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Youth Flash, June 2012


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Youth Flash, June 2012

  1. 1. Youth Flash UN Home | UN DESA DSPD - Youth June 2012 In this issue of Youth Flash, you will find the following: Feature Article: Youth discuss sustainable development in the context of the Rio +20 News from UN offices News from UN Information Centers (UNIC) Youth in Action PublicationsFeature Article: The Youth Blast –Conference of Youth for Rio+20 is the official event of the Major Group for Children and Youth and is being organized by several young Brazilians and young people fromYouth discuss sustainable around the world from movements and organizations that work with youth. The initiative is implemented by the National Youthdevelopment in the context of the Rio Secretariat of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of Brazil+20 with the support of the Brazilian National Youth Council and the Secretariat of the United Nations.Young people from several countries will exchange experiencesand plan activities to mobilize and focus on Rio+20Around 3000 young people from around the world will gather inRio de Janeiro, between 7 and 12 June to attend the Youth Blast -Youth Conference for Rio+20. The event is part of the officialschedule of activities leading up to Rio+20 – United NationsConference on Sustainable Development and the main objectivesare to empower, engage and enable children and young people toact in the official proceedings of the Conference, besidesfacilitating exchanges of experiences and solutions of the issuesthat permeate the official process.More than ever, the transition to a new type of development thathas as the pillars of social welfare, economic prosperity andenvironmental preservation is necessary. The difficulties ofimplementing the agreements signed in recent years will requirefrom Rio+20 not only the renewal of an international political The event will be divided into two distinct stages 7 and 8 Junecommitment, but mostly a call to action for sustainable will be directed at the exclusive participation of youngdevelopment. The direct involvement and the incidence of youth in Brazilians. The 10-12 June will be open to participation by young people from different countries. During this period,Rio +20 should help significantly in finding solutions and building activities will be conducted in English. There will bean agenda for a new global governance. simultaneous translation into Portuguese, French and Spanish.
  2. 2. Youth Flash Newsletter June 2012The Youth Blast will offer a diverse program with workshops,, self-organized activities, lectures, capacity building, and Twitter:also specific times for planning activities and actions of incidence!/MGCY_UNCSD; #YBRioand mobilization to be developed by young people during the Sign up for Press and Free Media:official Conference. http://youth- will have the opportunity to understand more about 4Rio+20, what its importance is, the Peoples Summit and other Press:parallel processes, what is at stake in the discussions, what the Brazilian Press;position of Brazil and other countries on the global stage are, and Ionara Silvahow to negotiate along the lines of the United Nations. At the end Phone: 55 (61) 9815-2087 / 55 (15) 9152-4161of the meeting a document will be presented as the official position E-mail:ionara@viracao.orgof Major Group for Children and Youth. International Press; Kiara Worth Phone: 21-8234-9714Registration Email: kiara.youth@gmail.comTo participate in the Youth Blast participants just need to be up to30 years and do a pre-registration at the event. The participantmust pay their travel expenses, meals and accommodation in Rio News from UN Offices:de Janeiro.Further information about the Major Group of Children and Department of Public InformationYouth: and Office for Disarmament Affairs The Art for Peace contest winners announced From 92 Countries, 6,623 works of art projected one singularSERVICE message: Peace.Youth Blast – Conference of Youth for Rio+20 The submissions received after watching an age-appropriate nuclear non-proliferation video and "Imagining a World free ofAccomplishment: Major Group for Children and Youth – UNCSD Nuclear Weapons" were both inspiring and thought-provoking.MGCY (United Nations Commission of Sustainable Development Based on creativity, composition, theme and technique, duringMajor Group of Children and Youth) and the National Youth the course of one month, four winners from each category (agesSecretariat of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of Brazil. 5-8, ages 9-12 and ages 13-17) were evaluated by anSupport: Brazilian National Youth Council and General international panel of 140 jurors.Secretariat of the United Nations.Dates:Brazilian days: 7 and 8 June The top four winners from the 5-8 year-old category hailed fromInternational days: 10 to 12 June Indonesia, China, Russia and Pakistan. From the 9-12 year-oldLocation: SulAmerica Convention Centre, Av. Paulo de Frontin, 1 group, artists from Malaysia, USA, Kazakhstan and Germany- Cidade Nova - Centro - Rio de Janeiro walked away with the top prizes. Each of these artists will beOfficial website in Portuguese: gifted with art supplies as their prizes website in English: The teenage group received cash prizes, which were doubled from the original amounts, thanks to a generous contribution ofLink to pre-register: matching funds from South South News. In the 13-17 year-oldPortugues: category, the fourth prize winner, receiving $200, was given tohttp://youth- an artist from El Salvador for a rendition of “Feeding Peace” Third prize, $400, was awarded for a submission from Thailandmid=7 entitled “Defense Cooperation”. The second prize of $600 wasEnglish: claimed by a Japanese artist for “Nature”. The first prize winner from the United States, Haruka Shoji, whose winning picture isSocial Networks: Youth Flash’s cover image this month, received $1,000 forFacebook Page: “Someday” 2
  3. 3. Youth Flash Newsletter June 2012All winning artwork will be reproduced in a calendar for the 12 artists to keep as a long-lasting memory of their _shortfilm_competition.htmlefforts. Each participating artist may download a Certificate ofParticipation from the form on the contest website For everyone, the winning artwork Food and Agricultural Organizationis available to enjoy though a slideshow presentation at (FAO) FAO 4 new challenge badgesAs the proud sponsors of the Art for Peace contest, the Office forDisarmament Affairs, the Department of Public Information and FAO is pleased to announce the 4 new challenge badges onthe Harmony for Peace Foundation offer a heartfelt thanks to all Energy, Hunger, Nutrition and Water have been developed andwho participated: the artists, promoters, judges and everyone are ready for testing. If your group, school or organization areinterested in peace. YOU are all winners! interested in pilot testing please contact the YUNGA Office ( Find out more about YUNGA atUN HABITAT www.yunga.orgIm a City Changer Campaign FAO Sourcebook on development of careers in agricultural sectorI’m a City Changer Campaign is a global movement to share andspread individual, corporate and public initiatives that improve our FAO is developing a sourcebook to facilitate and support youngcities.Im a City Changer is a worldwide campaign with the aim of people wanting to develop careers or businesses in thesensitizing and creating awareness among citizens on urban issues agricultural sector. If you are a young person involved into achieve better cities.It is promoted by UN-Habitat, the city agriculture and have developed innovative practitioners or foundagency of the United Nations, through the World Urban Campaign. solutions to common barriers we would like you to include your experiences in the sourcebook. Please contact us at YUNGA@fao.orgLearn more: Nations Information Service News from UN InformationVienna Centers (UNIC)Student Short Film Competition on UNIC New Delhi, IndiaHuman Rights 2012 Youth Volunteers build houses for the poor inThe Student Short Film Competition on Human Rights 2012 New Delhiinvites students between the ages of 10 and 20 in Austria and othercountries worldwide to produce short films (max. 3 min) on the Thousands of Asia’s youth were outdoors in a one-day blitzarticles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with a build challenge. They were digging, laying bricks, mixingspecial focus on sustainability, migration / refugees and global cement, and wielding hammers, all in a massive effort to providewarming. The United Nations Information Service (UNIS) in shelter to nearly 500 families in India, China, Indonesia, theVienna and several other United Nations information offices are Philippines and Thailand.once again supporting the competition, organised by the FilmFestival on Human Rights “this human world” taking place every The UN Information Centre in New Delhi partnered withyear in Vienna. Apart from Austria, in 2011 the competition was Habitat for Humanity in its Youth BUILD effort. Many peoplealready successfully launched in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. gave up their Saturday morning to help build 41 homes west ofThis year, several UN information offices around the world are Delhi for disabled men and women and their families.planning to organise the Student Short Film Competition in anumber of countries in cooperation with local educational and In line with the Millennium Development Goals, providing thesecultural institutions. Submissions are to be evaluated by a local vulnerable people with shelter, water and sanitation is a first stepjury. towards pulling them out of poverty.For more 3
  4. 4. Youth Flash Newsletter June 2012What better way to celebrate the International Day of Families than The Conference was organized by the UN Association and theto provide a place for the family to live in dignity. Especially in UN Office in Georgia. Model UN corners were established at allhomes built by youth volunteers! participating university libraries to provide UN related resources to university students and instigate continued interest in similar events.UNIC Baku, AzerbaijanAzerbaijani students become diplomats for a day UNIC Yerevan, ArmeniaOn 14 April 2012 at the Fourth Annual Baku Model UN Model UN takes on Iran’s nuclear programmeConference, articulate youth delegates condemned the globalcommunity’s failure to halt the ever-widening network of human Traditionally, Armenia enjoys close economic and social tiestrafficking. Drawn from 12 Baku-based high schools, the 110 with its neighbor, Iran. Irans nuclear programme is adelegates debated passionately before adopting a resolution urging challenging topic for Armenian youth, which is why the studentsMember States to intensity efforts to fight human trafficking. The of the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University chose it as thestudent ambassadors represented 90 countries at the GA simulation topic for their first Model UN Conference in May 2012.session. They discussed issues related to the causes of humantrafficking, including increasing poverty, unemployment and Organized by the UN Office in Yerevan, the Ministry of Foreigngender inequality. Affairs and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Armenia, students improved their knowledge of UN values,The Azerbaijani UN Resident Coordinator, Fikret Akcura, Baku multi-lateral diplomacy and how UN bodies Head of the Organization for Security and Co-operation inEurope, Koray Targay, and Officer-in-Charge of the International Prior to the Conference, training sessions were held to furtherOrganization for Migration office in Baku, Serhan Aktoprak educate the student delegates on the Security Council, includingunanimously commended the students for learning about global its Rules of Procedures. UNO established a Facebook groupproblems and cooperating with their peers to strategize solutions. where an impassioned discussion blazed virtually before theUN DPI Representative, Envera Selimovic, also applauded Baku proceedings.schools for their enthusiastic support of the Conference. After hours of heated and challenging debates, a compromiseUNIC Tbilisi, Georgia was found and a final resolution agreed upon. In the end tired but satisfied students received Certificates from the UNO.Voices of youth discuss sustainable developmentMore than 100 students from 10 Georgian universities simulated Youth in Actionnegotiating UN-related topics, such as global energy andsustainable development, at the National Model United Nations World Youth Foundation(MUN) Conference in Tbilisi from 18-19 May 2012. World Youth Foundation is pleased to invite you to participateThe UN Resident Coordinator in Georgia, Jamie McGoldrick, in the “Youth Be Aware” Workshop 2012: Health Andopened the conference with remarks highlighting the need to shift Environment to be held from 26th - 29th November 2012 attowards a more sustainable world and the importance of Rio+20, Melaka, Malaysia.which will be convened in Brazil, from 20-22 June. “Georgia ispart of the global dialogue on how to reduce poverty, advance The 4 day Workshop aims to be the first in a bi-annual series ofsocial equity and ensure environmental protection for the future we workshops to create more awareness on the various current andwant. Greening of development is imperative, but the social and emerging environmental issues affecting the lives of people,economic strands of sustainable development are equally vital,” he especially youth, and the world we live in. The Workshop willsaid. He spoke about the role of youth in achieving the Sustainable seek to educate and empower young people on how to adapt andDevelopment Goals and how MUN connects the UN and youth. manage the exposure and impacts of climate change, environmental pollution and the loss of natural resourcesFor two days, delegates lobbied and debated on how to reset the through capacity development agenda, reduce poverty, advance social equityand ensure environmental protection. The Call of Participation, Draft programme, FAQ , Registration Form can be found at or email WYF 4
  5. 5. Youth Flash Newsletter June / for further information.PublicationsUNOSDPFinal report of the inauguralUNOSDP Youth Leadership Campnow availableThe final report of the inaugural UNOSDP Youth LeadershipCamp, held in Doha, Qatar at the Aspire Dome from 9-19 January2012, has just been released and is available at The Camp, based on the vision of the Special Adviser tothe United Nations Secretary General on Sport for Developmentand Peace, Mr. Wilfried Lemke, was organized by UNOSDP incollaboration with Right to Play and Aspire.The Camp was designed in order to provide theoretical andpractical training to youth participants working on Sport forDevelopment and Peace projects across Sub-Saharan Africa andthe Palestinian Territories, on how to better use sport to positivelyimpact their communities. The participants were able to share theirstrategies and best practices with other youth, facilitators andorganizers and therefore the event opened an ongoing dialogue andexchange of ideas between the different actors.The second Camp will take place in June 2012 in Hennef,Germany. These camps will now be a starting point for aprogramme that will include multiple camps over a multi-yearperiod with the goal being to successfully impact youth from allover the world who have a passion for the field of Sport forDevelopment and Peace and the desire to take their inspiration andtranslate it into 5