process. We will beThe Major Group of Children and Youth (MGCY) is the official outside and inside the conference venue to push ourvoice for young people (under 30 years of age) in the UN governments to recommit to our futures.sustainability negotiations. This means that hundreds of youthorganisations and networks, official youth government delegates,
  2. 2. Youth Flash Newsletter March 2012We have organised an official Conference of Youth (aka Youth So, what is next?Blast) which will take place from the 10-12 June 2012 for allyoung people to prepare, strategise and finalise what we will be Well, we hope that this article has inspired you to get involved.doing during Rio+20. Besides providing information and training Hopefully, you will tell your friends about Rio+20, why it’sto participants, the event will be a space for youth to share important and why they should get involved. If you are reallyexperiences and solutions related to sustainable development interested and inspired, why not gather together a few friends toissues and forms of participation in decision making at the start some campaigns in your area, school or region?! And weinternational level. The focus of Youth Blast is four-fold: (i) to hope that you will also link up with the UNCSD Major Group ofbuild partnership among children and youth by providing a space Children and Youth to ensure that together we can make surefor networking, ideas and experiences exchange; (ii) to plan that Rio+20 leads to real results for us and to the future we want!activities for the Rio+20 Summit as well as its follow-up; (iii) todevelop an international knowledge base through collecting and Want more information on how to get involved? Read ouridentifying information on activities, initiatives and best practices participation guide or visit our website:which will be included in the publication on youth activism toward at Rio; and (iv)to empower the MGCY constituency throughdeveloping and disseminating training packs and advocacy tools Use your voice and share it with the world to influenceand facilitating coordination activities and actions of the MGCY change.on the road to Rio+20 and the Conference itself.You are welcome to attend this event as it is open to anyone under30 years of age and it is free. Unfortunately, as it is a youth event News from UN officesorganised by and for young people we are not in a position to fundor sponsor you. But you have time and even if you can’t raise themoney to attend in person we hope you will do something in your Office of the Secretary Generallocal community, or school or area to promote what is happening.We are also going to try to make sure everything is (as much as On 25 Jan United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,possible) recorded so you can see what happened. recently elected for a second term, outlined a series of priorities and actions as part of his upcoming 5 year action plan, which heIf you are from Brazil, we also have great news, ‘Youth Blast - believes the global community must take in order to build “theConference of Youth for Rio+20’ will take place from 8-12 June . future we want’.The first two days of the conference, 8-9 June will be focused onBrazilian Youth (Brazilian days), while 10-12 June are geared In his statement, the Secretary General said the agenda ‘willtowards both international and Brazilian youth ( International require mobilizing all the human, financial and politicaldays). The aim of this conference is to enable youth to dynamically resources available to the United Nations in order to catalyse theengage and strategise before Rio+20 to effect positive change in type of global collaboration that is possible, necessary andthe negotiations. timely.’ One of the Agenda’s 5 priority areas is that of ‘working with and for women and young people’, highlighting the importance of young people and youth development to the Secretary General and the UN. In his statement he said that we must ‘ Address the needs of the largest generation of young people the world has ever known by deepening the youth focus of existing programmes on employment, entrepreneurship, political inclusion, citizenship and protection of rights, and education, including on reproductive health. To help advance this agenda, the UN system will develop and implement an action plan, create a youth volunteer programme under the umbrella of the UN Volunteers and appoint a new Special Adviser for Youth.’ Work is already underway on realizing these commitments, and Youth Flash will keep you updated as they progress For more: -moon& 2
  3. 3. Youth Flash Newsletter March 2012UN Office for Disarmament Affairs Contact in FAO HQ: Francesca Dalla Valle, Youth Employment and Institutional Partnerships Specialist Francesca.dallavalle@fao.orgArt for peace competitionOn 1 February, the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs launched a PLURAL+ 2012 Youth Videodisarmament education contest to run until 30 April. “Art for Festival on Migration and SocialPeace 2012 encourages young people to watch a short film online,then to “imagine a world free of nuclear weapons”. Based on your Inclusionmusings, you are asked to create and upload original artwork Calls for Youth ParticipationThere are three age groups that can participate: 5-8, 9-12 and 13- Español Français Arabic17. Tap your imaginations and draw, paint, sketch, use pens,pencils, crayons, charcoal, oil, acrylic paint or watercolours to New York (February 1, 2012)-- The United Nations Alliance ofillustrate a world free of nuclear weapons, without wars, without Civilizations ( UNAOC) and the International Organization forfear. Migration ( IOM) again invite the world’s youth to submit original and creative videos focusing on PLURAL+ themes:Youth between the ages of 5 and 12 will need to have parents or migration, diversity and social inclusion.teachers help with their submissions. Once the artwork is posted,family and friends will be able to view, share and vote via Recognizing youth as powerful agents of social change in aFacebook. world often characterized by intolerance, and cultural and religious divisions, PLURAL+ invites youth to address keyFour winners from each category will receive a certificate from the challenges in their communities related to migrant integration,United Nations and all winning artwork will be reproduced in a inclusiveness, identity, diversity, human rights and socialUnited Nations calendar. cohesiveness, both at local and global levels. Young people up to 25 years old are invited to submit short videos of five minutesWinners from age groups 5-8 and 9-12 will receive wonderful art maximum in For those in the 13-17 year old group, there will be cashprizes awarded of $500 for first place, $300 for second place, $200 Marc Scheuer, Director of the UNAOC, said “PLURAL+ videosfor third place, and $100 for fourth place. The winners will be fit very well in this very relevant conversation: how to buildannounced before the end of May 2012. more inclusive societies where we can all live together in harmony.” Michele Klein-Solomon, Permanent Observer to theBecause art is a universal language, everyone can participate, so United Nations, IOM, added “PLURAL+ videos touch veryspread the word and spread peace! sensitive issues in a very real way. They look at the realities that people are facing; we like to see young people expressing theirFor more information, please visit: profound ideas in a manner that allows the opening of a dialogue.”FAO Independent media producer and PLURAL+ 2011 jury member Renzo Devia said, “I was amazed to see how these young filmFAO in Mozambique, has, since 2008, supported youth producers’ makers created these videos and I really appreciate the workassociations to improve self-employment and access to markets in they put into these productions. Probably the most impressivethe Sofala province. Programme evaluations have assessed that thing is the stories. I learned a lot from different cultures andmost youth managed to enlarge their businesses and invest in social issues in various nations”.further activities while increasing the size of their land and havemanaged to access local and district markets and in some cases PLURAL+ supports young people’s expression of their opinionsreached the provincial level. Quite a number of them became also by providing them with a variety of media platforms andpivotal in creating seasonal employment in those districts. Overall, distribution networks, including broadcasts, video festivals,the revenues generated went both to re-invest in their businesses conferences and events around the world. PLURAL+ not onlyand to further enhance livelihoods opportunities of their families. provides young people with an effective platform to expressSupport to youth producers’ associations is foreseen to continue to themselves on key migration and diversity issues, but alsofurther facilitate their access to markets while improving their food reinforces the firm belief of IOM and UNAOC that youth aresecurity and ability to cope with food prices volatility. powerful and creative agents of social change.Contact in Mozambique: Felicidade Panguene, Programme Officer( A prestigious international jury will select three winners in 3
  4. 4. Youth Flash Newsletter March 2012age categories (9-12, 13-17, 18-25). All the winners will be invited scholarships, training and internships, ICT contests and awards,to New York, all travel expenses paid, to present their work at tech camps, online girls’ networks and other programmes thatPLURAL + 2012 Awards Ceremony at the Paley Center for Media will give them a boost in entering what has become a largelyon 6th December 2012. male-dominated sector. Job opportunities in the ICT sector continue to grow and many countries and regions are predictingPLURAL+ partner organizations will also award other prizes and a shortage of qualified staff with math, science, engineering andprofessional opportunities, such as winning participants presenting computing skills to meet the growing demand. This providestheir work at film and video festivals, conferences and events significant opportunities for qualified women. Help usaround the world. encourage girls to prepare for a career in ICTs and share the Portal link with your networks.PLURAL + 2012 deadline for video submission is 1 July, 2012.Early submissions are encouraged. Further information, including ITU is also leading the“International Girls’ in ICTguidelines, regulations, awards, and the entry form can be found at Day”initiative adopted through ITU Plenipotentiarythe PLURAL+ website at: Resolution 70 (Guadalajara, 2010) with the idea of creating a global environment that will empower and encourage girls andoto: young women to consider careers in the field of information and communication technologies. It set the 4th Thursday in AprilYou can watch PLURAL+ 2011 winners here. of every year to be the day girls and young women are invited to spend the day at the office of ICT companies, governmentPLURAL+ is a joint project of the UNAOC and the IOM with the agencies and academic institutions so they better understand thesupport of many international partners, including: Anna Lindh opportunities the ICT sector holds for their future. In 2012,Foundation, Chinh India, Cine y Salud Spain, COPEAM, International Girls in ICT day will be celebrated on 26Universal Forum of Cultures Foundation, MEC Serbia, NEXOS, April.Roots&Routes Germany, Royal Film Commission Jordan, WithoutBorders Film Festival, SIGNIS, UN TV, UNESCO AV Platform, ITU actively encourages and invites ministries of education andTurkish Cultural Center New York, Gulen Institute, TAL, Global communication, private sector companies and otherBlock, Scalabrini International Migration Network, Paley Center governmental and academic institutions to get involved andfor Media and Red Unial. organize local, regional and national events designed to showcase ICT and technology careers to young female students,For more information, please contact: and to encourage relevant entities to reach out to girls and young women through schools, tertiary institutions and in-houseITU Girls in ICT Portal mentoring and shadowing programs. Those interested to join ITU in this initiative and organize on 26 April 2012 Girls in ICT Day events are invited to contact In addition, ITU will celebrate World Telecommunication Information Society Day (WTISD) on 16 May 2012 on the theme, ‘Women and Girls in ICT’,to further highlight the role technology can play in empowering women worldwide. For more information:please see: or Contact: UNESCOITU launched the Girls in ICT Portal to encourage girls and Travel to Learn Arts and Craftswomen to enter the fast-growing information and communication(ICT) sector. The aim of this exchange programme undertaken with theThe portal is designedto help girls and young women aged 11-25 Fondation Culture & Diversité Programme is to enable arts andprepare for and pursue a technology career, providing links to crafts students from disadvantaged backgrounds in France 4
  5. 5. Youth Flash Newsletter March 2012developing countries to undertake study tours in France and abroad Route de l’esclaveto discover handicraft traditions and know-how throughplacements in arts and crafts institutions, enterprises and Dans le but de contribuer à une meilleure connaissance deassociations. This programme helps students acquire new skills, l’histoire de la traite négrière et de l’esclavage et de donner auxdevelop professional networks and participate and present their enfants à comprendre le contexte de l’évolution du racisme, unwork at international fairs. 14 young students from Chile, projet collaboratif de production d’un film et d’un livretColombia, France, India, Lebanon, Mali and Tunisia participated pédagogique a été initié dans le contexte du projet La Route dein this programme since 2009, and 19 students will participate until l’esclave. Ce travail a été réalisé en collaboration avec le Réseau2014. Contact: des Ecoles Associées de l’UNESCO. Plus de 300 enfants et une cinquantaine de professionnels de l’éducation de différentes régions du monde ont pris part à l’élaboration du scénario duWorld Heritage Volunteers 2012 film et à l’identification des activités pédagogiques qui ont permis de composer le livret (la France de l’Outre Mer, le Brésil,In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage le Ghana, le Danemark, l’Espagne, Cuba, Trinité et Tobago, laConvention, the World Heritage Volunteers (WHV) project, more- République Dominicaine etc.). Ce film et son livret serontthan-ever overcoming boundaries and territories, will gather youth distribués gratuitement aux écoles faisant partie du Réseau.volunteers all over the world to get involved in the preservation Contact: K.Monteil@unesco.organd promotion of World Heritage. This year, WHV workcampswill be held in 40 World Heritage sites located in 25 countries. Theproject will involve 33 youth organizations and some 700volunteers who will cross borders, share their cultures, and unite topreserve natural and cultural sites, restore archaeological finds, andraise awareness amongst local communities about their heritage. UN HABITATVolunteers will act in various World Heritage sites, from theendangered antique Chan Chan archaeological zone in Peru, to Applications To Un-Habitat Urban Youth Fund Isnatural sites such as the tremendous Victoria Falls in Zambia, or Now Openeven the Great Wall of China. The project is jointly coordinated bythe World Heritage Centre (WHC) and the Coordinating UN-HABITAT invites young people in cities and towns of theCommittee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS). For developing world to apply for grants from the Youth Fund of upfurther information please contact CCIVS ( to $25,000 per project. The call for applications is now open and continues until 15 April 2012.Panasonic Kids School and Eco Picture Diary Global To qualify for funding, the projects must be led by young peopleContest aged 15-32 years who are piloting innovative approaches to employment, good urban governance, shelter and secure tenure.The Eco-Picture Diary Contest, a program developed globally as For more information on the Fund and the youth programme atpart of Panasonic kids school - Panasonics next generation UN-HABITAT, please visit our website at www.unhabitat.orgpromotion support activity and education programs, gives thechildren an opportunity to learn about environment issues andthinking about the eco action ideas to protect our planet in an easy- YOUTH 21to-understand and playful way. The initiative results from thestrategic partnership between Panasonic and UNESCO World A Youth 21 meeting is scheduled 15-17 March this year inHeritage Centre to promote sustainable development through Nairobi, Kenya at which delegates will discuss the mandate for aWorld Heritage conservation and environmental education for the Special Representative for Youth, and the steps needed tonext generation. On 8 February, the award ceremony of "Eco engage young people in decision makingPicture Diary Global Contest" was held at UNESCO headquarters through the creation of a Permanent Forum on Youth.with young participants from 37 countries attending the ceremony.Panasonic and UNESCO will continue to promote in 2012, the The Youth 21 initiative is a report discussed in Oslo last month40th anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, which called on the Secretary-General to appoint a Specialthrough the World Heritage Eco Learning Program and various Representative on youth, and to support Member States inpromotional events. Contact:; establishing a United Nations Permanent Forum on To get involved in the Youth 21 process, please sign up and participate at: 5
  6. 6. Youth Flash Newsletter March 2012Announcing the winners of the YUNGAInternational Drawing Competition! Sign up to be a YAHAnet member today to start sharing stories and projects and discussing awareness and prevention strategies!Over 2800 children and youth aged 6 to 20 from 60 countriesparticipated in this year’s YUNGA International Drawing Youth in Action: The lead up toCompetition and contributed to the objectives of the "InternationalYear of Forests 2011” to raise awareness on forest biodiversity. Rio+20The overall winner is Naylee Nagda, aged 15, Kenya. The winners UN Commission for Sustainable Developmentfor each age group are: Major Group for Children and Youth6 -10: 1st Wigave Rattamanee aged 10 Thailand, 2nd Maria Jimenez Albarran aged 8 Mexico, 3rd Siddhi Prasad aged 7 Qatar, 4th Andi Tenribalo Hikmah Papacce Tenri aged 6 Indonesia.11-15: 1st Naylee Nagda Aged 15 Kenya, 2nd Lea Anne R. Rulloda aged 13 Philippines, 3rd Giovanna Lucarini aged 11 Italy, 4th Aby Abraham aged 13 Qatar. Organizing MyCity+20 events, which include Rio+2016-20: 1st Louisa Luk aged 17 China, 2nd Daniela Karaivanova negotiation simulations aged 17 Bulgaria, 3rd Hoi Kei Leung aged 18 China, 4th Vincente Tiu Tangcuro III aged 17 Singapore. MyCity+20 is a concept as well as an informal platform in order See their works of art on FAO and Green Wave websites. to motivate and support other cities to create their own simulation of Rio+20. We share a common vision: YoungYouth in Action people take action in the field of sustainable development. And we give ourselves the following mission: Young people will be ready to tackle international sustainable development issues byGlobal Youth Podcast Challenge for simulating international summits. Young people are also given the opportunity to take action locally on SD issues. We set forHIV Awareness & Prevention Run by ourselves 3 goals : 1. The youth learn about global SD issuesArts-Based Social Collaboration thanks to a simulation of the Rio+20 summit, 2. The youth arePlatform given the opportunity to take action in their local community, and 3. The youth carry the message that they are ready to be involved in the transition towards a sustainable society. To learn more: #PushYourPresident: A grassroot action initiated by young people from all over the world. We feel Rio+20 can only become a success if as any decision makers as possible attend Rio and will, at Rio, safeguard young people’s interests. We cannot do this alone, but to reach this goal we need your help!In the months leading up to World AIDS Day 2011, Youth, the Start #PushYourPresident in your own country and thereby beArts, HIV & AIDS Network ( hosted a student-led the source of change which will make the difference in Rio! GOworldwide podcast competition on the theme of “Turning the Tide RIO+20! For more information:Together to Reach Zero” (a combination of the 2012 International Conference theme and the 2011 World AIDS Day theme).Young people aged 15 to 24 were encouraged to participate in the Official Youth Delegate Initiative: Since January 2012,competition through their educational institutions, through members of the MGCY have been targeting Member States tocommunity youth organizations, or on an individual level. The raise their awareness about the importance of including a youthwinning podcasts were created by a team of young peer advocates delegate in their official delegations: The inclusion of a youthin New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, and by two young activists from delegate will indicate the commitment of a Member State witha youth organization in Gambia. Find out more about the winners the values of the Rio declaration, particularly principles 10 andand listen to the top six podcasts in the YAHAnet Gallery! And be 21, and intergenerational equity and equal participation. Officialsure to check out the mp3 stream of an interview on McGill youth delegates serve as a liaison with the youth of their country,University’s radio station in which YAHAnet coordinator John and inspiring and encouraging young people to participate morestudent intern Emily talk about YAHAnet’s work and the podcast deeply at home, in the political life of their own societies,competition. thereby counteracting the immense social costs of 6
  7. 7. Youth Flash Newsletter March 2012young people. Official youth delegates will have a pink badge the Rio negotiations, will have access to closed discussionsand will participate more fully in the process. This will help push Youth Blast is the official event of the Major Group oftoward policies that are favourable for youth, especially in the Children and Youth (MGCY) with the aim of empoweringdevelopment of a green economy and other CSD policy processes. young people to participate the United Nations Conference onFor more information: Sustainable Development – Rio +20. Youth Blast will be held ininvolved/working-groups/communications/campaigns-2/ Rio de Janeiro June 10-12, 2012. Besides providing information and training to participants, the event will be a space for youth toWAKE UP CALL: MAURITIUS Wake Up Call was a global share experiences and solutions related to sustainablecampaign organised by the One Young World organisation with development issues and forms of participation in decisionthe aim of uniting youth around the world under the slogan “This is making at the international level. It will also be an occasion toa Wake Up Call”, where each country would choose a specific build strategies for the activities to be developed during thetheme to address to their leaders. Youth rose magnificently to the conference. Click here to Register. Please visit the Majorcall, with several countries choosing to focus their Wake Up Call Group of Children and Youth website to find out more ways toon Rio+20 and sustainable development. Wake Up Call Mauritius get involved that youth be included in the official delegation to Rio,as well as the consolidation of formal youth participation in Stockholm+40 The Swedish minister for the Environmentsustainable development. On 21.2.12, hundreds of young people organize Stockholm+40conference (April 23-25, 2012), theflooded the Mauritian Prime Minister’s inbox with this request; the 40th anniversary of the UN Conference on the Humancampaign is ongoing, with a Rio+20 Simulation, a “Sustainability Environment in 1972.Youth play an important role in thetour” of schools, and awareness events on the cards. If you want to program, and there will be about 60 international youth presentknow more, here’s the website: at the event. The 3 themes of this conference are: sustainable innovation, sustainable production, and sustainable living.World Youth Parliament for Water, March 05-12, 2012: The Additionally, there are plans to organize youth briefings andWYPW will take place in the region of Marseille from 6 to 17 meetings around Rio+20 back-to-back to this conference. To beMarch 2012 in the framework of the 6th World Water Forum in continued :-) More information:Marseille, France. The WYPW will gather 85 young people aged 18 and 24 from all over the world. The aim of the WYPWis to enable the young people to share their solutions for water, MobilizeU International Competition between Colleges &encourage youth participation in the World Water Forums debates Universities that encourages students to engage their campusand start new initiatives and projects. For more information: communities in four weeks of environmental activism surrounding Earth Day 2012 (March 29 - April 29). Over the month-long competition, students will mobilize their campusesUS/Canada Citizens Summit for Sustainable Development, to generate as many “acts of green” as possible, throughMarch 24-25: It will be a platform for civil society in the U.S. and activities such as registering new voters, collecting personal act-Canada to share and collaborate in the lead up to Rio+20 and of-green pledges, leading community clean-ups, and organizingbeyond. The Citizens’ Summit invites a wide range and major Earth Day events, as well as amplifying environmentalperspective to the table, reaching out to diverse groups and those initiatives that their schools are already working on. Every act ofnew to the process. It aims to establish the need for sustainable green generated during MobilizeU will contribute to Earth Daydevelopment is home-grown, that US and Canadian citizens have Networks global A Billion Acts of Green® initiative - thustaken issue with. The Citizens’ Summit will engage US and providing a platform for college students to make a significantCanadian Member States and the Rio+20 process in generating impact on the international scale.lasting, transformative outcomes: For more information contact or visit the website: 22nd of April 2012 (Earth Day) will see synchronized The Volvo Adventure, in partnership with the Unitedevents in over 50 Nations Environment Programme is an educationalcities around the world. Young people want to get media attention programme that rewards environmental activities and theand to mobilize decision-makers of the future. To enter, you form a team of 2 tothousands of people for the conference to come and to raise greater 5 members aged 13 to 16 (at competition opening - July 1stawareness. This campaign was started by over 30 South American 2011). Perform an environmental project in your localorganizations and if you want to get involved and run an event-- community & submit the project via our online submission toolyou are very welcome! before the competition deadline, January 31st 2012. For more information click here.YOUR GOVERNMENT IS YOU!: / (em breve em Português) 7
  8. 8. Youth Flash Newsletter March 2012Projects are judged and the best projects are selected for an all For the first time, the 2011 edition of the World Youth Report isexpenses paid trip to Göteborg, Sweden where they can win: 1st largely dedicated to the voices of young people themselves. Theplace = 10,000 USD, 2nd = 6,000 USD and 3rd = 4,000 USD. report is based on contributions from youth and representatives of youth-led organizations to an e-discussion, in which theyUNCSD MGCY Capacity Building: Inclusiveness and equal shared their own views, experiences and recommendations onparticipation of all youth are key to making Rio+20 a success. preparing for, entering, and remaining active in the workforce.Aiming for a target of 1 billion youth including 5 million without The 2011 edition of the report is also the first to be produced ininternet, the MGCY wants to ensure every young person has the an interactive website that allows readers to engage on youthchance to get involved and have a voice, which will itself join the employment issues: how young people are experiencing andglobal voice of youth through the MGCY. Thsi is why the capacity addressing employment challenges; where and how youngbuilding initiative was launched - with view of informing and people are succeeding in employment; how youth employmentinspiring young people across the world to learn about sustainable interacts with social practices; and what Governments can do todevelopment, RIo+20, as well as how they can act. The initiative help prepare young people in the transition from education towould be incomplete without the plethora of volunteers across the who signed up for the tasks of disseminating a capacity-building tookit which the team is working on, as well as taking The report aims to shed light on such complex issues, whileindividual awareness-raising, activism, advocacy and facilitation bringing the voices of young people themselves into fora whereresponsibilities. The team, like the rest of the MGCY, operates on youth issues are discussed and acted upon. The report wasvery fluid lines and therefore welcomes anyone who wishes to officially launched at a side event to the Commission on Socialjoin. Email uncsdmgcy for more information. Development on 6th February, bringing together main contributors to the report as well as representatives from Member States, the UN system, youth and the private sector.Publications Access the report: www.unworldyouthreport.orgWorld Youth Report 2011: youthperspectives on the pursuit of decentwork in changing timesThe World Youth Report 2011 explores the transition of youngpeople from schools and training institutions into the labourmarket, a phase marking a critical period in the life cycle. Thecurrent employment scenario for young people, worsened by theglobal economic crisis, poses an urgent challenge with long-termimplications for both young people and society as a 8