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Why migrate your company to
And how?
It is the English and updated version of " is Right for You" slide.

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  1. 1. Migration Why & How Osdev Samphan Raruenrom Open Source Development Co., Ltd. Copyright © 2010 Open Source Development Co., Ltd. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License
  2. 2. Why Migrate from MS Office? Facts Perfect office suite, tons of features Cost ฿12,000 / user Most users use few features IT Planning Difficulties More users – buy now or take risks New release – upgrade or out Who control your IT investment plan?
  3. 3. Why Migrate to OpenOffice? Best MS Office replacement Look & feel like Office 2003 With 90% Office 2003 features Enough for 80% office users Open & save MS Office formats Cost ฿0 / user Plus one-time migration cost / company
  4. 4. Word vs. Writer
  5. 5. Excel vs. Calc
  6. 6. PowerPoint vs. Impress
  7. 7. Developers Business Community Oracle - owner NECTEC Novel SIPA Google Osdev IBM Intel RedHat
  8. 8. Corporate Users Country Customer/User Industry/Vertical Seats US/Global Sun Microsystems IT >30,000 Singapore Ministry of Defense Governm Governmentent 25,000 France Ministry of Agriculture & Fishing Governm Governmentent 15,000 Germany LVM Finance 7,700 Hungary Institutions in ITP1-5 projects Public Sector 6,300 UK Bristol City Council Governm Governmentent 5,000 Global Novell IT 4,000 Germany Karstadt Retail 2,500 Turkey Central Bank of Turkey Finance 2,500 Hungary e-Magyarország points Goverm ent 2,300 France Informatique CDC IT/Finance 1,200 France French National Assembly Governm Governmentent 1,100 Malaysia Kedah State Secretariat Office Governm Governmentent 1,000 Germany Stuttgarter Versicherung Finance 900
  9. 9. Local Success Stories EGAT Thai Airway 10,000 users. Migration started in 15,000 users. Migration started in 2549, save 126 million Baht. Now 2550. Now MS Office is charged use > 70%. internally to the department that need. NHA S&P All 300 branches have only 2,000 users. Migration started in Now migrate the 2551 to use as much headquarter successfully >90%. as possible. More success without story 1 big bank, 1 big financial group, 1 agricultural product group, many SMEs
  10. 10. Market Share Date Analyst Estimated Market Share Market Details Decem 2003 ber J upiter Research 6.00% SMB in N. America March 2004 Forrester 8.50% 140 m N. Am ajor erica companies October 2004 CSC 14.00% Large enterprise October 2005 Yankee Group 19.00% SMB 102 IT executives in Large W. Septem 2008 ber Forrester/Bull 62% using, 19% planning European Enterprises using OSS OpenOffice by Geography Office Suite Market Share
  11. 11. Migration - Why? Why possible? Office 2003 look & feel & Office users can collaborate Why go? Cost-saving, simple (no) license management Freedom to plan investment, platforms, UI language To implement ISO 27000, because ODF (ISO 26300) documents are accessible forever
  12. 12. Migration - What? migrate Before After
  13. 13. Migration - Why? Cost saving is good? But how much?
  14. 14. Case 1 : MS Office only Number of office user = 1,000 users Already have MS Office = 500 license Need more 1000-500 = 500 license MS Office Standard license price = ฿12,000 Investment to complete 100% license = 500 × ฿12,000 = ฿6,000,000
  15. 15. Case 2 : Mix in Migrate users to 70% users = 70%×1,000 = 700 license MS Office users = 30%×1,000 = 300 license Already have MS Office 500 license = invest ฿0 Investment to complete 100% license Migration cost, says ฿1,000,000 ROI License cost saving = ฿6,000,000 - ฿0 ROI = (6,000,000-1,000,000)/1,000,000 = 500%
  16. 16. Migration – How? Do It Yourself Do It With a migration consultant OK if < 100 users Communications May be costly Implement the change May be painful Assess users who can't go May fail Migrate means uninstall Office Provide training & support
  17. 17. Migration - Difficulties Difficulties in migration come from 4 sources 1. Document conversion 2. 3. Enterprise applications 4. The changes itself 1-3 are much easier to manage than 4
  18. 18. Difficulties #1 Document Conversion Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents Conversion may cause small formatting error Can be fixed manually VBA macro conversion doesn't work yet Access database applications not convertible
  19. 19. Difficulties #2 Small differences in look & feel Known set of missing features Need more RAM to open large files No Outlook replacement yet
  20. 20. Difficulties #3 Enterprise Applications Packaged Software SAP, MS Exchange, MS SharePoint Custom Software Internal development External development
  21. 21. Difficulties #4 The changes People hate changes, esp. if consider unnecessary Inconvenience during changes Belief that resistant can stop the changes Gasohol effect the latest change to be blamed for all problems afterward
  22. 22. Success Factors… Enforce as organization policy signed by CEO Set a workable goal, migrate the right people Communicate why, how and when to everyone Prefer quick wins, work the easiest target first Train 50%-100% of all users Tell the truth, all limitations and problems
  23. 23. Simple Migration Process user doc app survey analysis analysis anticipate & fix compat problems policy signed assessment uninstall MSO by CEO finding who need MSO internal announce users communication to uninstall MSO technical support install fix compat to all PC training problems
  24. 24. Why Osdev? Microsoft Office = Cost = Cost Saving Osdev + = Cost Saving - Pain
  25. 25. Experince OfficeTLE – Thai 1.0 Thai Firefox/Thunderbird & MozTLE Addon Chantra – Selected OSS Colection for Windows Addons, e.g. ThousandSeparator Open Office Club - Blog, Forums & FAQs Turnkey Migration for Corporates
  26. 26. Turnkey Migration Assessment Classify users based on whether they need MS Office Implementation Manage the changes into the organization Customize the installer for specific requirement Organize and design PR campaign Training Live with and collaborate with those who use MS Office Support Plan Additional Compatibility Problem Solving Macro, MS Access, Application compatibility problem
  27. 27. Conclusion Migration What? Replace with those who don't need MS Office Why? Save COST How? Manage the changes carefully into your organization When? Now!