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Published on helps you manage and monitor your virtual machines across multiple clouds with a mobile friendly web app. This presentation took place in CoLab, Athens 27 September 2012, during the Greek AWS user group meetup.

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. down to earth cloud computing
  2. 2. Some clouds are different than others
  3. 3. One app to rule them all!
  4. 4. Open source software +Freemium web service
  5. 5. Where it sits
  6. 6. What it offers Open Mobile Inexpensive Detailed Manage VMs friendly
  7. 7. How it works Step 1: configure Step 2: manage Create reboot or destroy virtual machines. Send Register & enter backend API keys. batch ssh commands through the web. Step 3: relax Enable monitoring & alerting. Youll know right away if anything goes wrong. Youll be able to address most issues from your mobile or pad.
  8. 8. Architecture EC2 Rackspace browser REST server Native API APIs Linode Openstack
  9. 9. Basic tools
  10. 10. Installationsudo aptitude install python-dev build-essentialsudo aptitude install python-virtualenvgit clone git:// mist.iovirtualenv --no-site-packages ../bin/python -v
  11. 11. ConfigurationBACKENDS = [ {title: EC2, provider: Provider.EC2, id: AKIAI...DISQ, secret: mIAa25l....QfmXbcKyoPi/hC, poll_interval: 10000, },]
  12. 12. ConfigurationKEYPAIRS = { default:( """ssh-rsa W...""", """-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY.. .... ..END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----""")}
  13. 13. Run./bin/paster serve production.inior./bin/paster serve development.ini --reloadpoint your browser to
  14. 14. hands on [ ... ]
  15. 15. Roadmap Profiling & cost analysis Official launch Monitoring NG Public beta VM migration Q3 2012 Q4 2012 Q1 2013 Q2 2013 ... future
  16. 16. Dont forget! Check out the code Sign up for the public beta!
  17. 17. down to earth cloud computing Thank you!Christos Psaltis https://mist.iotwitter: @cpsaltis twitter: @mist_ioemail: email: