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Osdev OpenOffice Migration Process


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Explain the migration process used by Osdev when assisting clients to migrate to OpenOffice.

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Osdev OpenOffice Migration Process

  1. 1. Osdev Migration Progress© 2011 Open Source Development Co., Ltd. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License
  2. 2. OutlineOpen Source SoftwareOpenOffice MigrationMigration ProcessSuccess StoriesChallenges in OpenOffice MigrationSuccess Factors
  3. 3. Open Source Software (OSS) Features & BenefitsAllow everyone to use, copy & redistribute Huge IT cost saving No risk of copyright infringementSource code always available Transparency - No backdoor Reliable & Secure - Less vulnerabilityStore & exchange data using open standards Easy to exit - No vendor lock-in No corporate AlzheimerYou plan your IT investment not “the vendors”
  4. 4. Success Stories Corporate Users OpenOffice:MS Office EGAT 10,000 70% S&P 2,000 95% NHA 2,000 60% SCB 18,000 80% BTS 800 70%Benchachinda 2,000 60% 18,000 x 80% = 14,400 users Save 14,400 x 11,000 Baht = 158.4 Mil.Baht
  5. 5. The Two Extremes Not just an “office software” OpenOffice OpenOffice change migration is an is not “organization usableMigration to change”OpenOfficeis very easy Impossible to overcome resistance
  6. 6. OpenOffice Migration What it looks like? migrateBefore After
  7. 7. 7 Steps Migration
  8. 8. Osdev Migration Process Software & Provide Provide Software & User User TrainingDocument FormatDocument Format Training Standardization Assessment Assessment Standardization standardization standardization application application user issue policy policy compatibility compatibility user issue Cutover Cutover database database (remove old apps) (CEO signed) (CEO signed) database database (remove old apps) Application Application Deploy & Deploy & Provide Provide Assessment Assessment Announce the List Announce the List Tech Support Tech Support of Green User of Green User
  9. 9. Challenges in OpenOffice MigrationChallenges in migration come from 4 sources Document conversion OpenOffice capabilities Enterprise applications Change management1-3 are much easier to manage than 4
  10. 10. Challenge #1 Document ConversionWord, Excel, PowerPoint documents Conversion may cause small formatting error Can be fixed manuallyVBA macro conversion doesnt work yetAccess database applications not convertible
  11. 11. Challenge #2 OpenOffice CapabilitiesSmall differences in look & feelKnown set of missing featuresNeed more RAM to open large filesNo Outlook replacement yet
  12. 12. Challenge #3 Enterprise ApplicationsPackaged Software SAP, MS Exchange, MS SharePointCustom Software Internal development External development
  13. 13. Challenge #4 The changesPeople hate changes, esp. if consider unnecessaryInconvenience during changesBelief that resistant can stop the changesGasohol effect the latest change to be blamed for all problems afterward
  14. 14. Success Factors…Apply comprehensive change management Recognize that this is as an organization change Enforce as organization policy signed by CEO (no u-turn)Good planning Set a workable goal, prefer quick wins Migrate the right people, the right timeContinuous Communication Tell why, how and when to everyone Tell the truth, all limitations and problemsProvide enough support Train all users, provide quick tech supportDesktop management system
  15. 15. ConclusionOpenOffice migration leads to substantial cost savingIt is possible if you recognize that it is an “organization change” follow the change management best practicesIt requires going from both Top-Down (CEO buy-in) and Bottom-Up (Everyone buy-in)It is possible, we did it several times TISCO FG, Bechachinda group, BTS